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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Wow, just spent some time looking at reviews of dealers in my area (NJ) - can they all be that bad?

    Given that people who complain are more motivated to comment than those satisfied:

    Can anyone recommend a good Subaru NJ dealer for service?
    Can anyone recommend a dealer Tristate or PA that is good to buy from?


  • Hey Car man. First, let me congratulate you on helping people here(CarSpace)with their buying/lease experiences.
    We want to get the 2010 2.5i Limited (CVT trani 29 miles/galon :)). We currently have a 7 seat 2008 Nissan Pathfinder, which we love the ride :) (3 small kids :)) but, it's a little too big, almost never use the 3rd row & also "want to save some gas money". Our present lease(289/month) it's in a very good standing & expiring next Feb 2010. Nissan offer us a "Loyalty Customer offer" this offer from Nissan says that they pretty much will take care/void the remainder 3 present lease payment if we "buy or re-lease" another 2010 nissan Pathfinder. But like I said before this time we want to get out of this lease for the reason stated before (too big, gas, & also we just went over the miles..& calculate by next february we'll go over by ~4-5K miles..:-/).
    1st Question; Do you think that we just should wait until next February & pay the excess miles (& also spend more money in gas per week & accumulate a lots of miles on our trip to NC we have next Thanksgiving..! :-O :))?
    2nd Question; Finance(we prefer to own/finance this time) or Lease(we do like the "lower" payments from leasing) the Subaru now & let them add the total cost of the 3 remainder of payments (~...900 :-/)?
    I do have some "offers" from 2 dealers in NJ(work there & leave in NY) but their offers or "their deals" still seem a little "high" to me after doing price research on the same 2.5 limited model. One dealer gave my a "discounted total price of "28,668"+doc & tax, etc fees. The other dealer was a little more "reasonable" I think...27,140 (destination included) + Doc, tax & MV fees.
    They are not really "discounting" any price(from 27,140 offer) because i checked on the Subaru Web site the price of the same model and it came out to be the same as the second "better price" of 27,140( if you add their Doc, state tax, MV fees) so really it seems to me that they are not discounting anything or very little...:-/. I thought that i read here in CarSpace that some people got really decent discounts (at least ~2-4k discount from invoice)? We want low payments but it seem that every dealer we go they want A lot of money down(~4k even for lease!) and high payments(above 300/month)...they totally disregard/not honor that we have good credit & have been good customers with the present and previous leases & finances...:-/. I think we have to make a decision soon.
    3rd. Question: Can someone recommend a decent & good dealer that have ethical , honest people in their dealer around NJ, PA or NY areas, that are willing to negotiate a good total price so that payments are low (include all those stupid fees too,etc)???
    I'm considering also an auto Broker..because I'm getting tired of dealing with a lot of crooked people from these "dealers" i have encountered...>:-/ :(
  • For all those looking for a good dealer in PA area. I ordered my OB from Rafferty Subaru in Newtown Square. I ordered 3 weeks ago so it's still not due in for another 3-5 right now I can only speak about the ordering experience.

    First I went to my local dealer, Welsh Subaru in Limerick :mad: , but they said if I ordered a car from them they could not give me the VIP(invoice) price until it came in? Saying that Subaru changes pricing every month??? Then they refused to lock in a price for the extended warranty...wanting $2400 for a 6 yr, 100k mile plan! And then telling me some bogus story about how the price could jump $400 in a month - so they couldn't guarantee me a price. Then we talked about my trade in, they offered me $1500 less than what I wanted and again said they would have to re-evaluate when the ordered car came in - hinting that it could lose significantly more. The whole experience was sad, plus it was the sales manager who fed us all this crap. So I walked away from them and never looked back.

    Next and final stop - Rafferty Subaru in Newtown Square, PA. I called first and talked to a salesmen. Told them I would pay invoice (we had VIP pricing), that I already knew I would need to order due to the add-ons I wanted, that I would not pay a penny more that $1500 for the extended warranty (Gold 6yr, 100k miles), and that they needed to give me a fair price for my trade-in. They said no problem. I went in they gave me $100 over what I wanted for my trade AND locked in the price, they also locked in the ext warranty price and were able to tell me how much my OB would be, even though I ordered it - shocking right? It was a smooth painless experience. The salesperson I worked with was "Skip". He was very easy going, they all were. They also have an A rating with the BBB. I'll post more in a month or so when I go in to take my new Sube home....can't wait! If you call Skip - tell him Noelle sent you. ;)
  • PA..other than tax and tags..what would the added costs be?
  • Hey Sweetsoul,
    Very curious to know;
    -1st of all; Want to know how much exactly "total invoice price" did you pay for your Subi + destination? (docs fees are different form dealers & taxes are also different form state to state...:-/ :))
    -What is the exact Outback model you got?
    -Did you pay the whole thing or you financed your ordered Outback? & if you did Finance; What is the amount of your monthly payments & how much you put down(if you did)? & If finance or lease please; length of your term. What were your Tax, doc, & DM fee?
    P.S. To Hit1634, I believe; Destination(if not included in the "Invoice price" or "whatever price you pay") + Document(They all freaking charge this one, hate it & does not make much sense to me! >:-/) + MV(motor vehicle, you don't have to, but if you want them to do it) + of course "whatever gas money" expense especially if you leave far or in another neighboring state..:)
  • Any recent purchases of a 2.5i or 2.5i Premium in Colorado? Also any news on new incentives for November? Heading in to drive a 2010 today to see how the CVT feels.
  • HELLOOoo...please, anyone here got a good price (invoice at least or lower than invoice price) for A 2.5i LIMITED MODEL???
    Getting ready to buy/lease but no one here seem to help with accurate price info of someone actually buying or lease recently(hopefully from NY, NJ or PA)
    Anyone knows of how to get it cheaper from some car selling web sites(i heard some people before ~1-2 years ago that they got it cheaper from some sites...but right now I can't get in touch with them...:-/)?
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    Why do people need advice on how to get a good sale price? Send email quotes to 10 high volume dealers within 250 miles of your home. Pick the lowest 3 price quotes and use them against one another. If dealer X tells you $25,000 then tell dealer Z dealer X offered $25,000, and so on until they say they cannot match dealer X's price. Now you have your absolute lowest price.

    Even if you do not intend to drive 250 miles to pick it up you will still have the lowest documented sale price to throw in the faces of your local guys who will have to either match that price or lose your business. There are greedy dealers who could care less what X dealer is selling their cars for but you don't want to even waste your time with them.

    Dealers get money from Subaru for EVERY car they sell or lease and also for meeting certain sales goals. Dealers do not want to lose business to their competitors who will get those bonuses instead of them.

    FYI: Invoice price is not the price the dealer owns the car for. Invoice is the price that the manufacturer thinks the dealer should be able to sell the car for and still make a nice profit. I would guess the Subaru dealers actually own an Outback Limited for at least $1100 under invoice and then get 2% of the MSRP as dealer holdback. A GREAT DEAL would be $1000 under invoice in my opinion.
  • I'm curious whether you have any current fact-based information behind the guess that the actual dealer cost is at least $1100 under invoice?

    I agree that $1k under invoice is a great deal but wonder where your net cost information comes from.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    By expanding your search to 250 miles you really increase your chances of getting the best deal. I don't have a problem with that but some folks don't want to put in the energy to do that. A good example is if you look online for a cpo used car you will see the exact same car/miles model priced as much as 10k difference nationally. I can fly in -- stay overnight - and drive home for that kind of cdeal. Could have it shipped but I'd want to kick the tires and check things out before I'd buy. Even 2-3k would be worth the trip. New cars aren't going to have that spread but different areas can offer you the leverage to do as well as possible.
    Stoopy - you and I are willing to work a bit for a deal. Some folks are fearful in that regard. They can always go through a reputable broker or contact you for free. ;)
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    You might be surprised about that new car spread - it really depends on the area. I purchased my '10 Forester in Seattle for $2,300 less than it was being sold locally (Fairbanks, Alaska). The local dealer just has a "you buy from us, we don't sell to you" attitude. I spent less than $400 to get it home, plus three days of time.
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    For example. If you look at the and look at
    Subaru Outback Premium 2.5 CVT (MSRP 25990)
    We can break this down to the following numbers (as noted on their site)

    Base Vehicle $23,829
    Options $0
    Regional Ad Fees $222
    Destination Fee $695

    Then deductions are as follow:

    Customer Incentives $0 (currently none)
    Holdbacks/CSI $759 (Subaru pays dealers this once vehicle sold)
    Dealer Incentives ??? (This is where most dealers profit, especially large volume dealers.)

    TOTAL $23,987 (or less is the price anybody should pay)

    Dealer Incentives are based on how many cars dealer sells. Bigger volume dealers will get bigger incentives.
    This is the reason why dealers at the end of the month try to push sales on many cars as possible. Even if they sell you truly sell under the cost of vehicle, they will profit at the end because sold enough vehicles that month to make large dealer incentives.
    They can range from few hundred dollars to even high as thousand dollars.

    I personally was able to negotiate this car for $23 750 (plus title and registration). This tells you they were able to knock off few hundred dollars from the lowest price and still make some money.

    As a shopper you have to be smart, and shop around. In this economy you should be able to dictate the negotiation. Do not let dealers to manipulate you and sell you based on scare tactics.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    nicely done, xwesx !!
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    "The Window sticker price on this one is $27111. Invoice is $25324. We own this car for $24284. I could let you own it for $24784."

    This is from an email my local dealer sent me. He is very up front with me on how they do business. They are making $500 over ACTUAL cost plus dealer holdback. (in this case $1042.22)
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    This totally make sense. Thank you.
    This is about 8.5% less than MSRP. This is what I have been told by many, a good deal on Subaru would be 8% or more off of the MSRP.
    Keep this in mind and you will know if you got a good or bad deal.
    And watch out for fees that some dealers are making up.
  • Here is an example of the crap we get in NJ, this is from a supposed Internet Sales Manager.........

    Due to the competitive environment and lack of inventory that the entire region is suffering from, we are giving out price's only to people coming to the dealership. Although it may be a minor inconvenience to our customers, from our recent and past experience, it's a complete waste of time to talk about something that could feasibly be 12 weeks ago. Due to Subaru's ever changing factory programs, and the high demand for these vehicle's, to be honest, the price today to 12 weeks from now, could very well differ by THOUSANDS of dollars. We will be as competitive as any other dealer, but we need to put pen to paper and get everything in order first. There are certain criteria that need to be justified and unfortunately communicating via e-mail doesn't always cover all the bases. Rather than mislead you, we would rather deal face to face to show our honesty and our sincerity in these matters.

    Would you bother with these guys, I was there they had their chance.
  • Sorry but which state are you or where is this dealer?, I have no problem to travel and get a good deal.

  • Just picked up my new OB tonight. I ordered it 3 weeks ago and it came in well ahead of the original 6-8 week lead time thanks to my dealer. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience at my dealer, Rafferty Subaru in Newtown Square, PA. :) It seriously has been the best car buying experience to date. Here are the details:

    2010 OB 2.5i Limited in Azurite Blue w/
    Auto-dimming mirror w/compass
    Sirius satellite radio
    Media hub (for ipod)
    Wheel arch moldings
    Rear bumper cover
    Splash guards
    Interior illumination kit
    PZEV Zero Emissions

    Total MSRP: $30,638 (includes $695 destination charge)
    Paid Invoice (VIP Pricing): $28,659
    Added 6 year, 100k mile Gold Plus Warranty: $1500
    Trade-In 2005 Xterra (high miles): $8100
    PA Sales Tax: $1323.54
    Registration: $48.50
    Doc Fee: $100
    Total Sale Price: $23,532.04 (trade already factored in this amount)

    Paid cash for part of it, financed $12,500 @ 3.9% for 60 months = $230/mo. I was literally in the dealer for maybe 40 minutes total tonight to complete the paperwork, etc. It was a smooth transaction, no gimmicks, no games...the way car buying should be! If you are in the NJ, NY, MD, DE, PA or even farther out... I highly recommend this dealer. Ask for "Skip" or Kevin - tell them Noelle sent you.

    I'll post more in a week or so to let you know how much I am loving my new OB :blush: . I already got the bluetooth set up (super easy) and love the media hub, just so nice to listen to my ipod through the fabulous stereo! The ride home was great even in the cold rain :D
  • Thanks for the information, I may contact them - Don't forget your tax deduction. :shades:
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    If sweetsouls deal looks ok to you, make a copy and take it to the dealer and ask for the same deal. Yes or no. Easy peasy. Good luck.
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