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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We are looking to purchase either the black or the brilliant brown pearl but have not been able to see the brown in person as none of the local dealers have it in on their lots. I understand that it is a that they only made so many of new with the special apearance packages but would like to see the brown before making a final decision. Is the color really dark, from the pics we have been able to find, it almost looks like there is a red tint to the vehicle when shown in the sun. Any thoughts on this one!!!
  • It's like a cherry brown and in the sun, the red tones really show. First time I ever bought a car because I loved the interior/exterior color. The saddle brown leather is what really sold me.
  • Currently there is a quiet incentive on 2013 OB models in Southeast and midwest (as of 2012)... Was able to get approx 1500 under edmunds invoice and other forums show evidence of up to $2K below... But you'll have to haggle hard for it.

    Only good things to say about Troncalli Subaru that has 2 stores in Cumming/Kennesaw... This was our 2nd purchase from them in 3 years and their salesmen tend to work there long-term and believe in relationship-building. Service folks are great as well... Great experience!
  • eli250eli250 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2013 Outback 3.6R limited w/ the moonroof and nav package in the D.C. area, and got a price well below the target prices according to, edmunds, consumer reports, etc. Without haggling, I got over 12% off MSRP. The sales manager indicated that there were some manufacturer to dealer ("hidden") incentives right now.
  • Hi everyone,

    I recently bought 2013 Outback Limited from Grand Subaru and can't recommend them enough! I contacted them via their website asking for the 'Best Price' for one of the Outbacks on their lots. Sandy from their sales team emailed me diligently and over the course of next 2 weeks during which I changed my mind from getting a used Outback, to a new 2012 Outback to finally a new 2013 Outback, I exchanged over 50 emails with her. She was always prompt with the replies and information I requested, though a little pushy sometimes, but I'll probably blame my indecisiveness for it!

    Finally, she was able to arrange the exact color combination I wanted by a dealer-trade and still gave me a much better price than the dealer whom they got the vehicle from! I got the vehicle at 13.25% below MSRP!

    After I committed for the exact vehicle, I exchanged phone calls and iMessages regarding extended warranty with Ryan, the General Sales Manager. He recommend the Zurich one, but after reading about extended warranties on, I decided to go with Subaru Extended Warranty. Initially the warranty was quoted for $2200, which I got for $1761 eventually. I also asked them to install Subaru remote start, for which I was called back and told that Subaru one has much lesser range and doesn't have 2-way confirmation, so I should go for the aftermarket one. After checking on and a few youtube vidoes, I realized that the Subaru remote started does have 2-way confirmation and no one really was complaining about the range, so I went ahead with it. It does switch off the car as soon as you open any door or trunk or hood, but I can live with it.

    On the day of delivery, they sent a car to pick me and my girlfriend up from Chicago Union Station, as we live around 200 miles away and decided to take the train to Chicago!
    We test drove the car, found a small dinge on the black plastic near the driver side window glass, which they immediately agreed to order and ship to me, and assured that I'll be able to get it replaced at the local dealer free of cost.
    Finally, I was offered 7-yr Zurich Shield warranty for exterior and interior protection for $1500, which after refusing for a couple of times came down to $700 and I gave in.
    After this, when the vehicle was ready for delivery, Sandy went over all the features in details. I contacted them via email a week later for some paperwork, and Sandy called me back within a few mins and got it sorted out!

    Overall an awesome buying experience. The best part was I didn't have to haggle on the vehicle price at all, the first price they provided was already better than any other dealer within 300 mile radius. Another great thing was their response time, while other dealers took hours and days to reply to my emails and kept bothering me with their auto generated emails, Sandy and Ryan were extremely quick with their emails and iMessages!

    Only thing which I wish they improve on is the wait for the the finance person to be free. We took delivery of our car on Saturday, which was a pretty busy day for them and people were lined up to make payments. Some people even went back and came after a few hours to make their payments and drive off in their vehicles!
  • ajam1ajam1 Posts: 1
    Just wanted to let readers know about my great experience buying at Gresham Subaru in the Portland, OR area. It was my first time buying a brand new car and it couldn't have been easier. We worked with Betsy, who was awesome...responsive, friendly, and no pressure. We did some shopping around in the area and she was able to beat the lowest price we found on a Premium 2.5i with AWP and some accessories. We were very happy with our experience and love the new ride.
  • We are going in this weekend to pick up our new OB and the dealer is already talking about extended warranties. Do we need to but it this weekend or can we wait and what would you recommend. Several friends in the business already suggested that we do not buy the extended paint & interior warranty for what the dealers charge and this was something that we were not really interested in anyway but we would like to have an extended warranty covering the vehicle. Thanks
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,269
    No, you can buy it at any time during the 3/36 bumper-to-bumper warranty period and from any Subaru dealer (some will sell them at more reasonable prices than others!). The Gold warranty does offer some benefits above what the B2B covers, which may be worth considering. The other advantage of a concurrent buy is that you can roll that cost into your financing if you so choose.

    In order to obtain the best benefit, though, you need to know your mileage, decide on the best warranty package, and negotiate the price separately from that of the car. If you feel pressured into it, pass (and get it later).
  • I'm looking at becoming an OB owner here in Central NJ. I'm interested in a 2.5L Limited, relatively loaded. not sure I care about the special appearance package, the higher cost color (a brown I guess from a quick read) the eyesight system or nav system (we have portable gps and smart phone based gps). Rear camera and remote start do matter (though from reading the remote start is better purchased aftermarket).

    I have an option of going through the VIP system based on wife's employer or just straight negotiating.

    We're looking at a trade-in of a 2005 sonata with 95k miles. If I go VIP style I'll get wholesale price for it, I don't really want to mess with private sale.

    Which one is going to get me out the door for lowest price?

    Are there local dealer incentives on top of that I can get? The 1.9% financing I assume I can still get through this program?

  • eli250eli250 Posts: 2
    "Are there local dealer incentives on top of that I can get? The 1.9% financing I assume I can still get through this program?"

    As of the end of September, there were manufacturer to dealer incentives, but I don't know the details.

    With respect to financing, I think the 1.9% through Subaru is only good for 36 months. You may want to seek financing from a bank or credit union before going to the dealer, because rates are really low right now. I got 2.54% for 72 months.
  • Twilight Blue Limited 2.5i PZEV with dark grey interior, moonroof package, rear seat back protector, splash guards, cargo net and rear bumper cover for $29,688, I was seeking 1.9% for 60 months and ended up getting 1.84% for 60 months.

    Added the 7/100/0 Gold warranty for 1475.

    How'd I do? The dealership is close enough I can see it out my office window, so service and coordination is pretty easy.
  • gilangilan Posts: 4
    Hi Kiltedfool:

    Is $29,688 out the door (Including tax + fees)?

  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 171
    Kiltedfool, that's withing a few hundred of what we paid for the identical car, except I forgot to ask for rear seat protector so now I'll be buying it. Love the midnight blue. None of the sales force at our local dealership had seen it until ours came in from Denver. They ordered one for the lot and last week I saw it, or at least another midnite blue with their dealer plates when at the library.


  • Just purchased a 3.6 Outback with the special appearance package. It also had wheel moldings, all weather mats, cargo nets. It did not have the eyesight package, but rather package 23. It was close to 38 on the window. I traded a 2005 Chevy Cobalt with only 36k miles. I got it for 32, 6% sales tax and plates included (2k). I bought it over the internet and the salesperson was a good guy to deal with. Usually I go round and round with a salesperson and have done a ton of research. On this car I just went in cold and after rejecting their first offer after they rejected 31 (tax included) we settled on 32.
  • I live in Dallas and am looking for a 2013 Subaru Outback, Premium with All-weather package. I was quoted for $25,400, but according to many of the posts on here, you all are getting quotes for quite a bit less than that (10%-13% off MSRP). Other posts I've seen says over $25,000 for this car is too much, so I want to know some more opinions. Thanks!
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 171
    Not sure how competitive the Dallas Subaru market is. Here in CO and the NE and NW the dealers know they have to get their hearts right. IIRC Sewell is one of the big Subie stores in the metroplex so that might be keeping the prices higher than in other markets. Try checking with Ed Wallace this Saturday over on KLIF, although much as I like him he does seem to think that we're doing god's work by paying more for cars.

  • pjkopppjkopp Posts: 6
    So according to these posts there was a manufacturer to dealer incentive in September that allowed below invoice pricing and I saw numbers between 10 and 13.5% below MSRP plus TTL.

    Does anyone know if this incentive still exists? Despite having several dealers to work with, I have only been able to get 9% off of MSRP and all the dealers are clumped between 7.5% and 9% for the same car. 2013 Outback limited, 2.5 with moonroof,wheel moldings, splash guards, Homelink mirror. In addition the fluff accessories were priced higher by the dealer than listed on the website

    Any recent experiences or suggestions to lower the price into these unpublished incentives is appreciated
  • are you in Michigan by any chance? If so would love to know dealer/salesperson.
  • Just picked up a 2013 2.5 limited with appearance package, all weather mats, trailer hitch, side moldings, 110v power outlet, cargo net, splash guards, seat back protector, and puddle lights. MSRP is $34891. I bought the car for $31,500 plus ttl., over $500 under invoice. 9.7% off MSRP. Pretty happy with price.
  • Yesterday I bought "2013 2.5 Limited w/moonroof pkg" + bumper cover + rear seat protector + splash guards for $30,000 drive out. $1600+ below invoice. In central texas. Several dealers offered in the same range, but chose local. 2012 one was just $500 less, so went for 2013.
    Good Luck!
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