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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just curious, what is a good price for the OB 7 yr/100k extended warranty?
  • Thanks for your response. The local dealer showed me a printout that had line by line invoice prices on it which totaled to , now that I think about it.. about $300 over the edmunds price.. The regional value could be delta. He came down about $300 from that while we were there.. with the song and dance about nice building.. free coffee.. etc.. When I called with this competing deal in PA.. he came down another $300 (but said "close to" so I would have to verify)..

    Still leaves us $600 from my other deal with all things being equal (doc fees approx the same) . So for $600, I get lifetime $35 state inspections.. as it stands right now.. time value of $.. rather keep it in my pocket.

    Only guilt is stopping me from just getting it in PA and ditching my local guy whose time I used on many occasions test driving (he just gave us keys so its not as if he went with us ) .
  • jeykjeyk Posts: 2
    Ready to pull the trigger on our first outback:

    2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium All Weather Pckg

    All Weather Floor Mats
    Splash Guards
    Rear Bumper Cover
    All-Weather Package
    Popular Package #1B
    Auto-Dimming Mirror w/Compass & HomeLink
    Heated Exterior Mirrors
    Rear Seat Back Protector
    Heated Front Seats
    Windshield Wiper De-Icer

    MSRP $28,262

    Price: $25,471 + TTL + $75 documentation fee (down from $150)

    What say you?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's right around the 10% target, sounds decent to me.
  • $25,471 is about $900 below the invoice price !!!

    Since there is no rebate right now, any reason for dealer to sell under invoice (certainly, this will cut the profit into 3% hold back)
  • Does anyone know when the cash rebate will be available for 2013 Outback ?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    It's been a while since Subaru offered cash rebates on their models, so I wouldn't hold my breath on that one given how well they're selling right now.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru and Hyundai I think have the 2 lowest cost of incentives in the industry. Unless there's a sudden change, I'd agree.
  • Agreed to the terms with Glanzmann Subaru in Jenkintown, PA vs my local dealer in Vermont. (we have family there or we'd have never looked).

    Premium , All Weather, Moonroof/Camera..
    splash guards
    All weather Mats
    Bumper Protector
    Rear Seat Back Protectors
    $26,500 + $138 total fees .

    Using my $500 savings vs going local towards some Blizzaks on rims (50% of it anyway). Steel Rims, TMPS from tirerack.. tires from costco and mounted there on the rims.. $70 off 4 bridgestone + 50% off their $60 install .. Little cheaper than doing all from tirerack + lifetime balance and tmps reset. 1/2 year of a kid's college tuition down the tubes.
  • Is that including TTL?
  • Since Subaru is selling well, I just don't know why dealer is willing sell under invoice.

    IMOP, buy car under MSRP is good, at invoice is super, below invoice is dream come true.
  • I don't believe Subaru is selling THAT well. I live in the northeast and am in the market. As I was researching I emailed a few volume dealers down south in MD and VA, they quoted me around $800 and $900 under invoice without much effort on my part. All it took was a couple emails.. I'm thinking about driving down there this weekend.
  • Since everyone's tax / title stuff is different .. my #s are all before that (saw earlier post that said to do that here) .. Since I am buying out of state.. I pay the dealer their price + doc fees ($138) and the rest I handle with my state when i get back..

    6% sales tax on purchase price + tags/title/registration/inspection

    If I did it locally.. it is $500 more.. which would get me $35 state inspections free for life.... sure.. ill have it for a long time assuming I like it.. but it was the principle of the thing for me.. other guy would do $500 less.. because he wanted to make a great month.. which he has done without me .. so now less of a rush to do the deal by today..
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    IMOP, buy car under MSRP is good, at invoice is super, below invoice is dream come true.

    I generally agree. I always target invoice as my goal. Less than that is great, a little over is acceptable, too.

    The dealers also receive volume and other incentives from the manufacturer that, in many cases, easily offset foregone profit on individual sales because while the sale profit might be higher per car, the number of cars sold will decrease.

    There are some isolated markets, such as mine here in Alaska, where the dealers will sell all their cars at (or even above) MSRP, but most markets are not that isolated, with several dealerships within a 100-200 mile radius. When there's that kind of competition, volume incentives start playing an important role.

    I've purchased three new Subaru vehicles, and none of them have come from my local dealer just because they know they don't have to deal. If I don't buy the car, someone else will meet their price within a few weeks. Instead, I go to Seattle (2,200 miles away) and drive the car home, saving about $2,000-2,500 in the process (and that's including the trip costs!).
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Has anyone noticed that the menu on the top of Edmunds home page does not show the word FORUM anymore? Anyone know what's up with that? I have to go to old emails and click on links to get to the forums.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    edited November 2012
    Yeah, I noticed it this week BUT there is an easy way to get to the Forums. Just clip on "What's Hot" menu up top and you'll see "Car Forums" on the drop down menu. Same effort as before once you know where to find it.... ;)
  • nassaujurnassaujur Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    Hi, I got a lot of help from the posts of this forum the past couple weeks.. so I figured I would share my experience a little. I bought a 2013 Outback Premium with all weather + moonroof packages (includes rear vision camera by default) + popular package #2 + some other minor accessories (wheel lock, cargo net, carpet mats, rear seat protector and maybe a few more). This is in the Northeast region btw (tristate area mainly) Took me about a few days of intense emailing back and forth with two dozen dealers. Just following advice given here, I was set on not going into dealerships before agreeing on an OTD price and seeing the buyers order in my email box. My target price was $2000 under invoice before TTL, which some people at the Outback forum seem to believe achievable--in my experience, it was not achievable at all in the northeast region--either my submitted offers were ignored and followed up on after a few days or it was flat out rejected. The last day of the month, I knew I was really growing sick of car shopping and I was determined to get it done that day. I submitted more "reasonable" offers of under $1400 invoice and got some responses back from the dealers 2 hours away. On the last day of the month, a few dealers were willing to come down to about $1000 under invoice--I tried to select volume dealers (based on the # of reviews at out of those. On the last couple days, I submitted my offer as an OTD price including all fees and TTL to avoid further haggling at the dealership. Btw, I might have had a hard time of achieving the elusive "$2000 under invoice" because the premium w/ moonroof is not stocked very well and even in volume dealers they carry only about 10-12 cars at most--then again, the dealership I bought from had only one premium in their inventory with the moonroof option. You might have better luck if you're looking for a Premium with just all weather pkg.

    I tried to have these deals matched or beat by other dealers who claim to "beat any deals by $300" (Subaru in Ramsey), but they all abruptly stopped communicating with me. I figured this would be as low as it could go. The dealer and I agreed on a price of $28800 OTD (including all fees, 7% NJ tax) and they were pretty straight forward in sending me the buyers order via email. Most dealerships won't even give you a solid number via email fearing competition--which made the whole process more frustrating. I emailed a couple of volume dealers in VA and Maryland and they straight out quoted me about $1500 under invoice--but I didn't want to drive six hours, I probably would have to save another $500 but I have a busy schedule ahead of me this weekend. So, down south where there is less snow, Subaru seems to be not as popular and dealers are much more willing to give good deals.

    Anyway, with the buyers order in hand and all the details worked out (I even asked if I would qualify for the promotional APR rate of 0.9%--the sales person told me I would easily--anybody with 700 or higher should be no problem, and I have credit score of mid-700.) Walking into the dealership, I hoped to be out and driving the new car in 20-30 minutes. Turns out they had a whole team of guys waiting to intimidate me into accepting their 4.9% offer, if that. I realized how these games are played and I was not going to accept their APR. Remember I drove 1.5 hours to get to this dealership and it was two hours before they were about to close on the last day of the month. In order to convince me I should accept their 4.9% financing offer ("which is determined by the bank, not themselves", they told me many things including "first-time buyers never qualify for these and can sometimes get 10% or higher rates but we were able to work out great deals, you never took out such a big loan in your life previously etc etc" --I almost believed them, too. But I remembered what I learned on the internet and called their BS--I told them I was walking away because this is a deal breaker. They were visibly set back by my statement and even the finance dept guy who supposedly has nothing to do with sales and just punching the numbers seemed to be taken aback. I was more and more convinced it was BS and I shouldn't accept their offer. I really needed to buy the car that day and it made me so angry they made me drive 1.5 hours to play a few more games. So, I simply walked away. About two minutes later, the manager called me back into the dealership offering me the 0.9% rate. I got back in the dealership and they show me how I am a "tier 3" buyer but the manager was really able to call the bank to bump me up to "tier 1" etc showing me all the documents they created--I didn't believe none of their remarks.. at this point, they completely lost my trust and I felt like I was getting even cheated by the 0.9% offer as I saw some other dealerships offering 0% financing on the new Outbacks. I decided to make them come down in rate to 0% and but they wouldn't even budge. Anyway, I walked out one more time and this time they didn't call me back so I knew I was getting a good deal (the one I originally knew I was getting anyway)--plus the dealer was closing in a few hours and I didn't want to have to drag it on for another week. I came back in, signed the papers and now I'm a happy Outback owner! :) The moral of the story I guess is that if your credit is good enough, you should never settle for anything less than the promotional rate promised by the manufacturer.

    That was a long post. Hope someone can benefit from this experience--esp. first time car buyers like myself.

    tl;dr Paid $28800 OTD (all fees + 7% tax) on a 2013 Outback Premium moonroof + all-weather pkg, which is about $1000-$1100 under invoice in the NJ / PA / CT / NY region. Negotiated the APR to the promotional rate.
  • Unbelievable deal! Congratulations!

    Which dealer did you get the deal? I want to get exact the same model and options, if you have time to list them! Thanks!
  • Beyer Subaru in VA offered the best quote at $25959 before TTL and probably their doc fee. Might come down a few hundred more if you haggle.

    Colonial VW Subaru & Subaru in Cherry Hill in PA , they quoted me similar prices $28800~ $29000. Ended up buying it at Colonial in PA because Cherry Hill was closing too early and wanted $500 more for the color of my choice for essentially the same vehicle--the manager did reach out to me to make the deal work later, but it was too late.

    Hope that helps.
  • What is the TTL?
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