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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited December 2012
    OK then, this is an offer on a "Used" 2012 Outback Limited, 4 cyl, CVT leather, back up camera, roof, and a few other odds and ends. It has been a company courtesy vehicle and has about 11,000 miles on it.

    They want $26,800 and I offered $25,000. We are at $25,500 and I am stalling.

    Any thoughts?
  • FWIW,

    Edmunds TMV in my zip code in Silver w/ those options (I just picked a color) is right in that range ... 25,276 for private party sale, 26,686 for dealer retail.
  • samyjsamyj Posts: 2
    I also live in NE (CT). Could you please share some of your preferred volume dealers in MD and VA? Or the actual dealer you went with? Thank you.
  • tax, title, and license.
  • Beyer Subaru in Virginia.

    Around the tristate area, the dealers in Cherry Hill and Colonial VW Subaru near Philly had the best quotes. Took me about 6-7 emails with each of them to get to that pricing on the last day of the month.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    If my offer is almost dead on the TMV and they countered and didn't mention anything else, that worries me.

    Tomorrow I will send of another e-mail to the dealership and find out what else is up their sleeve on their counter offer....doc fees, it's Monday fees, we are doing you such a favor fees, we are your new best friends fees, etc.
  • Option package 4: moonroof, rear vision, auto dimming rearview mirror w/Homelink, plus these accessories: seat back protector, bumper cover, splash guards, body side moldings, puddle lights, cargo net rear, cargo net side, all weather mats

    Acc to purchase agreement, MSRP was 32,360, price paid (including freight, but not TTL (tax, title, license) was 28,886.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Isn't that a mid 30s car new, nowadays?

    Don't lose the deal over a couple hundred bucks.

    You don't have to tell anyone you didn't buy new. It'll be our little secret. ;)
  • jeykjeyk Posts: 2
    2013 2.5i Premium CVT AWP PZEV

    Options: AWP (headed f seats/side mirrors, windshield wiper deicer), auto-dim mirror/comp/homelink, rear bumper cover, rear seat back protector, splash guards, [all weather mats not included in MSRP, but negotiated for them to be included gratis]

    MSRP 28,190 (again, not inclusive of AWM)

    $25,398.50 + TTL + $150 doc fee
  • What dealership did you use? (love your nickname, btw)
  • Ultimately we purchased the vehicle from Cascade Subaru in Cuyahoga Falls, but they price matched an offer we put together at Ganley Subaru of Wickliffe. I would have purchased from Ganley Wickliffe except theyre easily 45 mins from home, while Cascade is only about 5 mins away. All things being equal, My wife preferred the closer dealer. They do provide free car washes on Saturdays, but thats about the only 'perk' offered. Jamie McCauley was a knowledgeable, no pressure, laid back salesman, essentially enabling the vehicle to sell itself. The vehicle was brought in from Columbus, so I cant help but wonder if I could have gotten a slightly better deal from someone else who had the model w the options on the lot.

    In any event, the transaction went very smoothly and we didnt even get the hard sell on the aftermarket warranties from the Finance manager. Maybe it was because we signed the papers at 9pm last night! Ps: being close to Lake Erie, I do a bit of walleye fishing, hence the screen name. Good luck.
  • What is your MRSP? Thanks.
  • Thanks for the info on your deal. It just so happens that one of the best internet offers I've had on a limited with the special appearance package (which includes moonroof and nav) also came from Cascade. Only issue - and not a huge one - is that I'm in Detroit so would need to do a little road trip.
    FYI, I'm a serious fisherman myself. My license plate is IF1SH.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited December 2012
    I've been lurking here watching the Subie deals coming and going and would like to know what you guys think of the advantages of buying a 2013 vrs a 2012..all things being equal.

    I am really pleased that the '13 Subarus have finally gotten away from those dreadful black dashboards and steering wheels that always come the same no matter what interior you order, (or have they)

    Also noticed that some owners with the older Subaru CVT's are demonstrating it's short comings...(see You Tube)

    There are some pretty tempting 2012 OB limited deals out there right now, but I have heard that there have been some needed changes to the 2013's..just don't know if they are worth the extra 5 to 8 thousand.

    Any thoughts...?

    Never owned a Subaru but have had the idea of owning one before I'm being wheeled around in a chair.
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 186
    Not sure that there's $5-$8K difference available, although I'm in Colorado so no '12s left on lots here AFAIK, unless you're talking about used. We've got a '10 Legacy and I can tell you that we've neither had nor heard of any CVT problems with any of our friends.

    The biggest difference we've seen between the '10 and our '13 Outback is the seats, WAY BETTER driver's side comfort, and the handling. At first I thought it might just be the extra wheelbase on the Outback but I've since driven a new Legacy, and drove a friend's '11 Outbac and I can tell you there is a vast improvement in the new ones.

    That said I guess it all depends on what items matter to you and what price you put on them.

    Good luck with your search.

  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for the info on the new 013's..that much better ride is very important to us.
    We drive 1800 miles to AZ a couple of times a year over some very tricky conditions in the late fall and early spring.
    600 miles a day and that's lot of changing conditions over a mt. pass, 4 ups and overs the Continental divide, so really hoping the 2013 Subaru Outback will fill the bill.

    BTW here's a link to what I mentioned about the CVT performance..might be better now, this was a 2010..
  • seanuseanu Posts: 7
    Saw a few people asking about 2012 vs 2013 outback differences... here are a few :

    Updated CVT (probably for noise and efficiency)
    Uses the 2.5 FB engine (Not brand new, used in Forester since 2011)
    Improved body/suspension stiffness to reduce roll (springs and sway bar changes)
    New material used on cloth seats
    Folding side mirrors have returned

    Exterior : new front bumper/grill/foglight design, Aluminum wheel design changed, roof rack now has some adjustability in the rail spacing.

    The FB engine is DOHC with timing chain instead of belt. Previous EJ engine required changing the timing belt at 105k/105months . Uses 0W20 synthetic oil with 7500 mile change interval.

    Overall the 2013 seems to be a pretty big "tweak" year. Much of it was probably done to address the complaints from the earlier years about steering shake and vibrations. The engine change provides a modest torque/hp/mileage boost and probably was partly due to consolidating production & improved emissions.
  • I bought my first Subie... a 2012 Limited Outback and I purchased it when the 2013s and the 2012s were on the lot. There are a couple of differences - seat material, timing chain (instead of belt), synthetic oil, and 1 mpg better in the city. I live in Colorado and I actually take a lot of road trips so seat comfort is a must. I would say the first 5 days around the city were a bit uncomfortable but once I broke the seat in and adjusted the lumbar support I love this car. My car's MSRP 30465 and I got it for about 26135 (with them adding splash molding, rear bumper cover, all weather kit, autodimming mirror with Homelink, all weather mats). I didn't like the 2013 when I got into it. I think my heart was already set on a 2012. I don't think the ride is that different either. As for my CVT it kicks butt - I love the paddle shifters and it rocks in the mountains (2.5 is what I have). Colorado has had little snow so handling snow is yet to be determined but for the city its perfect thus far. As for the extra 5 - 8k. A timing chain is supposed to never be changed which I think is at the most a 1k service and your oil changes are a little higher in a 2013 because its synthetic. Depending on all the bells and whistles you are wanting depends on the difference between a 2012 and 2013. I think when you bring out a newer model changes are always minor and people tend to believe they must be better since it is newer. I totally disagree with that theory. If you plan to keep the car for over 5 years its a wash since in 3 years the car will be outdated with its safety equipment and extras. If I had to do it all over again I would by the same car and get the rearview camera instead of adding it after market. Price was great, purchase was simple, and life is good plus the dog I think loves it more than me. :)
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited December 2012
    Sounds like personal preferences more than a lot of real nuts and bolts changes...I do like the idea of the timing chain on the '13's tho. Now Subaru is confusing us with more changes in the "2014" model! ( I really don't like the new design...looks to me like someone built it from left over odds and ends in their garage.)

    The changes made to the Subaru CVT seem a bit of a mystery, all I know is I hate the one I have in our Nissan Versa. Sounds more like a runaway Mixmaster than a car.

    Best drive train I have driven is our VW Jetta TDI with the DSG (direct shift gearbox)set up, It performs like a manual but does it on its own without any fuss and never misses a shift.
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 186
    Serenity, you're correct that a lot of the difference is small, but we still opted for the 2013. Your experience with the seats sounds like mine when I first bought our 2010 Legacy. I could not drive more than 90 minutes but that I would be darn near unable to walk when I stopped. I finally bought one of those little "half-round" foam pads and it's worked well.

    We still have the Legacy and I just leave that pad in it. A week after we bought the OB we headed back to Cinainnati for a week and about 3000 miles. I never used the pad and the car felt more "road-worthy" in all conditions.

    OT; I'm heading to Vail early tomorrow morning so I'll get my first experience with the OB (if my wife allows me to take it). I've logged a lot of miles on the Legacy in ski country and have always felt very comforatable. I had seen the paddle shifters on cars for years and always thought they were a bit gimmicky, but driving down slope on mountain roads really shows their value when you can downshift and watch the tach simultaneously.

    Congratulations on your purchase.

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