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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • buyabuya Posts: 74 the fob is completely dead but the ignition button can still detect it? I'm trying to get a no fuss reliable people mover that is not european, and I'm looking at a 2013 OB H6. The thing is there're lots of complaints about Subaru cars. Like the alarm set off will cause the car to quit starting 2 days later, transmission problems, some kind of gasket leak, pipes problems, etc. and on top of it mpg is not that great from, manufacturer support is not commendable, and repair cost is high. If I want no mfg supports, high repair costs and lots of annoying problems from a car, I can continue to drive european.

    But what would be a good price for a 2013 OB H6 OTD? That is what you got? what car price, all fees, and taxes in dollar and rate? Thanks.
  • EastBayDriverEastBayDriver Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    Hi- My first post here. I have found these forums very helpful, but we just bought our first new car in 12 years. We bought on 12/31. Anyway, new to us is:

    2013 Outback Limited
    Moonroof package
    A few other plastic things added
    MSRP: about $32,200
    Paid: $27,400 (before tax, title, registration)

    Dealer: Putnam Subaru in Burlingame, CA. Salesman was Adil.

    Emailed all of the dealers in the Bay Area, and found a range of about $2K. We did not trade our old car, so this pricing doesn't reflect a trade.

    Happy shopping. So far, we are really enjoying the car.
  • vtkahnsvtkahns Posts: 10
    wow.. I paid $27K 11/30 for a 2.5i premimum / mooroof / pzev (all are in N Amer I think now ) so these deals make me feel really crappy. The sales manager made me feel like I was killing his first born.. I knew we could get to $26.5K 400 miles away but that was as low as I ever found.. Clearly I'm in the wrong area.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Sorry about not having gotten back to you sooner. The dealership is Walser Subaru in Burnsville, Minnesota. Their price is "what you see is what you get," meaning that they do not negotiate. The price we received was also on this basis.
  • Outback 2.5i Premium with All-Weather and Option Package 1B - $26,600 plus tax and title - purchased in Queens, NY.
  • seanuseanu Posts: 7
    Thats not a bad price at all. I paid 27,300 for the same car. I was being picky about the color and the dealer had to get one from another location. I got a few additional items like the wheel well arches, seat back protectors and side moldings. I was a little miffed because the only reason we got a moon roof was because we wanted the backup camera. . I think the premium + awp is the best bang for the buck. Moonroof, Leather, HK + nav are where they are making a big profit.
  • There are no current incentives - but you can still shop - I went to 4 dealers and there was a $1785 difference between the high and low offers (2.5i premium with all-weather and option pkg 1b).
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    edited January 2013
    I do not now whether you are still looking for an Outback, but Walser Subaru has this one listed:

    2.5i Premium CVT with AWP and Moonroof Package for $24,998

    A tad under $25,000 for a 2.5i Premium with the AWP and Moonroof Package seems like an amazingly good deal. And as always with this dealership, this is the price (no negotiation).
  • This week I purchased an 2013 2.5 Limited Moonroof/NAV/Eyesight from a dealer in Atlanta. The car had some small accessory add-ons. MSRP was 34,500 before the add-ons. I paid $31,500.

    This is my first Subaru and the fourth car I've purchased from a dealer. With my other three car buying experiences I was able to really beat up the dealers. My negotiations have lasted as long as two weeks over a single car. This was completely different. Over the 10 day process of finding the car I wanted and arranging financing I noticed that every car I was interested in would sell just after I would get my quote (online). It eventually became very difficult to actually find the car I wanted in the Atlanta area.

    My takeaway from this is that Subaru's (or possibly just Outbacks) appear to really sell themselves. I might have been able to shave off a couple extra hundred $$ off my purchase price. However, at the end of the day I feel good about what I paid. The dealer provided great customer service and really fought for my business. I hope they made some $$$. One thing is for sure -- I am a happy first time Outback owner.

    Thanks to everyone who posted on this board. This was a great research tool.
  • Hi,

    Traded in a 2007 Camry Hybrid (they gave me my target price after some discussion).

    2013 2.5i Outback Premium (auto CVT) with all weather package and package 1A (bumper guard/alloy wheel lock kit/splash guards/auto dim mirror with compass) for $25,500 before TTL.

    Very happy with the car and buying experience (Galles & Davis Subaru in Albuquerque)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Ever go up to Taos? I'm sure the AWD will come in handy. Often.
  • Yes, Angel Fire as well (mountain biker). My two kids have just started skiing (I forgot how much fun it is/it's been years).
    It was actually a recent ski trip that led to us getting the outback.
    We went to Red River NM. For the weekend in the Camry. An unexpected snowstorm rolled through and the road conditions were pretty bad for a bit. We decided that since we are going to be skiing more often (Sandia Ski Area is 45 minutes away, Santa Fe is hour and a half) and we also likevto camp/backpack every year, it was time to get a more capable vehicle. After some research and test drives of numerous AWD vehicles, the Subaru was the obvious choice.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I like my Sienna, don't get me wrong, but it's not good in the snow. Traction control only gets in the way, I usually turn it off.

    Better yet, I steal the keys for my wife's Forester. :shades:
  • Samyi, I found this very interesting. I am currently negotiating with a dealer for the same vehicle and they are not close to this offer.
    I was wondering if you ever pulled the trigger on this deal and the dealer honored it. If so, how are you enjoying the car and, in particular, the eyesight features.
    Finally, would you be willing to share the name and location of your dealer. Thanks for any information you can provide.
  • dogscadogsca Posts: 5
    I just want to thank on their internet pricing through their Premier Dealers. Very simple process. I received pricing from five dealers within a 60 mile radius of the bay area on Sunday and it was well worth it. Just purchasd a white 2013 Outback Limited 2.5 with SAP, list $34,159 and best price was $29,705 which included destination. Other dealers told me they could not touch it so I think the deal was decent. Financed a small portion at .9%. Price was about $500 less than

    Great reviews and advice on this forum. We look forward to driving our first Subaru this Saturday when we pick it up.
  • gilangilan Posts: 4
    Hi dogsca
    Can you please provide the dealer's name?
    Was this their first offer or did you have to negotiate further?
  • dogscadogsca Posts: 5
    Sure Gilan, the dealer is Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City and Larry is their internet guy.

    The offer was their first and I had no trade in. The next closest price was $30,651. I went in at noon and left at around 1pm with all the paperwork done. Very simple process.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    That's about a thousand under invoice, so excellent deal. Congratulations on the new car!
  • daveylidaveyli Posts: 1
    Could you please let me know the dealer's name?
    BTW, $31,500 is out of door price? If so, that's amazing, please let me know, thanks!
  • Hello EastBayFlyer,

    I too am about to purchase the exact same vehicle(2.5 Limited) that you purchased down to PKG #4. I did not receive the same quote so I have a question. Did you have a trade in or put any money down? The quote I received was $28683 + Fees. I live in the East Bay as well.

    Thank you,
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