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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • u542u542 Posts: 11
    Looking to buy Outback SE in Chicago area,what would be the price I'm shooting for out the door.Thanks
  • ttutttut Posts: 17
    To nhsteve,

    Congrats. You may try a little harder to get a price close to $23.5K. I think a Ltd should be < $3000 over a SE vehicle. Good luck! ;)
  • Hello, ttut, congratulations for the new outback, could you share the dealership? I am also in New England and looking for 09' Ltd outback. If you prefer to email me, my email is Thanks so much.
  • ttutttut Posts: 17
    A message sent. Good luck!
  • mjk91383mjk91383 Posts: 2
    I'm in the process of working out a price on a 2009 2.5XT. The dealership I'm working with has offered me their available 2.5XT with Navigation for $30,145 OTD. They've offered to get me one without Navigation for $28,595 OTD. Both cars include Auto Dimming Mirror, Armrest Extension and Cargo Nets. They told me that those prices include their dealer fee ($395) and SC taxes ($300). For reference, the dealership that has the 2.5XT without Navigation on their lot told me that they wouldn't sell it for less than $28,911 plus taxes and fees.

    I've been conversing with dealerships in GA, NC and SC over the past few weeks and this is the best deal that I've been able to work out. They're all pushing for a sale before the end of the month but I'm seriously thinking about waiting until the weekend to make my purchase to see what the May rebates look like. Should I go ahead and take one of the available offers or hold out until May? Is $28,595 OTD a pretty good deal on a 2.5XT?

    I've found this forum to be very useful over the past couple of weeks and am looking forward to joining the Outback family.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    Is this the manual trans or auto trans? If the manual, then I think the deal is just ok, but if the auto, then this is a pretty good deal, IMO. The selection of XT's will not be as good as base models, so waiting is somewhat riskier, especially if this one meets all your needs. Nobody knows what May will bring for rebates - so its a gamble. What do you get for the $395 dealer fee? I bought my SE last month in MD and the dealer fee was $99. If you get something for that fee, like registration fees, free loaners, oil changes, etc, then you'd be getting something for it. At least ask. If its not on the lot & is being brought in, ask to make sure it isn't a demo or has more miles on it from test drives than you like.

    Sorry - nobody can answer that question of take the deal or wait until next month's rebates because nobody knows - its all a guess. Where's that auto rebate crystal ball when you need it?
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    "First establish definitively the invoice $ number, and work back from there as described in my earlier post.
    Add your local taxes, title and destination charge and you get the target price."

    This may be a good plan in August after the cars have been on the lot for 2-3 months but is not advised in late April when they've been sitting, depreciating for 9 months. The only effective way to negotiate a great selling price is to get quotes from high volume dealers and once you have their absolute lowest price, let their competitor know about it. Forward them an email quote if you have to. They will beat it. Subaru pays the dealers per sale.
  • mjk91383mjk91383 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. I probably should have mentioned that both vehicles have the Automatic Transmission. I've actually already taken a look at the 2.5XT that would be brought in from a nearby dealer and am satisfied with the mileage.

    You're not kidding about the lack of selection with the 2.5XT. I've only found a handful of them in my region and they're all similarly equipped. I have yet to come across one with the standard Manual Transmission.

    I'd planned on purchasing one of the vehicles this weekend but the dealership is pushing for a sale before the end of the month. I'm assuming that the rebates will, at worst, remain at the same level for the month of May. I'm not exactly sure what all is included in with the $395 charge. They've described it as a "Doc/Dealer" fee and nothing else. For what it's worth, I've received four quotes from dealerships with identical fees. Not sure if it matters but all four dealerships were in the Atlanta area.

    The 2.5XT with Navigation is within my price range but I don't know enough about the Subaru navigation system to justify the price difference. The reviews that I've come across for it have been mixed at best.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    I have mixed feelings about the Nav. First, its a pricey option and second, I'm not sure I'd need it enough to justify the cost. If I was still travelling to a new distant travel select soccer field every weekend, then I'd consider it.

    I don't think the dealers have a clue about where the rebates are going for May. I wasn't willing to roll the dice last month when I bought my Outback. I have seen rebates disappear and re-appear with little apparent logic. When we bought my wife's Forester in March 2007, the rebate continued unchanged through April but then I think it disappeared in May - when there were still plenty of 07's on the lots and logically, the rebate should have continued. I remember thinking that it make little sense. Of course, every time is different and this is a climate of low sales coupled with a new model introduction, so really, who knows? If the dealers knew, they would be incapable of keeping it secret - and it would be counterproductive to selling inventory. The $2K rebate combined with 2.9% financing is a sweet deal. Usually, you have to pick the rebate OR the low rate, but this is combined.

    Sounds like your doc/dealer fee is the usual extra profit casually tacked on at the end of the deal - sometimes its unavoidable because the extra profit appears to be part of the deal, allowing them to advertise a lower sales price, only to make up for it in the end by adding in the small-print doc fee.

    It makes little difference what we would do - you have to go with your gut! Good luck!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That Navi option is overpriced IMHO.

    Note that for 2010 they're packaging it with premium sound and a backup camera - all for the same cost.

    Now at least it's debatable, probably even worth it.
  • justininjustinin Posts: 3
    To ttut,
    You seem got a very good deal. Can you confirm $21,8xx you paid includes 5% tax and all other fees? That is impressive.

    I just got a quote from a dealer here in Chicago.
    2009 Outback 2.5i Special Edition
    MSRP $25,790

    Asking $21288 plus $151.65 doc fee, plus tax, title fee. The number only good thru this month.
    It is decent, but is not as decent as yours if your number including 5% tax.
  • ttutttut Posts: 17
    It is correct. It does include 5% tax and all other fees. It is a good deal. However, rdy can get a much better one. He/she could get a SE Auto for less than $20k in OR. :P

    Most of dealers were asking around $21000+TTL :mad:. Two gave me a very good deal. I went to the dealer with a better reputation.

    Good luck!
  • justininjustinin Posts: 3
    Thanks ttut for your input. I will try to counter them with $20500 (before tax, fees) to see waht happens. I am in no hurry.
  • The only effective way to negotiate a great selling price is to get quotes from high volume dealers and once you have their absolute lowest price, let their competitor know about it. Forward them an email quote if you have to. They will beat it. Subaru pays the dealers per sale.

    This doesn't always work. You have to be aware of the "lowball" offer. If you call a dealer and say you're going to shop every dealer in the neighboring 3 states, expect to get a quote that can't be beat... or matched... or consumated. The salesman is going to figure (and maybe even rightly so) that you're wasting his time, so he's going to give you an unrealistically low price to bring you into the dealership. There is no Santa Claus in the car business.

    I just leased an Outback 2.5i SE for 36 months/12,000 miles per year. I paid $313 in drive offs and will pay $304.25 per month including 8.75% sales tax. The lower-priced Forester actually leases for more since it is newly redesigned and the Outback will be redesigned this year as a 2010 model. The dealer had to trade for the exact color I wanted and included the auto-dimming mirror with Homelink. They probably made about $380 in the sale, but I thought that was fair. No use being a schnorrer if they are nice and get me the exact car I want.
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    Benchmark pricing: NW market.
    Fully loaded 09 Ltd Automatic 9DG at $22795.00
    09 9DA manual at $16995.00
    The pressure to move the 09's is biting.
  • loanthonyloanthony Posts: 5
    Does anyone on this board have information on the May incentives? Still $2K cash back for Outbacks?

    Thanks for any concrete info!
  • fotboatfotboat Posts: 18
    Is there actually an ad for this price for the limited?
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    They've extended the current incentives thru May 4th.
  • fotboatfotboat Posts: 18
    Is there actually an ad for this price for the limited?
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
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