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Nissan Quest Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If you are looking for a 2004 Quest, supply should not be a problem (unless you are looking for certain colors in a fully loaded SE).
    NOTE NOTE NOTE - the prices quoted at the manu site are all listed at MSRP - you should not be thinking of paying anywhere near that!!
    Do the research first, use Edmunds to determine the TMV selling prices in your area, then go visit your local dealers and find out who is competitive. Decide what you want and what you are willing to pay before you negotiate with anyone. Only after you determine what is considered a good deal in your area, can you tell whether a better deal is available elsewhere.
    DON'T go driving 3 hours just on a whim (or a promise in a radio ad) until you are armed with good data. Otherwise, you are at 2 disadvantages: (1) after investing time and effort to get there, you may be too willing to talk yourself into believing something to convince yourself it was all worthwhile. (2) You may get a lot of pressure to make a deal that's "only good for today" because they know that once you leave, you probably won't be back.
    There's plenty more good advice online - get educated before you buy - and don't rule out anything. Last summer, there were a number of reports on the Honda Odyssey board from people who flew from Phoenix to Houston to pick up their Ody - and reported saving $$1000's even after paying one-way airfare!
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    I was going to pick up my located van tomorrow and the dealer called and told me that Nissan just offered 1.9%.

    As for negotiating, I always (for 5 vehicles since 1990) start with invoice and work up from there. I figure what I think is a reasonable profit for the dealers effort relative to what the market is offering. With this Quest purchase, I used Carmax as a baseline (they are offering invoice price) and settled on $500 over invoice. I read quest123k got $200 over invoice so you can see where the market is. Tell the sales guy you've read up on invoice and market price so they don't give you the old-fashioned sales pitch.

    One vehicle I bought 300 miles away because he was willing to deal and my local dealer was clueless. But my 3 recent vehicles (2 Maximas and this Quest) I bought from my local Binghamton guy because he understood my position and didn't haggle.
  • I bought my new Quest SE on December 9th and managed to get a 4.09% finance rate, but today I see the ad in the paper for the 1.9% deal. I called the dealership, but they said the 1.9% did not take effect until December 12th. They also said my other finance contract has finalized and it would take about $500 to break it. I offered to use some of my savings to finance a Extended Warranty through them (to encourage them to help me), but no luck. Anyone have any ideas? Do you think the dealer should help me out, or am I just stuck with the higher rate? So much for the early bird getting the worm. I could have saved $20-$25 a month.
  • I just closed the deal on an SL w/leather, DVD, premium pkg, seat pkg, mats and splash guards for invoice ($28,850). Still need to decide whether to lease (4.4% money factor) or finance (1.9% either 4 or 5 yr). Either way I think that the dealer's are looking to move for the end of the year!
  • Just got a new SL in Smoke color with Seat Package, SL Upgrade Package, Cargo Cover, Micro Filter, Mats, and Splash Guards. Invoice, not including splash guards since I could not find price for them, is 26,152. I paid invoice (26,160) plus tax, tags, title. The 26,160 price was inclusive of all fees. It helped to take an approach of talking about out the door prices, since the fees varied greatly by dealer.

    To get to this price, I contacted dealers within 100 miles. I used various methods including on-line services, email direct to dealers, and direct phone calls. Through follow-up phone calls, I quickly narrowed the list down to those dealers who were serious about selling a van.

    I ended up with a little more than an hour drive to Greenville, SC but saved close to $500 by doing so. The dealer is Crown Nissan for those who are in that area. They have only been open a month but their processes were fairly smooth and I suspect will get even better.

    I also ended up with the 1.9% financing deal for 5 years. Can't beat that rate.
  • We are struggling to buy between a Quest SL w/ all packages or a SE w/ DVD-1. Ofcourse, if we get a good prices, we would go w/ a SE, but we seem to have a lot of trouble w/ the local dealers about market adjustment, MSRP, Dealer Stickers, etc. Not one whom I've talked is talking anywhere close to Invoice. I hear in this board folks always saying Invoice+500 max is what you would want to go with but I'm not even coming close. Can anyone PLEASE help me with your experiences with regards to pricing in the South Eeast Virginia area? Thanks in advance!
  • As I stated in a previous post the other day I did get a loaded (all but running boards and NAV) for invoice+dealer fees of $289 (shopped 3 different dealers and fees were w/in $50.

    Anyway back to you....while I was shopping on the net I came about a website ( that's in the DC/Baltimore area that's selling vehicles under invoice!!! I live in CT and I was actually thinking of flying down there one way to pick it up... fees were only about $125 too!
    If they don't have it in stock they said they can order and get it w/in a week!

    Good Luck!
  • Purchased a 2004 Nissan Quest S with S upgrade package, seat package, microfilter and mud guards for $24,637, or approx 2% over invoice price of $24,140 (MSRP is $26,170) - this was in Champaign, IL...
  • Yesterday we purchased the SL with DVD, Seat Pkg, Floor mats, Cargo Cover, microfilter and mud flaps. MSRP-$2,500.00. (About 116.00 over invoice I believe - not sure on invoice for mud flaps) Got the 1.9% financing as well. Will pick up on 01/01/04 (signed documents for this date for our tax purposes) Excellent buying experience in Louisville, KY. No pressure sale, salesman followed through with what we were told on phone. We were offered almost nothing for our trade, and basically we were told we were driving a piece of junk (97 Merc. villager), so we kept it, we may sell it on our own or use it as an extra vehicle.
  • Purchased a 2004 Quest SL in Smoke on Saturday. Got the single DVD, upgrade pkg, seat pkg, micro filter, cargo cover yada, yada.

    I'm in the North Bay of California and paid 27250 which is right at or below invoice (w/DVD). Used the price as a baseline and the dealer didn't even flinch. He actually went down from that price. So... I'm pretty happy.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I purchased a 2004 Quest S (Mats, Seat package, microfilter, DVD, paint sealant) this afternoon. Considering the excess baggage i was briging to this deal, I was very please with the overall experieince.

    I traded two cars, 2001 Malibu LS (35,500 miles and in the middle of a 5 yr. loan) and a 1996 Ford explorer (V8 with 146,300 miles and a badly dented tailgate). They gave me $8100 for the Malibe LS which was a gift considering Kelly Blue book had the trade in value at $6,600 and $1500 for the Explorer "as-is". Plus they discounted the car $1900. The trade took care of my payoff which accomplished what I wanted One car payment. Now I have to buy my buddy's car to get me through the next couple of years.

    Overall a very good experieince. I purchased from Cooper Nissan of Lehigh Valley (Easton, PA). They are looking to move cars there. Let me know if anyone int he area is looking and I can pass on a terrific salesman to you. Very low key, no pressure.
  • We bought a Smoke SE (w DVD) on 12/1 and I've been meaning to post a note here since then, but have been too busy watching DVDs in the garage. :-)

    I'd like to thank everyone who shared their experiences here and in the Problems board, especially the prolific "regulars." I read the discussions here pretty religiously before buying, and feel like it made me a much more savvy shopper. We narrowed it down to the Ody and the Quest; I was leaning toward the Honda as the more conservative choice, but my wife fell in love with the nontraditional styling of the Quest. Reading about some of issues on the Problems board spooked me a little, but I convinced myself that most of the problems experienced were cosmetic (rattles), and that the number of postings wasn't indicative of an inordinate number of problems (more likely, the large number of people who are NOT having problems don't post on the Problems board - duh).

    Anyway, we went ahead and got the Quest, and at 1000 miles now are very happy with it (no rattles either). Our only complaint is that it's a tight squeeze getting into the garage, but we expected that before we bought it. Nothing exciting to report about our buying experience, mostly because I'm lucky enough to qualify for the VPP program through my employer. The sales guy was funny when I mentioned VPP to him after the test drive when it was apparent that we were seriously interested. He joked that we wouldn't get to do any of the fun part (negotiating).

    The one significant thing that I wanted to share is that I went back today to buy the extended warranty and got some potentially useful info. I reviewed the previous postings here to get an idea of what others were paying. I should mention up front that I'm a notoriously bad negotiator - confrontation isn't my thing. So, I walked into the dealer expecting some pain, but walked out less than 10 mins later completely satisfied.

    I told the very pleasant F&I person that I had bought the car earlier this month, that I had been shopping around on warranties, and wanted to compare the plans she had to offer. She went and got "the book" and showed me what the dealer's cost was for the various plans, and then said she'd need to make a little money on whatever I chose. I scribbled down a couple of the numbers (dealer's cost):

    Gold Preferred 84/100k $0 deductible - $1328
    Gold Preferred 84/100k $50 deductible - $1063

    She offered me the Gold Preferred 84/100k with $50 deductible for $1095 + 4.5% VA sales tax. She offered the $0 deductible for $1350. This seemed to be a good deal to me compared to what others had reported of prices in the $1300 range. She said she was giving me a deal because I bought the car from them and then came back to them for the warranty. I don't know if today being 12/31 (last day of the month, last day of the year) had anything to do with it, but I did shop today intentionally. I was comfortable with quote she gave me, so I didn't quibble and went with $50 ded. for $1095 (I did mention that I'm not much of a negotiator).

    The dealer is Brown's Sterling Nissan in northern VA. All my experiences with them have been positive; I'd recommend them to anyone in the area. I forgot to mention that they were able to locate a Smoke SE for us within 24 hours, which appears to have been a bit of a feat given the popularity of this color/model combination.

    Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

    Happy New Year!
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    If I get a Quest, I would want to get the latest model with all the fixes of the "bugs". I am unfamiliar with when the "new" models come out.

    Has the 2004 models for Quest come out yet?

    If so, how long has the 2004 Quest been out?

    If not, when does it come out?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    The 2004 Quests have been out for 4-5 months now. So far the biggest issues have been leaking on the skyview sunroofs and rattles in the sliding doors and in the rear. And they have a fix for these issues already. So far so good. I

    I purchased mine last Tuesday. Thought I had the rattling problem but it turned out to be my son's car seat. Lov the space and the ride. The engine moves the vehicle effortlessly.
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    What are the most common problems with the Quest?

    From what I can tell, there is the leaking skyroof and the creaky door. Anything else?

    Its more that I would want to know what else to look for in the car when ( and if ) I get the Quest.

    Also, when does the 2005 model come out?
  • I ordered a Quest SE in early October at Brown's Nissan in Fairfax, VA using a United Buying Service (UBS) certificate available at many local Washington, DC, credit unions, as follows:

    Options: DVD (single), NAV system, Seat Package, floor mats, splash guards, and cargo cover (not including taxes, title, and tags):

    MSRP: $37,320
    Invoice: $34,006

    UBS delivered price: $34,166

    Other available options, some of which I selected:
    Appearance package (from dealer) including wheel locks, pin striping, and door edge guards: $428

    Exterior paint sealant, leather sealant, and undercoating: $599

    Protection Gold Plus Plan: 6 years/75,000 miles: $909

    Lojack System with Early Warning option: $995

    I am picking up the vehicle tomorrow and will report my driving experience in one of other Quest forums.

    I had a good buying experience at this dealership and would recommend them.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Great deal, congrats. Any idea why it took so long for them to deliver your vehicle (almost 3 months). Seems like they made you wait a lonnnng for a very standard SE (aside from the dealer installed accessories).
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    The leaking sunroof and rattles are the two most common things. Deals can be had on this vehicle as Nissan is trying to get as many on the road as possible without using rebates (thank goodness).
  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    Nice Deal .. Congrats and Enjoy

    Curious about the pinstriping ... Could you give us more details?
  • Got our Quest SE on Dec 19 for $200 over invoice and 1.9% financing at Sisson Motors, Washington PA. Hassle free transaction. We had already test driven the Quest and some other minivans a few times and knew what we wanted. Saw the SE (red - w/out dvd & running boards) on the Nisson dealer website and sent an email asking for best price over invoice. The dealer called my wife and suggested we come down and drive it, to which my wife responded that we were ready to buy and needed to know that the price would make the trip worthwhile(about 50 miles), he asked what price we had in mind and she responded $200 over invoice as we could get that price or better via CarMax (albeit 300 miles away). The saleman went to talk to his manager and came back 2 minutes later and said OK. Drove down the next day and signed the deal, he showed us the invoice which matched the numbers I already had, explained their dealer services and the van's features and off we went. Couldn't have asked for a better experience and in fact I originally was willing to even pay a little more as they had what we wanted in stock and were closer to home than CarMax. I think the end of the year and the fact that they had a good supply of Quest's instock helped as other dealers we had previously talked with were more evasive on pricing and made it sound like they weren't going to negotiate real far.
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