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Nissan Quest Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • deannajdeannaj Posts: 1
    Just purchased on 8/16 a Quest SE with the Seat Package, Single Screen DVD, Running Boards and Splashguards from Modern Nissan in Winston-Salem, NC at $1500 off MSRP. After waiting for months and negotiating on a 2004 Sienna (which is what I thought I wanted BEFORE seeing and driving the Quest) hubby and I finally decided to just go take a look at the new Nissan. Were VERY impressed with the ride/styling since didn't want to drive a typical "mom-mobile" :-). Must say that the buying experience at the Nissan dealership FAR exceeded any dealings I had with the folks at Toyota. Sales personnel at the dealership were actually very knowledgable for such a new product (and believe me I had done my research as I was set on getting similar features as the Sienna XLE Limited). Price paid for the 2004 Quest SE with all the options was over $2500 LESS than I would have paid for the Toyota. And I'm driving it now - rather than having to wait 2 more months!
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    What dealer did you get your car from (City and State, please)? How did you go about the process of getting the deal you got?
  • pantrupantru Posts: 14
    Just got a new coral sand/beige Quest SL $2000 below MSRP and $400 above invoice.
  • Where are you below MSRP guys (or gals) getting your deals.
    Anyone in the Washington D.C. Metro area?
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    Well the Quest has been out a while and supplies are tight. Doesn't seem to affect the pricing though, as my local Nissan dealer has discounted the only Quest they have which is a top of the line SE with DVD, NAV, Seating and so on.

    List 37140

    Sale 34940

    And thats before going in and haggling.

    Guess its not a runaway success, which is kind of sad given the overall quality of the vehicle. Maybe if it does well in the Consumer Reports testing it will boost sales, that and the IIHS testing which I suspect will be coming out in sweeps month.

    The dealer is in Grand Rapids, MI. I have no affiliation or interest in this so feel free....
  • I think the discount is mostly on TOP of the line SE only especially in Small cities where dealer thinks it will be diffcult to sell the van at MSRP. Most of the places are giving very minimal discounts. the dsicount on the SE is less than $2500 not much if you compare 37K price Tag I think it is discounted to avoid luxury car tax applicable after 35 K.
  • Got the SE from Costa Mesa, So. California.
    Used Edmund's to get "fleet dealer" contacts. Some did not act as fleet dealers compared to using my credit union for contacts (from my two previous new purchases before internet). A couple gave me a price over the phone and used that to compare with Edmund's invoice price.
    Made a deal with one for $31,540 (~500-600 over invoice) without the tow/running boards. Decided to give the salesman (not fleet) that we took the test drive with one chance to meet/make the deal.
    They only had a smoke/beige SE w/ seat/floor mats/flaps/tow/running boards. Did not want the tow/boards, but told them I'll buy the van if they sell it for $32,000 w/ all those options (sticker was $34,910).
    Negotiating the price took about 15 minutes, because I told them that's all the time I was giving them, because I had another appointment with another dealer, which I did.
    Within those 15 fifteen minutes I had the salesman, his boss & his boss' boss talking to me, but what it came down to was they knew I was going to buy a van that day, either from them or the next dealer.
  • This dealer was discounting on all vehicles not just the Quest. I think it can be bargained further. They don't have any of the lower line in stock so they no prices are posted.

    The Toyota dealers (4 local) are not discounting in any case so I fail to see your point.
  • I stopped by at the Nissan dealership today to check about Quest Accesorry the sales person told me they are selling quest on sticker price no discounts at all, only VPP discount is available on Quest if one qualifies, they are going fast, the average day it stays at dealership is 8 (all over US average), record for 2003 autos.
  • Just Purchased silver SE w/single DVD. I sent emails to 5 local dealers (@midnight Friday). 1st to reply would not honor VPP for Quest. 2nd sent email and rang me up about noon Saturday. They had the features & options we wanted on 2 SEs. We were out and about with the kids so we went right over. We agreed on the price for the trade of our 98 Windstar and we left with the Quest two hours later. This was the best experience I have ever had buying a car! Well the Quest rides great and the kids love the DVD, most important the wife is thrilled (loves the sky view roof & adjustable pedals). Only problem is 1 armrest is not level (goes too far down).
  • DPLFA99, your armrest is an interesting problem that sounds similar to our SE. It would be interesting to hear if your lumbar works (stays in position). We are waiting for the parts to arrive to get ours repaired at the dealer.
  • I'm in the market for a new Quest, but I have until February to buy one -- what other time of year (besides end-of-model-year) do Nissan dealers typically offer special incentives? I mean, can I wait until Christmas or something and expect to get some kind of incentive? When are the dealers going to be most eager to make me a deal?

    I guess what I'm really asking is "What are the best times of year (if any) to buy a Nissan Quest?"
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    I shopped my '99 Quest on Christmas eve and closed on it on Dec. 31. I thought I was being smart by buying from the dealer on the very last day of the year since I figured the dealer would be anxious to add one more sale to his '98 quota.

    My salesguy told me after the deal was done that Nissan had extended the deadline for '98 sales that year to mid-January, lol.

    Last day of the month on the last day of the quarter is still a good bet though. But the best time to buy is probably when you decide you're ready for a new van.

    Steve, Host
  • We ordered a Quest SE, Green Tea w/ single screen DVD, this week and were told it would take around 90 days to deliver. Does this sound right? I wasn't expecting it to take so long.

    Also, we were told that we could not order one without splash guards. In fact he said, "Nor can anyone else." This struck me as odd as they are accessories. Why would this be the case? Any ideas?

  • That sounds like a classic car-salesman tactic to force you into something to increase his profit.

    I can't say definitively, but I'd question that more closely. Maybe take your deal or call around (price, don't mention the splashguards) to another local dealer and see if there's any mention of them.
  • We have the VPP price, so it can't be that much profit (if any) that he would make. I don't get it!
  • He isn't making much on the sale, so he's looking for whatever way he can to make a little more $$$.

    I think that we have at least one Nissan dealer/salesperson on the board, maybe they could say for sure.
  • I drove by the other Nissan dealership in our area yesterday. All of the three Quests they had on the lot had splash guards.

    It's not too big of a deal to me, I'm just curious why it would be that they couldn't order one without them.
  • I guess providing spalsh guards without asking may not be a big deal, but certainly it is not bad. why make big fuss about it ?
  • The dealer just said he couldn't order one with them. He knew I didn't want them, so he just explained why it was on the order. I'm just curious as to why it can't be ordered without them.

    Again, it really isn't a big deal. My curiousity is just getting the better of me! :)
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