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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You will love your EX with 2 exceptions -- GAS MILEAGE, and GAS MILEAGE!! Very few 1st generation Sedona owners are getting any where near the EPA estimate.
    We have an 04 Sedona EX equiped like you, and we average 14-16 mpg in town, and best Hwy mpg has been 21.5. My old 88 Dodge Grand Caravan with 203K miles does better than that.
    That being said, it is a great van, and you got a great deal, as we paid more than double that and then some in Jan 04 for our van, new off the showroom floor. Not unhappy with the van, but resale value is really a BUMMER!!
    Your warranty from KIA is only about half of original for second owner, but atleast you have something.
    There have been 4 or 5 recalls on the 02-05 Sedona's, so be sure to check with Kia as to whether all have been performed on your particular KIA.
    Brakes are another issue with the 1st gen. Sedona's, but we have not had any problems in 26K miles. We also have ABS option, maybe that helps.

    Good Luck, and keep reporting in.

  • well just tanked up and between highway and city driving with 2 kids she is getting 18.5 mpg. not bad since her old 1996 yukon was getting like 11 LOL. Plus its nice to only pay 31 bucks to fill up instead of 70. She is loving it right now, the room the ride etc.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Anyone know when the 07 Sedona should be out?

    [not sure where to post since the old "Sedona 06+" forum was shut down]
  • Just bought a 2006 Sedona EX w/Power & Luxury options.
    Paid $27,300 before incentives (no trade-in).

    During highway drive home, got 22.4 MPG. Found no irritating things yet. The mid-quarter windows thunk when they reach full closure and no radio scan buttons on the steering wheel, but no long drive, first impression downers yet.

  • Hi, Cars4mike:

    I am also at Allentown and planning to buy a sedona lx. I was wondering what OTD price you got finnally from the keystone kia? thanks
  • Final price after rebates and discount, including taxes and all fees, was $21,334.76. The only option was roof rails, without the cross bars (they gave me a set off a demo).

    I understand they have better deals now. Good luck!
  • Thanks for your response. What was the rebate when you bought the Sedona? Was it $3000? Now the rebate is $3000. Thanks.
  • The total rebate was $3,000 (2,000 customer cash and 1,000 competitive, I have a Windstar).
  • samtheman,

    Can you tell me what dealership you bought from? I am in KY and driving to WV might be worth it if they are willing to deal with me over the phone.
  • Hi,

    Does anyone have any experience with Kia Country in S. Carolina? They advertise Sedona LX's for $18,300 on ebay motors. I thought it sounded too good to be true until I saw that someone got a similar price in WV. I was thinking of holding off until more of the used '06's start hitting the market, but at that price I might buy new.
  • That price is do-able for most dealers now as well, though it probably includes a competitive rebate so you will have to currently own a qualifying vehicle. I should have waited, I spent more a couple of months ago.
  • Hi, cars4mike: How is your sedona doing? How is the reliability? I already talked to Keystone kia dealer and will buy the van from them. I just want to check with you about your suggestion and the dealer's service. thanks for your help.
  • Well, the dealer is really top-notch when it comes to appreciating you as a customer and standing behind the sale. As you probably have read in my earlier posts, our Sedona presented quite a few problems early on. But after Keystone handled those problems, I can tell you that we are very happy with them, and the van, except for the mileage. We are getting around 14 mpg (50-50 cty/hwy). Removed the crossbars (I read somewhere they hurt mileage), but no improvement. I will be looking to Keystone for some help here if I don't see improvement before the 5000 mile service. Don't worry about buying from them, they will treat you like you matter.
  • Thanks. So do you think their after-sale service is good? 14 mpg is really low. Is this just for your minivan or all sedona? it claims 18 mpg for local, 25mpg for highway. 14 mpg is not even close. Did you check with keystone about this problem?
  • The "Sedona 06+" forum is back - between Oct 20,06 to Nov 14,06 there were no messages. The host said something about going to other Kia forums??? and there was no message box available during that time. It really bugged me it stopped accepting entries and I would check it out now and then.
    I've entered some posts regarding the 2007 Kia Sedona Base which is the SWB.
    So go to the 06+ - there needs to be more messages from the people that were on it. :) AND anyone new.
  • I was ready to purchase a Sedona LX model from West Palm Beach Kia on the last day of November. I had done plenty of research prior to entering the agency. However, all the salespeople kept trying to push an EX model, although all our budget was more attuned to the LX.

    To make a long story short - the Sales Manager ended up being extremely rude and nasty (in front of my wife and 7 year old son), basically called me a liar in front of a bunch of people and couldn't understand how I could turn down his "incredible" offer (which was significantly higher than discussed with the Internet Manager). For the past two weeks I have attempted to meet with the General Manager to discuss, but he refuses to return my phone calls and emails.

    Finally, I have contacted Kia Customer Service Headquarters in California this afternoon to report the behavior of this dealership. Although I know that every dealership is independently owned and operated, and that they have little ability to directly affect an individual dealer, I hope that Kia leadership can have a chat with the owners of the dealership to at least offer an apology.

    Will post if anything comes of it.
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    simply put.............walk away. Remember the old saying 'customer service'????? Given the warranty issue with kia, ie that they do not actually honor the warranty, without a fight that is!!!! your first point of contact will always be the dealership, and if that was your first impression then do yourself a big favor, walk away. There will always be another dealership...........with customer orientated staff!!!!! Good luck
  • I absolutely loathe buying cars, simply because I always end up wondering if I got the best deal. This forum is great, and it appears to me like the dealer could do better on this price...your thoughts appreciated!

    2006 Kia Sedona LX

    Selling Price: $24,450
    Florida Tire Fee: $5.00
    Florida Battery Fee: $1.50
    Pre-Delivery Fee: $499.00
    Sub Total: $24,955.50

    State Sales Tax: $1547.33
    MVWEA: $2.00
    Tag: $240.00

    Total Cash Delivery Price: $26.744.83

    Down Payment: $3000
    Kia Rebate: $2000
    Total Down Payment: $5000

    Balance to be financed: $21,744.83

    My bank will give me a 6.5% loan for 60 months, so dealer financing isn't an issue...

    Any help appreciated.


  • The price of $24, 450 includes adding leater seats, which they are valuing at $1250.


  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hi Scott..
    ...that really does sound high to me for an LX, even with leather seats. I really, really think you can do better. Around here (in Kansas City), '06 Lx's (without leather) can be purchased for around 19K, and slightly used for $17K. I wouldn't pay more!
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