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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought a 2007 LX with 13,000 miles in Phoenix for $10k.

    The ride is very nice. The seller told me this is slightly more than he could expect to receive at auction.
  • Just bought a 08 Sedona lx, with power sliding doors, MSRP $25,890, $5,000 off factory rebate, $1,000 off Christmas special, $1,000 off dealer special, $2,000 off POS Dodge Neon trade in, final price $16,890, not including tax, tags, etc

    We found a similarly equipped Chrysler Town and Country for $35,000 MSRP and Odys and Siennas in the high $20s with no where near the rebates offered at Kia.

    Plus we are pleasantly surprised at the power and the 5 star safety ratings of the Kia. Plenty of room and storage compartments galore!
  • I just gave deposit for 08 Sedona LX with Rear Entertainment and Power Sliding doors for $18,400 + TTL.
    I researched Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey, finally decided to pull the trigger on this one. Do you guys think it is a good deal.
  • After Kia $5K rebate; paid 15,888
  • mczmcz Posts: 1
    I just quoted and get an OTD price of $16998 of 08 Sedona LX without aany options.
    Where do you live? I am in Kansas City, KS.
    Thanks. :confuse:
  • I received a quote for an 2008 LX with no options of $16,099. Now getting a quote for one with DVD and power sliding doors is another story. One dealer told me that I have to get an EX with those options (wrong).

    Can anyone recommend any Kia dealers in the Chicagoland area? Or maybe even ones to avoid?
  • Just bought a Sedona at Quirk in Braintree, MA yesterday. I paid $15,890 for a Sedona LX with Dual Power Doors and Rear Entertainment System with my $1500 trade in. This works out to be about $8400 below MSRP.
  • was $15890 the OTD price? I live in TX and my OTD quote is 19,000, no options
  • I just bought a new '08 Kia LX with power sliding doors, roof rack, floor mats, DVD system for 19,230+TTL. I thought that was a good deal until I saw the 15890 above. I am LOVING it so far!
  • That is not a bad price. Probably a bit more then others. I paid $18,200.00 2 1/2 years ago for my 06 and now have 22,000 miles on the van. It has been great and I really enjoy the vehicle. I think the MPG could be a little better but besides that I am happy. My brother picked up a dealer exec 08 LX with 8,000 miles for only $13,000.00

    You will enjoy the van and the MPG will get better as the miles break the engine in. Just be easy on it for the first 500 miles. Edmund's long term test got the best mileage at 25,000 miles they were able to see as high as 29 mpg on some highway driving.

    A K&N filter and pump your tires up to about 35 / 36 psi will improve MPG a little as well.

    I did not get the dvd system from Kia. I Chose to go aftermarket with a new touchscreen head unit and a 10.3 inch screen in the back. very nice and for only $800.00
  • lavrishevo- Can you tell me what video units you got that only cost $800? Also do you have any pics?

  • kbella3, could you tell me the dealer's contact information for an 2008 LX with no options of $16,099?

  • alaazzalaazz Posts: 2
    I got a 2008 LX with DVD player and auto sliding door for 19300 OTD, I am in TX.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I have a Panasonic head unit without navigation that does mp3, Divx, and of course DVD.
    I believe it was 80 watt rms per channel.

    10.4 inch screen in the back

  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Great deal Laura. You will be happy with the van. Congrats! Just remember to get good MPG you pretty much have to let the van shift at 2K - 2.5K rpms and no fast starts. Doing this will achieve sticker MPG. Also mileage will improve as the engine "breaks" in. Edmunds achieved as much as 29 MPG on the highway at 25,000 miles. Enjoy your new van!
  • curbdogcurbdog Posts: 2
    So I just bought a brand new 2008 Sedona EX with Power door option and roof bars for 18995 plus tax and fees. The sticker price was 28490. After looking for a while and then going to a dealer that wanted to work me over, I decided to call 7 or 8 dealers within a 50 mile radius telling them that I was calling for their absolute best price and I would buy the best deal. I thought this was a good deal but what do ya'll think?
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Great price! Congrats. Perfect time to buy cars, the deals could not be better.
  • curbdogcurbdog Posts: 2
    Sweet set up! Where did you get it installed? Looks flawless; I need some Backyardigans in my rig!
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    You would not believe the peace and quiet a good DVD does to help the little one quiet down from being upset over prolonged time in the car seat. I live in Puerto Rico so, I just went to a local shop and had it done. My opinion is to find the deck and rear screen that fits you and search online. Amazon, Ebay, and Google shopping, to name a few, all have much better deals then car audio shops. Purchase your gear and just have a good installer install it for you.
  • kbella3kbella3 Posts: 8
    Just curious, at what mileage is it considered 'broken in'?
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