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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • letoleto Posts: 23
    what dealer was that? Is this a NEW or USED car?
  • ericderekericderek Posts: 5
    It was a new 2008. 20 miles on the car.

    Kia of Mt. Olive. I got the last 2008 Sedona. The 2010s should be arriving shortly, so I'd think there may be incentives for the 2009s soon.
  • kingof8skingof8s Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me what they are paying for their 2008 Sedona EX with Luxury package for? Whats the best deal going on? Looking to purchase one next few days. Also I own a 2006 model and enjoying the van very much. Are the 2009 very similar to 2006?

    Thank you'
  • kingof8skingof8s Posts: 2
    I am sorry, I meant to ask about the 2009 model and not the 2008. Like to get a 2008 but it's hard to find one.
  • dudette3dudette3 Posts: 39
    Hi! I am looking to possibly purchase tomorrow. I am wondering what others are paying for a new 2009 Kia Sedona LX, no additional options. The MSRP is 25040 including destination - I am a bit confused by this because the edmunds site lists MSRP as 22040 including destination.

    The salesman said the price would be around 22K +TTL, but may be able to get a good deal as they are trying to make a record by tomorrow.

    Would really appreciate any help!
  • chiliechilie Posts: 2
    looking at a used 2008 EX for sale by owner, low mileage (under 10k), how much should I pay?

    Should I wait for incentives on 2009 model?

    Appreciate any feedbacks from people in similar situation.
  • I was offered $500-$1,000 below invoice + TTL on a new 2009 Odyssey EX-L; solid deal? I wanted to get the $1,250 factory to dealer rebate but unsure if they'd go lower. I might be able to do better with another dealer in the $30K range and then factor in the rebate and a possible trade-in?

    Still want to drive a Sienna and Sedona again. I like the looks of the Sienna better but the price and package of the Sedona is tough to pass up. $2,000 cash back makes it harder and I just heard from a local dealer they are selling at just above invoice.

    So what do all you experts think? Honda is superior so pay more now to last longer (I take care of my cars and expect them to last; current car is 14 years old)? Save thousands and get the Kia now? Or even wait for hopefully better rebates from all manufacturers and try again during December when salesman are more desperate?
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I think you need to go into the Honda Odyssey forum and read about the transmission failures they are having. Granted, these are older models but they keep failing after replacement. It seems Honda won't admit there's a problem. Maybe the 09's have a newer transmission, I don't know. I have a 07 Entourage, From June of 06, I love the van, I've had a couple of the early model common problems that popped up but the dealer has been the best. They didn't even charge me for the front rotors I had replaced at 30,000 miles. I assumed they covered it under warranty, never asked, didn't want to point out a mistake if they made one. The Sedona is the exact same thing. It all comes down to the dealer. Are they going to honor the warranty by just replacing or fixing any and all problems that may arise. No questions asked. Get it done and be on your way. As it should be!!
  • Thanks for the info. With the relatively slim difference in price between an Odyssey EX-L and a Sedona EX with comparable options, sounds like the Honda would be the better long term value, right?

    Is it true that shopping at the end of the year (from mid-Dec. on) is better in terms of less customers and better ability to get price breaks from salesmen needing to hit end of month and end of year quotas?

    And even though I'm dealing online with the dealers' internet staff, when I've gone into the dealers they still pass me to a salesman. So what's the point of doing all the advance legwork (other then they know that we know what's going on) if I'm still gonna get treated as if I walked in off the street?

    If I want to do a trade-in there to save time, should I wait until a firm price has been set for the new car? What if they balk at that point? I can't sign something first if it says no trade-in and then do a trade in, but can't they change their mind on price after I mention a trade?

    When do I mention the holdback (I don't want it but I want them to know that I'm aware of it) and the current $1,250 factory rebate?

    What's the deal with the KBB numbers they pull up to justify their trade in rate? Is that what dealers are suggesting to pay and not what dealers are actually paying?

    As a follow up to my initial post, the dealer is now asking if I would buy the car for $500 back of invoice? I am unfamiliar with this expression. Is it the same as $500 below invoice or is it something else like after taxes?

    And can I still negotiate on the $1,250 factory to dealer incentive after we have agreed on a price or does the price we agree on include all rebates, incentives, etc.?
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  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,203
    If you keep your cars a long time then the kia has the warranty for you. 5/50 and 10/100. Unless you really like the honda better go kia. After 10 years there won't be much difference in value between the two anyway. There should be a big selling price difference as well.
  • ywedmywedm Posts: 1
    We are looking at van for 7 passengers. Can anyone who bought 2010 sedona recently and share their price and experience? Why the price last year is much lower than 2010 sedona edmund price? Thanks
  • We are in the same boat. I have been looking at the Odyssey EX-L but would really like to get memory seats and adjustable pedals option at a reasonable price. If anyone has recently purchased the EX model with the luxury package, I would appreciate some kind of feedback regarding pricing.
  • Hi,

    Just wanted to share with others. I had sent emails to few Kia dealers in the area and got quotes ranging from $27,400 to $27,900 for a 2010 EX with the Luxury and Entertainment package. Is it worth paying this for the Sedona knowing that these vans depreciate so much in the first year? Anyone else received any recent quotes for the 2010 Sedona?
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
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  • tree100tree100 Posts: 2
    Hello there everyone, please take your time in reading this message. I would like to share my experience in my Kia Sedona L, to tell the truth ill first tell you the description its a Kia Sedona L Petrol 2.5 Midnight Black colour. Now we bought this car and its a beautiful very spacey great lovely car! And the spending is going good as well! But then this this came we are in need for so much cash and we need to now sell our lovely memoriable car, we always looked after it, very easy to drive mine is manual, very nice and easy beautiful car! So really I think a Kia Sedona might not be heard of but its an absoloute beauty. Better than a Honda I say, im kind of asking for £4,000 and the mileage is only 41,030. So if anyone is anyway intrested in my lovely Kia Sedona L? :P
  • tree100tree100 Posts: 2
    The pricing for over 70,000 is normally over £2,500 and the pricing that are about £4,000 are about 48,000 and over.
  • thomasshithomasshi Posts: 3
    I got a few quotes for 2010 Sedona LX with power package (MSRP 26k, including destination fee) for about 21.5k. Anyone got a better price on that?
  • douginmadouginma Posts: 19

    We just put a deposit on a Sedona LX with the Power Package (ie power sliding doors and windows) yesterday. After all rebates, we're paying $20,990, so your price seems good.

    Not sure where you're located, but we're in Mass and are buying it form Lev Kia, Framingham, MA. They didn't have the color (red) we wanted on the lot so they're swappig with another dealership.
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 63
    My advice is to buy something else if you are planning on keeping this car for more than 60K miles, and don't expect the resale values to improve any time soon. We have an 06 LX that hasn't seen its 4th birthday yet, but we had two years of high mileage and the basic warranty is up. All of a sudden, a new problem every week. These cars look great, are comfortable and all that, but after 60K, I wouldn't sell it to my worst enemy. We know people in a similar situation with their EX, just a very well dressed piece of junk. That 10 year powertrain warranty seems like a good deal, but you'll spend hundreds (if not thousands) replacing the a/c parts, electronics, O2 sensors, and all the other cheap components it doesn't cover.

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