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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is this a good price:

    $20,284 out the door, without tax/tags/title. Also does not include $500 if we finance through Mazda.

    '06 MPV LX

    LX plus package
    power driver's seats
    side airbags and TC
    cargo net
    compass/temp/autodim mirror
    rear bumper step plate
    roof rack
    wheel locks

    Thanks for any input. I'm in central Virginia BTW.

  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Do you have the All Sport Package?(includes spoiler, 17" wheels, 6-disc Cd changer) Also, maybe helpful to know the MSRP of the vehicle. Looks like a invoice minus rebate may be able to go a little lower considering the low demand of the vehicle. Did you have to negotiate that price any or was it immediately offered to you?
  • Thanks for the reply. No, it does not include the Sport package. The MSRP is 26k+ with those options. I called an out-of-town dealer and told him I was not impressed with my local dealership (true) and told him just to give me a good price (I had the VIN of the vehicle I wanted from the Mazda site) and I'd buy it but I didn't want to play any games. He called me back with the quote. From what I'm reading it sounds like a fair price to me. Also thinking I should wait for the first of the month to see what new incentives come along. It's an acceptable vehicle with those options but I'm not tied to buying that exact one.
    Thanks again for any feedback.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I got the invoice for that vehicle at $23,973. I've read Mazda has a $3,500 rebate for the MPV, though Edmunds only lists $2,000. Take the higher rebate off and you are looking at $20,473. So, you are already about $200 under dealer invoice without the extra $500 with Mazda financing.
    So, yeah...that looks like a good price without having to play any games.

    You're getting almost 6k off MSRP. If you wanted to play "the game", and there are a surplus supply of MPV's in your area, you could probably get more off.
  • Wow, that's a good confirmation for me. Should I wait for Sept. 1 or just jump on this now?? I've let things get away before because I'm too cautious. Thanks jipster
  • I want to buy a new MPV in the next two days, but the quotes I'm getting from my local(NYC) dealers don't seem that good. I visited two dealerships and both gave quotes of invoice +500, before $3000 rebate. That would mean I get about $4500 off MSRP. From what I read on the posts it seems that people are getting $6000 or more off MSRP.

    I emailed a couple of dealership outside of my area and one of them sent me this quote. Which looks good to me but I would really appreciate any input.

    New 2005 MPV LX (no rebates)

    $18,899 out the door, without tax/tags/title.

    With Options:
    # Plus package
    # Cargo net
    # Door edge guards
    # Auto dim mirror
    # Rear bumper step plate
    # Roof rack
    # Wheel locks

    Thanks for any input. I'm in New York City.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Many are getting 6000+ off of msrp on 2006 models. Yours is 2 yrs old. perhaps 8000 is what your're looking for. Look up wholsale with 0 miles in excellent condition for your 2005 Lx in excellent condition on KBb.COM AND try to stay within 500-1000 over (or less ) for the vehicle over average wholesale for 2 sites. One dealer cleared out 7 of the $30000 ES models for about 20k (10k off) in a little over a month here so I would want about 8-9 K off yours. (26oo0 msrp)Start at 9500 off offer and move up, you cant't go down but you can always increase your offer as you read the situation. Emphasize this car was yesterday's news a year ago. And isn't the MPV being discontinued?

  • I have found out that if your Mazda dealer sold 4 MPVs this month, they were given an additional $1500 per auto. I have had some luck in getting some local dealers to give me a total of $5000 below invoice without the Mazda leasing rebate. We can swap info on dealers if you like.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I've let things get away before because I'm too cautious.

    I hear that...I'd probably still be looking at minivans(bought our MPV in July 2004) if my wife hadn't threatened me with that frying pan. :sick:

    If there is a lot of inventory in your area it probably wouldn't hurt to wait a couple more days. Most of the MPV's I have looked at have been around the $25-$26k MSRP price range. So, there should be a lot more of this type of priced vehicle then the base models with no options. We bought our MPV July 1st 2004, and a week or two later the rebate went up an extra $500 to $3,500. So, it's difficult to know for sure about the rebates.

    Make sure you let the dealer know your purchase is contingent on a satisfactory inspection and test drive. Also, be careful not to let them slip in any dealers fees or other malarky since he has already quoted you an out the door price. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I think you should be able to do a lot better than $500 over invoice. How many MPV's did they have on each dealers lot? If they had 4-6 or more you should be able negotiate a better price. The fact their are two dealerships goes in your favor as you can play one against the other.

    The thing you have to remember is that unless you exert some pressure on a dealership, show them you are a serious buyer...then they are going to try to squeeze as much money from you as they can. But, that is what a good salesman/dealership will try to do. Their job is to try to make the most profit.

    The 2005 MPV MSRP's for around $25,700. So, $18,899 is pretty good. But, like another poster pointed could probably do better. Be prepared to walk if the deal isn't going your way. Believe me...dealerships want to move these vehicles. You are in the drivers negotiate hard. Or, make a firm take it or leave it offer. If they don't accept...then leave, offer more at the other dealership.
  • I did end up getting the vehicle for that price. I was pretty excited that the salesman did not try to add anythign to the price. If anyone is interested it was the Mazda dealership in Salem VA; I'll give you the salesman's name if requested.

    PS: This was the first new vehicle I've ever purchased. I still can't believe what a huge difference there can be from one dealership to the next. Must be different managerial styles or something, I don't know for sure but I was treated so well as compared to other places I've been.
  • Hi everybody. I'm new here and been reading your forums in the past few days...I'm now have 1 question need your help.
    My wife & I interresting the existing 06 MPV ES in showroom that MSRP is $32155 with DVD,leather/snrf, pear paint,ect...The sale manager offer rightawy $25500+TX/lsc,...Is it a good price to buy? or how must more could I offer? that white MPV look really nice to us with 44mil on it.
    Thank in advance.
  • Why you would want to offer more is questionable because this vehicle wholesales for about 19-20k in a year. (possibly less as this is the last year of this model I believe)

    I would not want to eat $5500+ 1st year on last years (06) model. I would want 22500-23500 (or better). A local dealer had 10 of the 31000 ES 05 models advertised for 10000 off, so 9000 would not be unreasonable for yours. Last week of the month usually produces best results. Your salesmanager offering almost 7000 off right away is one clue. This model has always been a slow mover.

    If you really have that much money to spend check out what 26-27000 buys for an invoice buy of a Honda Oddessy (I don't know but it is the gold standard along with the Previa for minivans... The MPV is not highly regarded although I would like it at the right price)

    See my message 12481 in the Honda Accord prices paid discussion for info and resources to learn how to buy a new car.

    Happy Hunting

    My wife & I interresting the existing 06 MPV ES in showroom that MSRP is $32155 with DVD,leather/snrf, pear paint,ect...The sale manager offer rightawy $25500+TX/lsc,...Is it a good price to buy? or how must more could I offer? that white MPV look really nice to us with 44mil on it.
    Thank in advance
  • jfritsch, Thx for your info. Do you mean I should wait a couple more months and take $10K+ off on this MPV as it become a yr old? :)
    We just went to dealer again today and after a while of conversation, the salemgr ended up with $26383 drive away (incl.Tax/L/etc). Tax in TX=8.25 so I guess the van cost around $24K. We did test drive 06 LX Odyssey, I love the smooth ride but the MSRP was $27K & they asked for $25K+Tx/L and that's it. We dont like much the way of their service, since there're only a couple 06 LX left in parking lot and they're really dont want to negociate much on pricing. Sure, we can go to a diff. dealer...
    Back to MPV, my wife she loves a fully loaded MPV rather than a basic LX Odyssey...which, dont even have alloy wheels!?!
    I will spend time and read the 06 EX Odyssey pricing and see if it's better to spend xtra $$$ for it, otherwise $24K+Tx/L seems to be the bottom line for this MPV, at least until now.
  • Do read (purchase) the resources mentioned in my message in the accord section. You,(like 98% of the rest of the population) need more insight into purchasing new (and used) vehicles. This info will last you for life. (or until the martians take over and human market behavior is modified )

    Since your mpv is a 18-19000 vehicle in a year I would want 9-10k off now. (3-4k depreciation ...350 a month is enough to drive this vehicle 1st year.... this is already last year's vehicle and perhaps the last year for this vehicle to boot) Eating 5-6000 1sr year would be yucky for this or any vehicle.

    One of the resources mentioned getting bids from at least 10+ dealers around your area (100 mi +). This is easier now with emailing dealer websites but the fax method to sales mgrs has always worked better for me.

    Walking into 1 or 2 random dealership(s) and trying to beat them over the head without competitive bids usually produces limited results. 97% of the buying process is best left to fax (email) and phone with the legwork left to the last 2 dealers standing. (obviously you've test driven one at one point) Saves tons of time, aggravation level reduced by 90%. The last week of the month usually exposes the eager beavers.

    In other words, the bottom line isn't what you get from a random dealer you talked to at a disadvantage. The bottom line is the best price for this vehicle comparing 10-20 quotes after putting these guys in a competitive bidding situation for your business. Obviously ditto for the Honda also. Go to for a start.

    Happy Hunting
  • Thanks jjf!
  • I got my MPV LX-SV 3 weeks ago from Menlo Mazda in California, $17K out to door.

    Stay away from Menlo Mazda though. The sales damaged the fuel cap while fueling (I guess the sales did it) or it was defective out of the fab. This caused "check engine" light to go on within 24 hours of vehicle delivery. I brought the MPV back to Menlo Mazda to replace the fuel cap. Guess what, a few dents were found on the rear bumper while the vehicle was still in dealership repair shop. Menlo Mazda refused to accept the responsibility.

    Mazda US headquarter is no help after I complain to them. You get what you pay for.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I don't see how they could have damaged the fuel cap, unless they tried to put fuel in the tank with the cap still on. :confuse:

    Can't really understand the,"you get what you pay for" comment either. You've had the van for 3 weeks and the only problems are because of human error... according to you.
  • I don't think the sales is so dumb to fuel with cap on :-)
    The cap's plastic is too soft. The cap and the tank are not so smoothly fitted. If I screw the cap on by force, I could have damaged the cap myself. There are still a few pieces of plastic shreds left in the entrance of the fuel tank, hopefully from the previous cap.

    If I purchase a vehicle, I don't just buy the vehicle alone. I would consider that quality, reliability and service are included in the price. $17K for a minivan is certainly cheap and I was attracted by the low price. But if low quality sales keeps damaging the vehicle, I will shy away in the future.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I certainly wouldn't blame you for not returning to the Menlo dealership. Since they acknowledged responsiblity for the gas cap I'm wondering why they didn't for the bumper. If it is noticeable damaged I would continue to try to get them to pay for the bumper repair. Did you try talking to the service or general manager? Ask nicely. If they act like they are going to blow you off and you don't want to bring your vehicle back for service, you could tell them you are going to contact the BBB and your local consumer protection agency.

    By the way, $17,000 out the door for a Mazda MPV LX-SV is about the best price I've ever seen by about a thousand dollars. Is it a brand new 2006 with only a few miles?
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