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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    Are you in California? If yes, are you in the bay area? I just bought a LX-SV without any opetions for 17K even OTD. It looks you got an better offer.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    In Maryland. Its the last van i can find at this point. Went after some ES models for the poor doors option but they got sold with in days of finding them. This van only has rear air, floor mates,cargo mat,cargo net, and a roof rack. Do you have any of these options? You may have the same items. I think its a god price for any car/van just worried about the reliability factors. At this price point the only things out there are Scions that may have room, but worried about the the scions safety record. And really for what your getting at that price I cant seem to find anything out there to match it with the room. How do you like yours so far? Did you look at the 5? Found a 06 new toyota sennia van for 22,000 plus tax and tags but it has less then the mazda. Wondering if the toyota is worth it just for the resale value compared to the mazda. But buying the toyota would strap us.
  • thanks for your reply. I just bought it and havn't had driven it much. Mine doesn't have any of the options such as rear air, floor mats, cargo net, rook rack, etc. it doesn't have any options. I need to have the windows tinted also. What I liked is the price and my wife actually likes the size. She doesn't like to dirve bigger vans such as Quest, Oddy, and Sienna.

    We once looked at a 2006 new Sienna LE, OTD 26.5K that has rear air, one power door, CD changer, side air bags. I liked the Sienna better but my wife likes MPV better. Also, as you can see, the price is amost 10K more than the mpv.

    BTW, what's the tax rate in Maryland for buying a car?
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Wow sounds like are wives are the same. I like the sennia also but love the price of the MPV. My wife doesn't want a large van either. Finds them to be to big. I thought the Toyota would be a better value as far as resale down the road. Our tax rate here is 5% whats yours in CA? I'm really happy with the price and it would be a great car payment just worry about really knowing nothing about the MPV.

    I agree with you 100% the toyota is very pricey compared to the mazda. It be $24,500 for a base CE toyota Van with nothing and I mean nothing on it. At least the MPV is $17,500 with some options.

    To be honest still not sure what what we will end up with at this point.

    Thanks for your response.
  • Tax rate in CA is 8.25%.

    Have you looked at other minivans? I am seeing there are big cash rebats on Caravan, Quest, Minivans from Ford, Kia, GM also. It seems it's hard to get break on price on the two hot minivans--Oddy and Sienna.

    I had a Nissa Quest for 9 years and I bought it new. it never gave me any trobles, but I think it would have caused 6K more than MPV.

    Merry Christmas.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    I haven't test driven any vans other then the Oddy and the Seinna. Neighbors just bought a Caravan due to the rebates. Had considered a Caravan but not sure of the reliability either. I like the looks of the Nissan but when I looked at them they seemed to be open of the most expensive in our area. Good to hear your was reliability Going to check out the rebates in our area on the quest and see if its worth a closer look at.

    Merry Christmas
  • Just bought a loaded LX Plus(sunroof and power doors) in MD for
    $19.6k out the door. :) Mica Blue, not our first choice, but for that kind of discount. They had one more left, no sunroof but the 4 season package.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Wow great price! Was that $19.6k plus tax and tags or on the road? Which dealership in MD? I'm in MD also. They are hard to find vans. Found a silver at Russel Mazda with power doors for $20,212 plus tax and tags, but it got sold the next day when we went to look at it. Then found a black ES model at another dealer for $23,710 plus tax and tags, and it got sold before we got a chance to go to the dealership. The only one left that I've been able to find is a base model with out the power doors and its green (not our first choice either) but like you the rebates are great and its hard to pass up.

    Do you like it so far? Seriously thinking of just buying the base green MPV that we have found just for the price.
  • On the road, it stickered at $27,055, was at Darcars Mazda in Silver Spring, they have one more left. Think with a sticker of $26900, same color. Mine was their advertised special, but think you can do the same if you insist on getting a similar deal. Like it so far, it replaces our 2001 Odyssey EX. Which my wife found too big.
  • Just curious what OTD price you are looking at for the base green MPV? How many miles on it?
  • I bought my new MPV but it got 300 miles on it. I didn't think of the new car first 4K breakin miles when I bought it. I am wondering if this first 300 miles affect the car at all. The dealer told me that they got this MPV from another dealer 250 miles away and it's driven from there. I am pretty sure the driver wouldn't care about the break-in miles and wouldn't just drive it below 55 mph. But does that hurt the car much?

    Thanks so much for your reply.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I don't recall Mazda changing the break-in period to a longer period. On our '02 ES, it was 600 miles (1,000 km). Quoted from the '02 Owners Manual - your owners manual should have something similar:

    No special break-in is necessary, but a few precautions in the first 1,000 km (600 miles) may add to the performance, economy, and life of your Mazda.
    • Don’t race the engine.
    • Don’t maintain one constant speed for long.
    • Don’t drive constantly at full-throttle or high engine rpm for extended periods of time.
    • Avoid unnecessary hard stops.
    • Avoid full-throttle starts.
    • Don’t tow a trailer.

  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Just purchased a 2006 MPV last night. The manual stated 600 miles for break in. Going to take it easy for at least 1,000 miles.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Rental cars are never broken in. I've never heard their engines to be more prone to be in need of repair. Maybe, a properly broken-in engine gets 180,000 miles and one improperly broken in gets only 170,000. Anybody out there know of a friend or aquatence who didn't properly break-in their vehicle and later had problems attributed to such??

    I would think it would take some serious intent to do damage to the engine of a new vehicle. I would certainly follow the owners manuals guideline for break-in, but I really wouldn't worry about a few hundred miles put on the vehicle before I bought it though.
  • Just curious, which one did you buy and how much?
  • Hi guys,

    What do you think about the 7 years($1.7K)/10 years($2.4k) Mazda extended warranty? Did you bought it? We still can buy it. I don't want it because I basically for the price. If I pay more, I would look for other minivans that are more considerable more reliable by some people. But my wife wants the extended warranty becuase she wants "peace of mind":-)

    BTW, OD5, have you got one yet?

  • Which one would you take? Reasons?

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Hi guys,

    Is the 7 year one a 100 k mi warranty? Honda dealers may sell this one close to cost for around $1000 for the Oddessy.

    In general, if you want peace of mind, use the $1500 or so to purchase $500,000 of term life for you and the missus for 5 years, so the kiddies have something to live on if you and/or the wife take the big hit.

    Spend it on 2 or so years of home insurance on your $300,000 asset with $100000 or so of liability. Pay for the $500,$300,or $3000 car repairs out of pocket.


    What do you think about the 7 years($1.7K)/10 years($2.4k) Mazda extended warranty? Did you bought it? We still can buy it. I don't want it because I basically for the price. If I pay more, I would look for other minivans that are more considerable more reliable by some people. But my wife wants the extended warranty becuase she wants "peace of mind"

    BTW, OD5, have you got one yet?
  • Would not buy the extended warranty until the last day of the standard warranty. The price won't change and you might not like the car, it will be hard to get the money back. Invest the $2500 in a CD for 4 years.

    As of buying the Odyssey vs the MPV. We bought a new 2001 EX in sept 2000 and paid around $28.6 OTD, trying to sell for $10K , so that would be $18K in 6 years. I bet that the MPV LX I bought for $19.5 will be worth more then 5K in 6 years. 6 yr old LX Odyssey's go for around $7500.

    I expect the MPV to cost me around $2k/year and a LX Odyssey at least $2.5K/yr. My LX MPV is nearly as loaded as an Odessey EX but the homelink and power seats.

    The Odyssey is not a bad car, but from a pure financial point the MPV is way ahead.
  • annaaannaa Posts: 2
    Don't buy it!!! Our transmission just went out and we had the car serviced by the local Mazda dealer since day 1. We have now found out that the 2002 MPV has problems w/ the transmission. Mazda USA is not acknowledging a problem!!! If we could go back in time, we would have spent a little more and bought a Honda. See for consumer complaints!!!!!!
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