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Chrysler Voyager/Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience 2003-2007



  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I would personally, stay away from a rental.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I am interested in buying a 2006 base Caravan with the 4 cylinder engine. After rebate the price is $15,700. Is this a good price? Any information would be appreciated.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Well, if it is actually an absolute base model with no options, Edmunds has it at MSRP of $19345, Invoice of $18283 and TMV before rebates of $18311. After the $3500 rebate, their TMV is $14811. Based on this, I believe you should be able to get them down to at least $14811, and if the dealer really wants to unload it, may even go lower by a few hundred. I would shoot for paying about $14,300 and see if they bite, but for sure you shouldn't pay any more than $14811. All these numbers are based on your Base Caravan SE having no options, however.
  • Today I went to a dealership, shopping for a Dodge Caravan SE, no options. I took with me the knowledge gleaned from research on the net, including the TVP from Edmunds. That site said the True Market Value for a very basic Caravan is $14,863. I went in to see if any of these models were on the lot, and I was prepared to make an offer of $14,300, as suggested by someone in posting online. Well, there were only Caravans with power options so the sales guy said he could check around to see if he could locate one without options. I gave him my email address, said to let me know what he found, then walked out the door.

    When I got home I found an email from the salesman saying his manager ok'd giving me a minivan on the lot, with power options, for the same price as they were going to give me for a most basic version: "$15, 577.77 with taxes and new plates and everything out the door." I got that final price after much coaxing for a number. Initially, he had said the price, less taxes and plates, was $14,400. As you can see, that's just $100 more than I was prepared to offer initially, and it includes the power package. I didn't even get around to making an initial offer. Neither did I make a counter offer.

    Since my experience with new car dealerships has always been very negative, with much back and forth haggling, I am very suspicious. I am wondering whether I will get to the dealership tomorrow and get an unpleasant surprise. Does this seem legit? Should I counter offer? If so, how should I present it?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    That seems like a good price. But, is the vehicle new or nearly new? They may be offering you a demonstrator or a former rental vehicle. My experience with dealers is that they sometimes offer nearly new vehicles to get you to buy a more expensive model.
  • I went in today and purchased one of the models offered as a "red dot" special. The one I bought had 40 miles on it, so it was definitely not a rental or demonstrator. However, I had been on their lot for over 300 days. Apart from getting the power package for the same price as the base model, I also managed to get $100 off the so-called administrative fee. I pointed out to the salesman that a competing dealership tacked on a fee of only $49, and he went for it, although he said he had to write the deal up as if he was charging the full fee, but deduct the discount from the base price.

    I have to say this thing turned out much better than I thought it would. My previous two new-car purchases had been very adversarial and unpleasant. I kept expecting a shoe to drop. But I walked away with a total price of $15,468.27. This includes taxes, license, and registration.
  • so no one has bought the best selling minivan in 3 months?
  • ok... These people have had me angry for the past four hours. I'd done the price quote circuit, and the lowest I'd gotten for the optionless 2006 Caravan was 14980. Lake norman said bring that quote in, we'll beat it. Before we did, a former car salesman friend of ours called in (without revealing his former job) and said we had a quote for 14,300 and could Lake Norman beat it. They said they could do 14,200, and we planned to go in last weekend. Then my mother got sick, so we postponed it a week and came in unannounced tonight.

    We had a very nice salesperson named Maggie, who showed us the cars that were available at the 14,200 price and we contemplated going for at least the power package once we remembered how annoying manual locks are. We went in to deal, since now we were interested in the higher priced van with power windows/locks. The MSRP difference between the trims was $1600. The manager(?) offered to sell us the car with he power option for a mere discount (from the MSRP prices of the 2 cars) of 200 dollars . Yes, he offered us the power car for 15,600. No budging. He also refused to honor the first car's pricequote of 14,200, claiming that some options had been added to it that raised the price by 399. He said it was done possibly after we got the quote, seeing as how it was about 10 days later. I called bulls@## and then went on to the car we now really wanted, the one with the power package.

    He said the difference between the two cars was 1600, and he'd take 200 off that. we said no way. I told him I'd looked up the price of the power option and on it showed that it only cost 645. He said that they'd added pin striping, a hood shield, and wheel locks, and that brought the cost to 1600. I told him to take the wheel locks off, and the shield, and get back to the 645 price. He brought up the pin striping and I balked at him trying to pretend that it was worth 300 dollars, and then he goes "well, there is labor" and I told him it would take like 10 minutes to pinstripe a car, and that if they were paying 300 an hour to pinstripe then they needed to give me that job.

    Long story short (too late, yeah..) we walked out. We'd driven about 150 miles to get there, it was late, and we were tired, but there was no way in Hades I was going to let them lie to me (options added AFTER the car has been sitting on the lot, AFTER I'd received a quote. Sure, a car has been sitting around for months, one way to speed up a sale is to RAISE the price...) and demand more money. the fact that they wouldn't honor the 14,200 price that we got straight from the GM was especially insulting "well yeah, 14,200 is your out the door price, but now we added some things..." Does he know what "out the door" means? Does he know its 2007???

    Anyway, they have 20 2006 Minivans collecting dust, and they'll keep them. Pure Scum.
  • I had looked at the Toyota Limited with AWD (drop dead beautiful dash and lighting) and the Honda Touring (very industrial interior) and the T&C Limitd. The stow and go was the deal breaker. We have Greyhounds and just got tired of takeing the seats in and out all the time. Just got tired of it. We got a Black Limited loaded to the 9s: DVD,NAV, SUNROOF, CHROME CLADED WHEELS. About the only two things missign were side veiw mirrors that colapsed and had the turn arrows in them. I am haveing the mirors changed to the onew with the arrows. I am also having running board put on. anyway. Sticker was 38,500. Froam looking around Ifigured invoice was about 35,500 less the 4,000 rebate and my 2000 Ford windstar SEL that traded for 4,500 (more than I thought it was worth but 500 less than KBB. I countered and ende up with27k out the door. Not great but not bad. It was Pohanka Chrysler in Leesburg VA. I purchased the extedned warranty (& years , 75k) fro 2100, which was 600 off the regular price. With the history of transmission problems it was a must. Will just have to see.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    CONGRATULATIONS !! The T&C Limited is a very nice minivan.

    I was initially VERY impressed with the elegant instrument cluster of the Siennas but those shiny chrome appearing circles around the instruments are a source of glare from the sun at many times of the are the shiny surfaces on each side of the center portion of the dash.

    I am not fond of the white face instrument cluster of the T&C/GC nor of Stow 'N Go. The Odyssey has the most user friendly dash if one drives during the daytime and for me, the Odyssey has THE MOST comfortable seats with the best location for the spare tire....but the Odyssey EX did not have the overhead console with outside temp/compass and Trip Computer that I had in my 2002 T&C LX.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    People who buy Caravan and T&C do not consult CR or other sources to stroke their ego. Most don't even read CR or lurk here in Edmunds. :shades:
  • Interesting about the reflections on the Toyota dash. Now that I go back and look at it I tested it a night and drove it home at night. My wife took it for a drive during the day and then I took it back that night. I never did really drive it in the bright sun. The Stow and Go was a must for us. With the greyhounds I had to be able to seat people and at other times haul 4 greyhounds around so the seats were on the top of the list. Also, interesting on the computerized information center. My windstar had the info center in the lower right side of the instrument cluster and made it much easier to read. I was able to configure it for MPG, DTE, and temp all in one display. I am really not a fan of having to look up and away from the road to see what the temp is or MPG. However, like most things in life you adjust. I will just have to see how it goes. We are going to Jekyle Island Georgia in March (600 miles plus one way, in one shot) and that will tell me a lot about the van.
  • 150 miles!!?? I'm glad you walked out despite the distance. If you know exactly what you want, many people shop dealers on-line. Some even deliver.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I agree that it is better to have all the trip computer data displayed in the instrument cluster than in the overhead console.
    You also have an excellent reason to prefer Stow and Go.
  • on the 2008: "ugly" so I guess we made the right move on the 2007. The exterior is "blocky" and she really does not like the placement of the shifter. The power stow and go is nice but we can put them down ourselves. I wish Chrysler the best on the 2008 but want to thank the company for paying me 4K to buy one that I like.
  • Anyone know if they'll bring back the incentives on the 2006 caravan? No point in buying a 2006 if it costs more than a 2007, which still has the 3K cashish.... And if anyone knows, what do they traditionally do with the new leftover cars that now cost more than brand new ones?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    Usually, when there are big year-end incentives on an outgoing model, they never really "go away". At some point, Chrysler will just pay the dealers the incentive on whatever units they have left on the lot..

    So, even though the incentives appear to be gone, it is possible that they have just been paid "upfront" to the dealer.

    I have no idea of the specific incentives on this model, or if that is the case, but I would certainly not pay any more of a net price for the vehicle this month, than I would last month.


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  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I agree with your wife on everything.
    However, the less rounded corners increase the interior volume and make the new style more practical.
    As with you and your wife, I prefer the interior of the 2007 and the $ 4,000 "Bribe" makes the 2007 a BEST BUY :shades:
    I do NOT like the shifter on the dash - either high like on the 2008 T&C and GC or lower as on my 2006 Sienna or on the Odyssey. I also do not like the placement of the cruise controls on the stalk of the steering wheel and think the 2007 T&C placement is much better.
  • Thanks for this. We figured we'd just be paying more for the 2007 since we'd missed the deal. I found a black 2006 Caravan in Spartanburg, SC for 15,104 OTD. With the power package.

    Just because I hate myself I emailed Lake Norman offering them the chance to beat it, since The Spartanburg place is an extra hour away (2.5 hour trip) and because they have the light blue color which I'd prefer, but I'm probably going to Spartanburg! :shades:
  • Well, I contacted Lake Norman, and told them about the 15,104 quote, and they offered 14,500 out the door. Almost fell off my chair since this is the same car they wanted 15,600 for. works out to about 13,900 +TTL. with our piece of crap trade-in counting for 800 dollars, we got an excellent deal. The only problem is that we haven't paid for the car. When we got there last night, the people responsible for setting up the deal were gone, so we drove the new car 60 miles home, and then today the finance guys still aren't there, so we won't be returning to sign the papers til tomorrow. I love extended test drives.

    thanks! :D
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