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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wow that is a great price.


    the best internet offer or buyer program offer i've had on the west coast is 21,500 with no accessories at all and before any taxes,and tags for the same vehicle or $400 over invoice and dest. ch.


    the dealers on the west coast are just not that hungry i guess.


  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    How do you figure $1150 under invoice? As I read the posts, this is a brand new color that just came out on an '05. I'm somewhat skeptical the dealer would lose money on it.
  • I just got my new car, 2005 Honda Element EX 4WD Automatic (Side Air Bags and with all standard equipment). The price Dealer asked was 21,000.00, which includes NYC sales taxes and $515 destination fee. I figured the final price payed came out to be about $1660 under invoice, which I think is great. I called a few other local dealers they couldn't even match the price.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I'm not surprised they wouldn't match the price. Very few, if any, dealers are in business to -lose- money on transactions. There must be some double super-secret incentives on the vehicle.


    Reminds me of the old joke, "We're selling units at a loss, but making it up in volume."
  • i agree


    i've had 7 internet and buyers club offers in the past week for this same model in the pac nw and sw and the range was 21084 to 21900 for the car with no access but including the 515 dest charge. this is before any taxes state fees, etc. i haven't found a west coast dealer willing to go $1 below invoice and no deal sweeteners. i think the demand is fairly high for the car and they don't feel a need to go any lower. maybe the car is not so popular in the eastern states.


  • baker5baker5 Posts: 7
    Westbrook Honda here in CT. Offered me 20,496(includes destination fee) for EX AWD s/t. Is this good?
  • I also shopped around for a 2004 Honda Element EX 4WD Automatic (Side Air Bags and with all standard equipment). The price Dealer asked was $20,000.00, which includes NYC sales taxes,$490 destination fee and plates\registration fees also. I figured the final price payed came out to be about $2190 under invoice, which I think is even better then 2005. But since this car is a year older, it's already lost value buy $2000 or $3000. I think it pays to overpay a grand for 05 model.
  • I guess here in NY metro area dealers go cheaper. I called at least 4-5 dealers before got these prices.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    If you don't mind, I'm still curious about your deal. I think you said a couple of posts above that you got basically the top of the line new (05) Element (EX, auto, 4 WD) for 21,000K, which included NY tax and destination. The MSRP of this vehicle is about 22,240, including destination, but no tax, so I'm guessing that you meant you got it for $1,600 under MSRP, not $1,600 under invoice. I could not see any way that a dealer could sell a brand new '05 for that amount under invoice. I would think that these probably should go for about half-way between invoice and MSRP, depending on the market and any additional dealer fees for "documentation," so your price still looks good.
  • baker5baker5 Posts: 7
    05' EX AWD s/t for 20,496 with destination charge included. Is this decent?? It seems it from all the previous posts.
  • It's all relevent.....I personally had to be very careful of what I is very dear. I am into doing research and not being taken advantage of.....being a woman its not easy but it certainly can be done. Just be prepared! I didn't think that I could be realistic because I wanted the darn car so bad.....I just love how different it is, once I saw it in the showroom I melted, just as I've heard others say..."it was me!" Believe it, I have waited since June....I couldn't get what I thought was fair so I waited, until the right time. This really didn't work because I couldn't settle for a good deal if it meant any other color but that Rallye Red....oh Brother, it is vibrant...woooooooo. I did my deal at the beginning of the month but the dealer knew I had my money and would be driving by and waiving ( and I was, I bought it further away.) I am so very happy, the steps and mud guards went on today along with the fogs, (so very cool) what an awesome vehicle. I got a red Hawiian print steering wheel cover and will be having her name painted on soon. Maybe "very cherry" or "E=Big Red Square" Red E, Miss E, E-Lated, oh my list goes on and on. A few bucks here or there, as long as you get what you want....they need to make a living too....come to a compromise. A friend advised me not to lose my car for a few hundred bucks. Wise man, however, his hair curled at what a great deal I got! I made him proud. Element are great and special people. Give us a little toot when you see us will ya?
  • hi


    do you mind giving me the name of the dealer where you purchased your car. even with shipping to the west coast, i think it may be cheaper than the quotes i have received.




  • Yes I mean $1660 under invoice not MSRP.

    here how I figure it.

    I payed $21,000.00 - $515.00 (destination)=$20,485.00


    Next $20,485.00 price includes tax also so to calculate total before tax I divide by 108.25%(8.25 NY tax) = $189.23 and to get a total car price I multiply by 100%, = 18,924.00(total price)


    Since the invoice price of the car is 20,584.00 I subtract 18,924.00 from it to get price payed under invoice = $1660.00


    I know it is a very good price, I bought the car before it even came in. They told me they have one grey coming in and I said I'll take it.


    I can give you the dealership, but don't know if they'll give you the same or better price. I called them with a price in mind, after that I came in and said that the person who I spoke to on the phone gave me this price and made salesperson run many times to the manager to get it. The only thing I didn't get as discussed on the phone, was that I had to pay for registration and plates.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    If you feel you had a good overall experience, please post the dealership name! While members may not be able to get the same price, it's nice to have the name of a dealership where the buying experience is pleasant.



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  • You got a GREAT price! if you can share the name of the dealership, i would appreciate it. don't know if they'll do it twice but it doesn't hurt to ask.




  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Agreed--it would be nice to know the name of this dealership. If they're actually selling brand new '05's at a loss of $1,000 (even assuming a 3% holdback, which may not be correct), they may not be around too long :)
  • tiger


    are you still around??


    yes, if you can provide the name of the dealer it would be nice. we're waiting breathlessly...




  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,603
    There could have been an error in those numbers because they made no sense at all.


    This happens here sometimes.
  • As I said, I'll need your name because I have to call and tell them you are going to call so they'll give you a good deal too.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Now *that's* a new one. And here I thought it was standard practice on the "prices paid" boards to simply provide the name of the dealer.
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