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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • goofycatgoofycat Posts: 11
    Andy, thanks for the info, but why do you recommend waiting for the 2006? Are they upgrading the Element model in any way? BTW, I didn't plan on a purchase until early 2006 anyway. Also, thanks for the accessories website. I will check it out. Someone recommended that accessories could be purchased on e-Bay for far less than the prices offered by the Honda Corporation. Is this true? If so, I will be certain to wait until then.

    As far as the 2WD vs. the 4WD: Why do you recommend the 4WD (or.."all wheel drive") over the 2WD? Since I live in California and don't drive in the snow, save for a possible occasional trip to ski in the Sierra, how would I benefit from the 4WD option. It costs more, and the brochure states that the gas mileage drops off by 2 miles per gallon. I could see adding the 4WD option if I lived in wet/snowy weather all the time, or if I planned to do some off-roading, but such is not the case. Also, is it possible that if I ever sell the vehicle, I would get a better price because more people want the 4WD option? Or, does the 4WD just handle better?

    Thanks, Barry in California
  • mobigdmobigd Posts: 1
    I am due to pick up our 05 Element tomorrow. Here is the deal; I wanted a 5 speed but they couldn't find a cargo khaki one but they could get an automatic. With a roof rack, rear air deflector and splash guards it was 21,200.00 out the door. Now with an automatic they are saying add 800.00 and I figured 737.00 is invoice. Also they said they would sell me a Extended Warranty for 1,050.00 but I have since found where I can get the exact same thing for 940.00 from a dealer in OH. So I am looking at 21,960.00 options included out the door plus the warranty. I am military so I don't pay sales tax. They are giving me the options for 648.00 installed. What do you think, good deal or not?
  • shnappy4shnappy4 Posts: 1
    Hi, all. I'm glad I found this...

    For some reason it seems like everyone's invoice price across the US is different. I know the invoice in and around Metro Detroit is about $20,585 including destination. Add to that the $170 doc fee, tax, title and plate, and you're looking at a little over $22,000 - IF you get an invoice price. My question is whether or not it's actually fair to ask for less than invoice. Yeah, we know the dealer is making money regardless, but I feel bad asking for less than invoice. The markup on Honda vehicles is only about $2,000, which doesn't seem unreasonable. What's the "hold back" that you guys are talking about?

    I hope I don't sound like an idiot, but I guess I'm just really in the dark about what's fair, to everyone involved. Thanks for the info in advance.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Invoice, MSRP, and destination charges on the Element should be consistent. There may be other fees that are variable, including "doc fees" which will almost always have some dealer profit in them. What you end up paying should be the product of supply and demand in a given area and also will vary across the country. I think you can rest assured that if a dealer agrees to sell you a vehicle for a particular price, there is something in it for the dealer, if only meeting certain sales goals or getting a car off the lot. As a result, I would not feel bad about a particular price, although reasonable people can differ on how much effort you should put in to attain the "best" price. Assuming the truth of other postings, Elements can be had for somewhat below invoice in some places, but may not be in your area. It's a fairly low demand vehicle anywhere, and I certainly don't think invoice price on up to a couple of hundred over invoice is unfair to either party if its the vehicle you want. Personally, I would not pay much more than that.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that, while the Element doesn't have many options, it does have "accessories" that, especially when installation is taken into account, can vary a lot in price from dealer to dealer. For example, if you're considering buying fog lamps or a roof rack--two fairly common accessories--when you purchase the vehicle, you have to be sure you're not overpaying for those (and their installation) in order to subsidize a lower purchase price. Good luck.
  • loconycloconyc Posts: 2
    Where is this dealer that you got such a great offer? you have name of who helped you also?
  • loconycloconyc Posts: 2
    I have been internet shopping and lowest price 2005 Black Element EX 4wd Automatic.
    so far the lowest price i got was $20,485.00 that includes Destination charges($515.00)
    at Mt. Kisco honda, here in New York.
    The Tax, doc, and dmv fees are not included. IM sure the Tax is going to be like $1,600.00. tax here in NY is a killer!
    Anyways that price i got from them im going to show it to my Local Dealer and see if they could beat it and get a better price, which im sure they will.

    I just have a Question for you all...... Does the 05 E , EX come with the alarm?? if not im going to haggle for that too. and later on ill buy the accessories online either from ebay or
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    While memebers are allowed to post the name of the dealership, names and/or contact information for salespeople is prohibited. Please do not ask for or provide such information as those posts will be deleted.

  • valemonvalemon Posts: 5
    Hey, where in the US are you? I am just starting to haggle and don't know where to go. I was offered an LX 2 AWD for what you paid out the door. YUCK! :cry:
  • frankripfrankrip Posts: 1
    I'm a happy camper with my new Rallye Red EX 2WD manual. Couldn't be happier. Best car buying experience of my life with the folks at Woodland Hills Honda in CA. Price before taxes and license $18300. Never want to park it.
  • sib715sib715 Posts: 15
    Shopped on internet and used Sam's Club, Costco and CarsDirect. First 2 were a waste , CarsDirect led me to local dealer who agreed over phone to Carsdirect price, which was invoice plus destination plus dealer doc fee of $499. I refused and would buy at $20000 plus tax and title and 1.9% finance rate, it took him 2 minutes to agree, it is the end of the month and I pick up Sunburst Orange tomorrow. It also had accessories of $750 and they waived that as well, although I'm not sure they add those until after the deal is made, I'll know tomorrow. Honda Mall of Georgia, northside of Atlanta
  • andyman1970andyman1970 Posts: 37
    I am in the Chicagoland area and would recommend doing business with McGrath Honda in Elgin.

    Keep haggling - you'll get your price.

  • andyman1970andyman1970 Posts: 37
    Short answer is no.
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 101
    Are any of you Element owners having problems with chronic broken/cracked windshields? I guess it's extremely common on Elements (do a Google and see all the hits). It's a big reason I'm hesitant to buy one, otherwise looks like a very useful vehicle!
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    IMO, the angle of the windshield probably has something to do with this, but I'd check any reports you see to find out what year vehicle is being discussed. It's my impression that the problems were significant in '03 but have lessened (presumably due to an alteration ?) to the point where it's close to a non-issue in '05.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Hi bluewolf,
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  • 3 days ago I was in Grand Forks , North Dakota and in the middle of the mall was a brand new Element automatic AWD with $ 19,900 written on the windshield. About a month previously I went to look at an identically equipped Element here in Winnipeg, Canada and the sticker was 31,000 and change.(Canadian). According to my calculation with the Canadian dollar being worth 80 cents U.S. the multiplier of the American price should be 1.25 which translates to a Canadian equivalent value of $24,875, so therefore Honda rips off Canadians to the tune of about 6,000 dollars per vehicle.Is the Element built in the U.S., and if it is the excuse that Canada has a 6.1% duty on non NAFTA cars cannot be used to explain away some of this ripoff, or am I all wet?
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    For one thing, $19,900 is not the MSRP, it was some type of a sale price, so you are not comparing apples to apples.
  • jimmrjimmr Posts: 4
    I just bought a new 2005 Element LX 4WD w/ AT in Cargo Khaki.
    I paid $17,995 including destination fee. No trade-in.
  • csmith6csmith6 Posts: 4
    Honda doesn't rip off Canadains. Automakers have very large FX exposures that they hedge years in advance. The simple fact is that the US dollar is back down to historical lows (3 years ago was 1.64 now 1.235). As a result Canadians can and should be buying Honda Elements in the USA to save money.
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 223
    $19,933 with dest from Wilde Honda in Milwaukee. Thats what they quoted me. If you look at this, the manual should be $19,200 or thereabouts. Prolly the best deal out there right now.
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