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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • diego4diego4 Posts: 4
    Plenty- lots of headroom too. The only problem is that the tilt steering wheel doesn't go "up" very high, so the top of the wheel will slightly obscure the speedo. My fave feature so far- not having to duck (much) to get into the doors! :)
  • I am 6foot 2inches tall and I test drove the Element yesterday. It has much more legroom both front and back than the CRV. I think you micht be happy when you try the car out. Also, the seat lowers which will give you a bit more room. I think I may buy one after leaning towards the CRV. The Element just seems like a better use of space.
  • abigailabigail Posts: 4
    Caution:Bad Leasing Deals in Las Vegas:HondaWest in Las Vegas sent me an internet only price on a new 2005 Element LX FWD Automatic-Galapagos Green, exactly as I wanted to lease it-no extra add-ons at $16,739 plus tax,doc.fees.They used a 43% residual for 48 months, with a money factor of .0024. I had a trade-in-2004Mint Cond.Civic EX-loaded car with only 15,500 miles. When they couldn't deceive me on the trade,they quoted me: $368.73 for 47 months plus $965 due at lease signing. THAT INCLUDES MY TRADE-IN. AT THE END OF 48 MONTHS I WOULD HAVE PAID AMERICAN HONDA: $18,295.31!! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW HOW AUTO LEASES WORK, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS AN EXORBITANT QUOTE. (Their first quote for a 60 month lease would have me paying $21,031.00 at lease end.) THESE GUYS ARE NOT RESIDUALIZING THE CAR. THEY ARE TRYING TO GET CUSTOMERS TO LEASE THE CAR FOR ITS FULL VALUE, AND THEN THE DEALERSHIP WILL RESELL THE CAR WHEN IT IS TURNED IN AT LEASE TERMINATION!!
    Shack-Findlay and Desert Honda quotes were equally inflated!!
    I obviously will not lease or buy a Honda Element in Las Vegas. My advice to prospective Honda Element leasing customers in the Las Vegas area--BE VERY CAREFUL, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE GOING TO THE DEALERSHIP, AND BE ON GUARD!!
  • abigailabigail Posts: 4
    If you can find the '05 Element LX that you want with Internet pricing, (FWD v.4WD, Automatic v.Manual, don't pay more than $100 over invoice.Remember, even at invoice, they are still making their holdback, selling a unit, and getting a kickback for financing your deal through the dealership. You'll receive quotes up to $800 over invoice, try not to fall for such foolishness.The Honda Element 1.9A.P.R. for up to 36 months remains available through 9/6/2005, with a 700-720 FICO score.You should not count on a better deal at the beginning of 2006 on a 2006 car. If you are leasing, then this is the best time to make a good deal, but it you're financing, you may not want the already one year old 2005.
  • pjkdogpjkdog Posts: 2
    What would be the most you would pay for an Automatic EX four wheel drive Abigail? What could I expect to pay if I really take my time and go for the best deal?
  • diego4diego4 Posts: 4
    Paul- It's going to be hard to match CA pricing in Western PA. I just got back from San Diego, and there were Elements everywhere! In comparison, I've seen no more than a handful trotting around Shadyside... including mine. :) At any rate, 1% over invoice works out to around 200$. While a better deal could possibly have been found elsewhere (read: Ohio), I found the convenience of buying locally worth the difference. In theory, they could be had for at or below invoice since Honda has a 3% (of MSRP!) holdback. That's about 6-700$ to the dealer if they sell it at invoice. Keep in mind that in order to get holdback, some dealers have to sell within a time of taking delivery. Therefore, the clock is ticking and time is in your favor. I believe this is usually around 90 days. A friend in SD said that dealers there are trying to use the cost of transporting vehicles as an excuse to charge more for obtaining a vehicle for you that's not in stock (by a dealer swap). I'd be surprised if they don't try this out here too...
  • abigailabigail Posts: 4
    Honda West in Las Vegas wrote a quote for me on the '05 Element LX FWD at $124 BELOW INVOICE. The salesmen want to make their bonus now, and the holdback does not affect them. Their price to BUY that car, NOT LEASE IT, was $16,739 + doc.fees,registration, and I wanted the sidesteps-$550 installed.I refused to take their "Protection Package"-they doubled the cost on it from another dealership-to $189.(I called American Honda about these protection packages, and I was told to stay away from them, by Honda.) However, although I specifically said "lease", they only wanted to sell me the car. I can't figure out their reason yet, but I have one source to ask, and I will. I wonder if they don't want Elements back when a lease terminates, because of how people beat them up.
    If you're looking to buy an '05 Element EX now, the invoice is about 20,100-tell them you'll pay invoice, nothing more, and add whatever extras you may want. I've never paid more than $100 over invoice-and that's my top number. Good Luck!
  • If you are considering it, DON'T. I've had a horrible experience with them. We agreed on a price, I received a signed contract, rented a car, drove to Greeley(8 hours!) and they raised the price! Oh yeah, when we agreed on a price, I made a down payment to hold the color I wanted, which he said they had on the lot, and they sold it out from under me! I had to wait for them to order in another! PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE CHEATERS YOUR PATRONAGE!
    The out-the-door price I finally paid was $21,528.94 for an '05 EX AWD, that includes a 6.6% tax.
  • Did the internet quote thing. Marin Honda got my business for $19478 + $45 doc fee + tax + DMV. I had two other dealers at $19488 but those two didn't have many in stock so the color selection was limited. Marin Honda had all the colors except blue. I got a green one.

    That's $590 under invoice.
  • paipai Posts: 2
    I really should have read this post before I went to the dealership. We were going to get a Mazda 5 but then they just had a recall and arent selling anyright now. So we decided to stop by the honda dealer. We had been looking at Elements before and the one color we like, silver with blue was right in the show room.

    Well we ended up buying a EX automatic with side step and an keyless starter for 20k, the kicker is that it had 2,135 miles on it from being the demo. Were we ripped off and can we get another one?
  • paipai Posts: 2
    p.s. located in NJ
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    You can't be "ripped off", if they gave you a price, and then you agreed to it...

    Getting the absolute lowest price is great.... but, it isn't easy to do..

    Be glad you bought a nice car.... and enjoy it..

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  • Doesn't seem to be too bad. Is it a 2WD or AWD?
  • I just sealed the deal this afternoon on an 05 Element EX 4WD Automatic in Sunset Orange.The sticker price was $22,240. I think the true invoice for this model is about $20,100. I was quoted $19,380 including destination +tax & license and a reasonable $45 document fee. Total was $21,128. I put $5000 down to keep the payments low. I did not have a trade-in. HFS declined me for a BK in 01. I have a median 652 FICO with a high of 698 from Experian. Got a 9% APR with HSBC (Orchard Bank). Good enough for me. I am in Orange County, CA. I emailed every dealership in Southern California and let them fight it out. My worst experience was by far Fladaboe Honda in the Irvine Auto Mall. They pulled every trick in the book but thanks to, I left them without a leg to stand on. What finally ended the deal was when they were trying to charge me $500 for mud flaps and wheel locks? I drove straight to Santa Ana Honda and exactly 2 hours after I parked my car, I was driving out in my new Element. I forewarned the salesman that he was my third dealership of the day and I had plenty more dealers on my list. He was the only one who stuck to his quote and actually had the car just like he said. It was a really simple process. I downloaded a loan calculator from for $2. I had every figure from my loan on my PDA screen before he had it typed into his computer. That $2 saved me hundreds when I discovered the finance managers “mistake”. I love the car and have no complaints after 50 miles or so. The upgraded stereo is worth it, plus you get 3 months of XM for free. That’s enough from me, I think I’m gonna go for a drive.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593
    I'm from there so this isn't a slam.

    That has GOT to be the WORST marketplace in the U.S. for buying cars!

    Dirty tricks, screamer ads, customers pitting one dealer against the other in a frenzy. Constant salespeople and management turnover.

    I know I couldn't work in that arena! It's a ruined marketplace.
  • About three months ago, I was looking for a new EX AWD 5-speed in sunset orange. Couldn't find one in any color here in the Chicago area. Every dealer I called said the manual was rare in the top of the line. At the last place I called (Honda Superstor of Lisle), the guy said he had six EX AWD 5-speeds on the lot; all in different colors. When I got there I noticed a sunset orange Element sitting in the showroom. The salesman told me it was a brand new (not a demo) EX AWD left from 04, but noone wanted it because it was a stick :P . It had absolutely no extras on it, plus of course no side air bags (didn't matter a lot to me). I bargained for about ten minutes to get the payments a little lower. They let it go for $18,100 + tax and fees. It was actually a very good experience (there is a first time for everything..). The salesperson was pretty straight forward about wanting to get rid of it. He said that this model wasn't all that hard to find in any dealership, especially in this color. Said he'll give me a good deal on the 04 and he delivered. I was very excited to get exactly what I wanted for a lower price than I expected. Now I just have to get the fog lights and the side step bars and maybe a roof rack for those road trips and about 300 other things I can't really afford. Anyway, I'm very happy with the E. I joyride in it daily, even with these gas prices :shades: (21.5 mpg's so far with 4,700 miles on it) The manual tranny is sweet and I can't wait for the first snow to see how well the AWD system works!!
  • I'm from there so this isn't a slam.

    That has GOT to be the WORST marketplace in the U.S. for buying cars!

    Dirty tricks, screamer ads, customers pitting one dealer against the other in a frenzy. Constant salespeople and management turnover.

    I know I couldn't work in that arena! It's a ruined marketplace
    You got that right!! Out here it's best to do your homework and know what you want to buy before walking into a dealer. It's entertaining talking to the salespeople just to hear the near inhuman amount of B.S. they spew forth. They are really unbelievable, most lie like better than an ex convict.....maybe that's it, they are all crooks.
  • curious? didnt you at least "test drive " the car you were buying first, b4 talking numbers?
  • I test drive first at local dealer, decide the car, then do the internet shopping.
  • I have had my 2004 Elemen now for 1 year, we recently took it in for an oil change and told them again that we can only get 4 AM stations, they gave us a loaner car for the night and called us the next day saying that they checked 2 other Elements and yes it does get less AM stations then the others and that they would keep our car for one more day, well, the new radio was not the problem, another day in the shop and another phone call that it was not a new antena, not the problem, another day in the shop only to find out it was the connector think that it screws into. Also wanted to know if any of you have had a problem with the plastic molding in the back passenger seat below the window popping off and not going back on? I am going to bring it in to have them fix that too. I still love this car and recomend it to everyone I talk to! I have to laugh though! I feel like I am in some sort of special club! Everytime we see someone else driving one they give us the thumbs up, wave, honk the horn or do something else to get our attention to say "HEY GREAT CHOICE IN CAR"! LOL! I now have 12 thousand miles on mine and am still in love.
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