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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • khanhkhanh Posts: 4
    I just bought my EX-P blue 2006 for $300 under invoice. Good Luck,

  • rsb1rsb1 Posts: 4
    Will you kindly tell us the name of dealership, city and state that you bought EX-P 2006 for $300 under the invoice.

    Thank you
  • Hi all,

    I've read through the RIV website but there still seams to be some manufacturer-specific loose ends. So I'd like to know if any Canadian has bought a new Honda in the US and imported into Canada (even better if to Ontario)?

    Will the warranty be honoured in Canada?
    Did you have to pay any type of tax in the US?
    How did you arrange for trip permits while transporting back to Canada?
    Were the border staff in both countries already familiar with this sort of thing or were there hassles?
    Any other hiccups?

    I ask because the CDN dollar at the moment is trading at almost 0.87US which means for the Element I was considering buying here in Canada costs about 30,000C$ (excluding taxes) whereas the same model bought at a US dealership would be about 21,500US$ (24,712CS)

    Ian<a href="
  • Just purchased the above vehicle for $20,216. Excellent expeience in Bremerton,WA
  • Spirit Honda in El Monte internet sales gave the best price that I could find MSRP $21.475 paid $19,575+tax licence. Invoice was $19,866. I got my Element BELOW invoice! Luv the bump'in stereo.
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    I just purchased a silver EXP AWD with a 5 speed manual transmission. It will be my wife's car. We looked at 4 vehicles very seriously: '06 Toyota RAV4, '06 Honda CRV, '06 Saturn VUE and the '06 Honda Element. Obviously, the Element is a tad different than the other 3. I preferred a "traditional" car-based SUV, she really liked the Element. I admit, it is a fun car to drive.

    Buying experience was okay. I spent alot of time emailing dealers to get a good deal. The INVOICE of my Element, including destination, is $20,440. I had a quote from Crown Honda in Charlotte, NC (which is over 2 1/2 hour drive from me) for $19,999 (destination included). Locally, Crown Honda in Durham (20 minutes away) quoted $20,140, AutoPark Honda of Cary (8 miles away) quoted $20,240 and Leith Honda (5 miles away) quoted $20,440. ALL of these dealers charge a $399 doc fee, which seems to be a standard thing for ALL dealers (honda, toyota, hyundai, saturn, etc) in the Raleigh/Durham area. I know, outrageous.

    I ended up buying the car from Crown Honda in Durham for $20,140 I added a roof rack for $300 (they originally wanted $370). To buy the roof rack on the internet was going to cost me $232 (shipping included in that price) from H&A, so I figured $68 for installation from a trained Honda person was okay - I didnt really want to mess with installing myself. So the price with the roof rack was $20,440, plus tax, title and doc fee. I was also able to get them to knock $100 off the $399 doc fee. $299 is still incredibly high, but that was as far as they would go. I got Kelly Blue book "trade in value" for my trade, so I figured that was fair. They made a little money on the car, and will make more on reselling my 1998 Pathfinder, which had high miles but was in good shape.

    It got a bit "rowdy" during the haggling on the trade in, but all the other parts of the deal were agreed upon before I drove over to finalize.

    They tried to sell me the extended warranty, but I will be buying that from the Bernardi Honda, thanks for tips I learned from this site, and saving $300.
  • I bought a 2006 EX-P in Nov2005 and can't shake the feeling I paid too much. I read posts all over the web from people who paid "under $20,000 fully loaded", and very few who paid more. So someone please tell me.... Red 2006 EX-P, AWD, auto, side steps, window tint, tow bar, bug shield, locking wheel nuts, mag wheels, moonroof screen, center arm rest. Around $24,400 right out of the showroom of Arrowhead Honda in Phoenix. Did I pay too much? If so, by how much? (BTW - almost zero % 5-year financing deal.) That said, it's a SUPER little car, and I am really digging it! (54 year old father of 2 teens)
  • First off, the invoice for your car was $ 21,178.00. The armrest is $139.00. The air deflector is $149.00. The side steps are $460.00. The trailer hitch, wiring, and ball are $477.00. The locking wheel nuts are $49.00. Don't know why you paid extra for "mag wheels", but chrome wheels are $339.00 each. The Skylight Shade Screen is $84.00. Don't know what widows were tinted, but I paid $49.00 to tint the two front windows. All of the other windows come factory tinted. By my calculation, you did OK on this Element. Enjoy REFERENCE and
  • Hi,
    I was reading your entry and saw you had purchased a tow package. I was interested in an Element but the salesman told me the tow limit is 1500#. What do you tow, or intend to tow? I have a small pop-up camper that weighs in close to the 1500# and just wonder if it can handle it.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Got a quote outta a dealership in chicago (i live in minnesota) for 20155. Just wonder what you people think for one. Other question i have is has anyone dealt with a Honda salesperson who wasnt for lack of a better word a prick?
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    ^ Is that with AWD or without?

    If it IS with AWD, that is $285 BELOW invoice, and not a bad price.

    I paid $20,140 in NC for a 06 EXP Manual AWD.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Sorry yeah that is with AWD. Problem is there are NONE in the state of minnesota i have seen yet.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Feb. 2006 Internet Price Quote:
    2006 Honda Element 4WD EX-P 5-Speed Manual Trans: $20,440.00 including $550.00 destination fee.

    Feb. 2006 Total "Out the Door" figure:
    $20,440.00 Vehicle price including destination
    57.00 DOC Fee
    1,332.31 Sales Tax @ 6.5%
    143.00 New License plates or $80.00 plate transfer
    + 7.50 Joliet Vehicle Tax
  • EX, AWD, 5-spd with roof rack & rear air deflector: 21,270$ (upper NYS, not incl: additional cost: 67.50$ state inspection & paperwork)
  • I bought an stock/standard Element XP, AWD w/ auto, 2/19/06, from Autowest in Fremont, Ca for $20,777--which was $200 & almost $500 lower than 2 other dealers bids--this was an internet sale--showroom/retail sales are higher.

    Sales price excluded all licensing fees & taxes.

    MSRP: 22,325 + $550 freight or $22,875
  • I recently took a trip north towing a trailer and quad. The trailer itself is heavy duty, weighing close to 1000# empty! Add the 400# quad and a ton of camping gear in the back of the Element, and I was at or over capacity. While I certainly felt "heavy", and the car needed to downshift most of the way up the hill (10 miles of 6%+ grade), the car did OK. My last vehicle was a Ford Explorer. There is a big difference in towing capacity and handling. I would zoom up the hill in the Exp. But I would also suck gas at 14 MPG and pay $10,000 more for the SUV. I like the Element, and for as often as I will be camping with big loads, it will serve my purposes well. It is fun to drive and economical. By the way, once at the campsite, the car came into its "element". Seats down, doors open, skylite off. I think I'll buy one of those tent extensions. One note of caution!! While it didn't happen to us while camping, a few weeks later I had the doors open and radio playing (XM is great) and after an hour or so the battery was too dead to start the car. I went the next day and bought a jumper unit from Costco - $49.99. A MUST if you are going to be in far away places. The radio is too tempting to listen to all the time.
  • intheboxinthebox Posts: 1
    I was quoted $300 below invoice for a 2006 Element LX AWD (Kiwi metallic) which came to 18,660 (incl Destination) + TTL. I am in Houston TX.

    Is this a good price :confuse: ?

    Can you guys post some of the prices you got on a LX AWD?

    Thanks :D .
  • i bought a 2005 honda here in LA over the internet. (the place where i went to test-drive it were less than helpful.) i emailed all the local honda dealers. got a few responses. and the dealer i bought from was willing to tell me how much it would cost me; (i'm leasing it). learned this from my wife who's bought/leased two cars this way. great car. love to drive it. (don't have the towing package.)

    good luck!
  • What have peopel paid fro teh 6 yr/120,000 extended warranty? Any tricks to this?
  • Bought a Black 2006 Honda Element EXP AT 2WD for $19575 including dest fee. this is in california where they are selling pretty well. i suggest going through internet or fleet sales and seek outside financing to avoid the salepeople as much as possible. :) i bought mine from an area in L.A where the element isnt selling as well....(non beach community)
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