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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rolypolyrolypoly Posts: 5
    Only option is Package A.

    In Bay area, looks like:
    Selling price:$17100+ tax/doc fees

    Anyone getting better deals than this?
  • I bought a 2009 matrix s awd:

    MSRP: $24,435
    price paid: $22,121 (before tax, title and doc fees)
  • Just paid $18,600 before taxes & fees for a 2009 Matrix S automatic FWD Only options were heated sideview mirrors & rear heater ducts & bumper protection & floor & cargo mats. Live in NJ - is this a good price or could I have done better?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Could have done a little better. This car is less, and has VSC and Cruise. You can see the difference in MSRP value compared to your vehicle. Don't know how much extra in doc fees you had to pay.

    2009 Matrix S

    Enjoy your car, should be a great car for you.
  • 09 auto base w/ all weather + power + cruise + floor mat

    MSRP 19,459
    Selling: 18,000 + doc fee + tax
    - 400 college rebate

    bought in july
  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    09 base with power, cruise, mats, alloy wheels/all weather tires, roof rack.

    MSRP $20,740

    Gave $18680 + doc. fee + tax
  • matrix base manual msrp $18,779 selling price $17,000 is this a good deal? :confuse:

    I am comparing the matrix and the mazda3 hatchback
  • mhk1mhk1 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at buying a Toyota Matrix in the very near future - Standard, 4-door hatchback (1.8L, 4 cyl 4A) with power package option. So, I was wondering what other people have bought it for. Any thoughts?
  • I am looking to find out a great price to offer / purchase on a 2009 Matrix - S MT, moon roof, carpet floor mats, cold weather package, and VSC in the Chicago / Milwaukee Sales Market? Want to purchase before 10-31-08.

  • I ordered my car with the following options:
    SR Power Tilt and Slide Moonroof
    AA 17" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    CL Cruise Control
    VS Vehicle Stability Control
    CF Floor Mats
    EF Rear Bumper Protector
    Tinted Windows

    Price paid: $21k MSRP: $24,500
  • Bought an '09 base model, automatic, power pkg., cruise, all weather, mats, metallic gray.
    $16,425 after $1,000 rebate. + tax and license.
    Sticker price was $19,6**
  • That seems like a great price.

    I'm looking to make a deal on a Matrix. Do you all think I should wait until after Jan. 5 when the Toyotathon ends? The incentives now are $750 rebate or .9% for 36 months or 1.9% for 48 months. For me it's cheaper to get the .9%. I am thinking that the incentives might get even better in January.
  • HNDHND Posts: 3
    I just bought my Toyota matrix S in blue streak Metallic.

    2.4 L engine
    5 spd automatic transmission
    17" alloy wheels
    6 disc in dash CD
    All Weather package
    Heated rear sided Mirror

    Sticker price $22,009 USD
    Sell price $18,497 + Tax and Licensing

    Out of door which includes everything


    BTW this is with the 0% APR for 36 months,

    What do you guys think?

  • Hello,
    In for a market for the Matrix '09 base model, automatic, power pkg., cruise, mats, and traction control ($215 extra)

    Getting quotes on or more than around $17120 (before TTL) Is anybody able to get better pricing for this cars, specially that 2010 model year is starting to show up at the dealerships?

    This Forum seems kinda dead, The Civic forum is bursting at the seeams, Does nobody buy Matrix's anymore because of the lower Miles Per Galon with the 1.8 engine?


    The Chicago Guy!
  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    Yeah this Forum kind a dead, coz there is no problem issues about 09 Matrix,
    Just let me know about the perfromance of 2010 model (STD traction & stability ctl)
    My 09 Matrix is a Canadian model, It's a touring package, so I added a "Touring" badge below Matrix eblem at the back. so far, It has 26K,Fuel economy seems to be fine, I got 33.6 MPG mixed driving, 70% freeway and 30% city. Not bad for adual VVTi engine (132HP) I used to own an 07 Matrix and the fuel economy are about the same.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    A used 19500 msrp 08 vibe or matrix (pwr,air,auto) is worth less than 12000. ( $15000 or less is what you are looking at for good deal territory on a new 09.

    A guy posted above about $5500 off (inc. favorable financing) on a 22k model matrix. Many have posted in the $14000's this time of year for the $19500 Vibe. This was in previous years.

    Good luck
  • vqboivqboi Posts: 1
    Just picked up a 2009 Toyota Matrix.
    BASE model 1.8L
    Cruise Control
    All weather package
    Power package

    MSRP Sticker was $19450.
    Total was $15,900 after rebate + TTL.
    Toyota currently offering $1500 rebate on Toyota Matrix.

    I think this was an good deal.

    Other than edmunds, try this website:
  • jcptjcpt Posts: 1
    This seems the actual going rate, but others here are posting better prices. In San Diego County, I paid $17,000 (after rebate) + TTL/ fees= $17,800 TOTAL cashiers check. >>(Std. Package > Power package, all weather, Mats, 1.8L, etc. Mine is MANUAL. Jan. 2009.
    I now notice some postings are now at $16,500 or less(!), but they weren't around back then. I could have gotten $200 less, from another dealer, but I wanted the BLUE streak color, they didn't have. Now thinking I should have asked for $500-7000 less, if I'd deal right then for their Silver one.
    MORALE: Have 2 or 3 diff. dealers making you offers, just keep telling each what you're getting offered, perhaps suggesting those little extras that might put it over the top. When YOU get interested, THEY get interested.
    P.S. Re: Manual-- listed at better mileage (28/33), mine gets 28mpg, 90% round town. After 30 years of trucks, the Matrix feels n drives like a sports car, esp. with :shades: :shades: The Stick up near radio, very smooth, very easy.
  • siung777siung777 Posts: 3
    Hi, Vqboi

    I'm about to buy the Matrix. I request the quote from multiple dealers and the dealer from north hollywood give me this:

    2009 Toyota Matrix
    Model #1932
    (Base 4-Speed Automatic 5dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback)

    Included Packages and Options:

    CK - All Weather Guard Package includes: Rear-Window Wiper/Washer, Outside Mirrors w/Electric Remote & Heater, Heavy-Duty Heater, Rear Seat Heater Ducts
    CL - Electric Cruise Control
    FE - 50 State Emissions
    PO - Power Package includes: Power Windows w/1-Touch Down, Shift Connected Power Door Locks
    MSRP: $19,420
    North Hollywood Toyota's Price: $18,101
    Manufacturer Rebate $1,500
    Your Final Price $16,601*

    I want to get the same price as yours as I think that's a good deal. Would you share your experience in the negotiation. Like how much is your first price request to them and what dealer you make that purchase?

    Thank you so much,
    I really appreciate your help.

  • iskbeiskbe Posts: 2
    Hi Albert,

    I am about to buy a 2009 Toyota Matrix Model #1932 (Base 4-Speed Automatic 5dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback) also. I went to several Toyota dealerships and I didn't get any good deal for the 09 Matrix.

    Is it possible for you to tell me which dealership did you go to get this quote? It would be great if you give me the address.

    Thank you very much,

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