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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • siung777siung777 Posts: 3

    I actually have just only request the quote from multiple dealer by online. I live around east LA area.
    I will go to the dealer tonight, I'll let you know the update.

    If you don't mind, would you let me know the lowest price they offer to you? which dealers?

    I found that dealers tries to put many option to make the cars looked expensive. But I believe we can still get the automatic base model w/ power option with price $16,000 after 1500 factory cash back.
  • iskbeiskbe Posts: 2
    Hi Albert,

    The lowest price they offered me was $17,400 after the 1500 factory cash back, tax, etc. And this one was in El Monte, Longo dealership. You can go check it out if you have time.

    Anyway, good luck with your car and please let me know the update.

    Thank you!

  • siung777siung777 Posts: 3

    I've just get 16,100 today after 1500 factory rebate. remember the tax is charged on the original price. (power option, all weather grd pckg, cruise control) from north hollywood toyota. I think longo's price is usually expensive. It's far, but I make the deal on the phone first. just email me if you want more detail aagunarto at gmail. I don't really check this forum. I think they still have one in stock w/ alloy wheels.
  • Looking for input on price for Matrix XR, 29,000 miles

    Power windows, doors
    Fog lights
    Anti-locking brakes
    Alloy wheels

    I believe the salesman said the original sticker price was around $21-22k
    Their starting price was 18k, but they've come down to 16, 500 so far.
    How does this sound to you who've bought the 2008 model?

    Many thanks for your input
  • Looking for anyone to share their best OTD on a 2010 Matrix S with sunroof package. Sticker is around $22,500. Sales guy seems anxious to cut that price - how far can I push him? I'm in SC. Thanks.
  • I was offered a 2009 Matrix XRS for 20,000 OTD

    I was also offered 2009 Matrix S for 19,000 OTD

    Are these good deals?

    Thanks ahead
  • Anyone have any OTD prices they'd like to share?j
    The base model has a MSRP ( I know - doesn't tell ya much) of $19-22K.
    Have they fixed the tire issue on this model?????
  • hey just wanted to post what I eventually got:

    2010 Silver Toyota Matrix, Automatic, base model + power / sport package (power whatevers + fog lights and front/rear bottom spoilers) + regular carpet mats + autodimming compass mirror

    I got it for 15.6k OTD (this is with taxes and fees)

    Auto dimming compass mirror was an addon I wanted that they eventually threw in for me but it's an install so the cable is exposed and all but it's still awesome :p

    I did get the $1000 college grad rebate and my tax is only 3% (North Carolina, but bought the car in Georgia). BUT I did have to purchase the warranty stuff (adds on an extra $2.9k on top of the 15.6k). I've already signed things to get it cancelled though, just they wouldn't give me the rebate without purchasing the warranty.

    But the reason I was able to get it so low right away was because another dealer in the area was trying to sell theirs off quickly (manager special I think).

    What tire issue does it have?
  • Dealership claims because the cash-for-clunker program was so successful, they do NOT have to sell below MSRP (inventory down - price goes up theory I guess). We shook our head and walked away from the dealership and ended up at Hyundai.

    We told him we would buy at MSRP if we got the $3,000 off - right now! He only laughed. We walked - all the way to the Hyundai dealership where we bought.
  • There is another post under Matrix for tire issue - read that post.
    But I already asked all the dealerships around here about it - they all plead ignorance. I wanted to know if the "corrected" the problem for the 2010 models. One dealership said they did a major overhaul on design (not just the pretty stuff) so he seemed to think it had been adressed. Who knows.
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