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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mo5mo5 Posts: 8
    05 Matrix Auto Base w/ Power Package and Preferred Accessory Package.....16K out the door price. :)
  • samuelpmsamuelpm Posts: 2
    I landed a pretty sweet deal at Ira Toyota in Danvers, MA:

    '05 Matrix XR with Value Package 2, 6-CD changer, all-weather package, mats, alarm, wheel locks:
    $15,702 (after $500 rebate)
    + TTL ($1,106)
    = $16,808
  • klinvaklinva Posts: 3
    Thanks to all who have posted here--your comments helped me to make a decision about which car to buy.

    Ordered a 2005 Matrix XR 4spd Auto today, with Value Pkg #2, all-weather guard, side airbags, ABS, vehicle stability control, 6-disc CD, and mats from Leesburg Toyota. Edmunds Invoice price was $18,684, TMV: $19,294. I got it for $19,191, with a final total of $20,148.

    I had to order the car because only 2 were available in a 5-state area with VSC. One of them did not have other options I wanted; the second was sold before I could make a deposit.

    Initially, I went in to see about the 1 available car, having been told that they could get it for me with a $500 rebate that ended that day. But when I arrived at the dealership, they said it would be too late to get that car with the rebate, and couldn't tell me if the car was still available. The salesman was pushing me to go ahead and order it from them, but as I hadn't yet gotten all the quotes back, I said no.

    By the next day, I had talked with 2 other dealers to get quotes on ordering. Even though the Leesburg dealership has a high processing fee ($299), they still came in less than either of the other two.

    All in all, it's been a good experience. I hope that the final purchase will go smoothly and am crossing my fingers that another rebate will be in effect to save me a bit more! :D
  • klinvaklinva Posts: 3
    FYI: Ourisman quoted me an offer within $100 of Leesburg's. Ourisman also offers some kind of free maintenance deal--free parts/labor for scheduled maintenance for 24mos/24,000m or something like that.
  • neo2neo2 Posts: 1
    Any buying experiences in the Pacific NW (Portland area) for a 2005 Matrix FWD XR?
    I'm getting a quote of $18,200 (after $500 rebate) for FWD XR auto, Extra Value pkg #2, Side/Curtain airbags, ABS, In-dash 6 CD changer and floor mats. It's $66 below TMV. Wanted to know if there was anyone out there with better quotes.
  • speedy777speedy777 Posts: 2
    Bought yesterday. 2005 Matrix, Phantom Grey, XR FWD with:
    1. QP 2- extra value package
    2. ABS
    3. Z1- carpet and cargo mat
    4. side/ curtain bags
    5. 6 CD changer

    17833 (18333-500 rebate) before tax, license, etc. 19580 OTD. For some reason my dealer said he couldn't get me a car in Bay Area with VSC. What's up with that? Still went ahead and bought it. Thanks to everyone's price posts. Dealer is Melody Toyota in San Bruno.
  • charlie752charlie752 Posts: 2
    Bought from Herb Chambers, Brighton, MA:

    2005 Matrix XR, Fwd, 5 Spd Manual
    QP - Extra Value Package #2
    EV - 6 CD Changer
    CK - All Weather Guard Package
    FE - 50 State Emmissions

    OTD Price: $16,756.80 w/ taxes and fees (new plates etc.)
  • brandiybrandiy Posts: 1
    05 Matrix Base - Automatic, Power Package, Security System, Preferred Accessories Package, Cruise Control, and All Weather Guard for 16,100 in the Seattle, WA area. Priced on Edmunds and got an Edmund's dealer quote from three different dealers and negotiated via the internet from there. Entire time in dealership was less than one hour. The most painless buying experience that I have ever had.
  • ranmanranman Posts: 4
    I received an internet quote for a '05 Matrix XR AWD with:

    QP, BE, EV, FE, and Z1 for $19,144 (with incentive).

    For my area, and Indigo Ink Pearl paint, the invoice is $19144 and TMV is $19903.

    Is this a reasonable quote?
  • gman007mdgman007md Posts: 1
    I just got my 2005 base Matrix with automatic, power package, cruise, tinted windows and mats. for $14900. I live in south Florida and bought it from the internet department at Maroone Toyota in Weston.
  • bertopksbertopks Posts: 4
    Hi charlie - when you say OTD (w/taxes and fees) do you mean you bought the car from the dealer and then registered it w/the state, got your plates, paid sales tax and after all that the total was 16756.80? or was that the final price of the car from the dealer?
  • bertopksbertopks Posts: 4
    I have been quoted a price of $16193 after $500 rebate for:
    2005 Matrix XR with:
    50 state emissions
    all weather guard package
    6 disc in-dash CD w/6 speakers
    Value package 2 (alloy wheels, sunroof) power everything

    Is this a good deal? add $200 for doc fee

  • ranmanranman Posts: 4
    I was also given another quote of $18,694.00.

    I was told this price is 3% over Invoice. It includes the $400 rebate for:

    2005 Matrix XR AWD with:
    50 state emissions
    Value package 2 (QP)
    Side Airbags (BE)
    6-disc CD changer (EV)
    Floor mats / cargo mat / bumper protector (Z1)

    I was told that the MSRP for the car is $19,531.00.

    This is better than the previous quote I received, but is it a good deal?

    Thank you.
  • riveting1riveting1 Posts: 1
    I just paid $17100 for the same model at Boch Toyota in Norwood, MA, but that dealership may be worth the extra $1000.
  • Hi,
    Gee, that sounds pretty good from what I have been quoted over the phone (OTD of 20,588). What is you location? Is it worth travelling to a larger dealer, or can they make deals the smaller ones cant? This is the first new car my wife and I have ever considered, and we are wanting to get the best deal. Any suggestions are welcome
  • 05trix05trix Posts: 1
    XR FWD

    Cosmic Blue


    Value Pkg 1
    6 cd
    bumper guard

    16600 after rebate

    Not as good as some of the deals I've seen here but rebate is less (300) and the demand for 4 bangers in this area is sky high

    Did not want alloys or sunroof
  • mcfiddishmcfiddish Posts: 1
    We just bought a base model 2005 Matrix from Glendale Toyota, with power package (PO) and preferred options package (Z1) for $15791, and total price, including tax, license fees, etc, was $17316.
  • bertopksbertopks Posts: 4
    I don't know about your dealership. This one is also offering a 10 year / 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain.
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    Anyone finance their Matrix for 72 months? Is it hard to qualifiy for a 72 month loan from Toyota?
  • The OTD price I paid at the dealership was $16756.80 which included the delearship registering it w/the state, getting the plates, as well asthe sales tax on the car. They even threw in a full tank of gas. I made sure that the final price the dealer qiuoted included all of these - basically the taotal price to have the car completely ready to drive off the lot. :shades:
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