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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bertopksbertopks Posts: 4
    Wow - that IS a great deal. the best I've managed is $16, 200 + 200 doc fee + tags, title etc. Way to go. Any secrets?
  • Here's a quick summary of useful things I learned, shopping for a Matrix or similar car. I wanted good gas mileage (30+ mpg), 4 doors, plus a wagon door (flat; not a hatchback) my dog could hop into easily.

    -Amazingly, the Toyota Matrix was the only car on the market from a reputable maker that fit this description. VW's Jetta might have been better (except for issues about diesel), but they had just discontinued the Jetta wagon. Subaru seems to own the wagon market but I object to their mandatory 4WD because of gas mileage.

    -For the Matrix XR, in Colorado at least, for any combination of 4wd vs. 2wd and auto vs. manual, there are only two options choices: (A) Extra Val Pkg #1 (i.e. very little) and (B) Fully loaded -- QP (E.V. Pkg #2), AB (ABS), BE (side airbags), EV (6-CD), CK (All-weather). I chose combination (B). In addition mine had Z1 (mats & rear bumper protector). VSC is not an option in Colorado. Roofracks may not even exist for this car (it was listed as an option when I first investigated). 17" wheels are not an option either, and turns out I don't want them (the metal is larger, not the tire. It's for racing types).

    -Sunday: I submitted quote requests at Cars Direct, Autobytel, Car Prices, Auto Web, and Edmunds. Each one gave me a different list of local dealers. Some gave me NO local dealers, so I used a different zip code instead. Cars Direct seemed best to me: more detailed information and more appropriate choices. The others looked like they were written with an outdated template. Also, Cars Direct sent me to a great dealer (see below).

    -Monday: I received quotes from two dealers. They were within about $50 of each other. I selected the car color I actually wanted (guy #1) and attempted to bargain the price down to match the other guy. Unfortunately, the other guy never gave me a VIN which left guy #1 unconvinced and he stuck by his price.

    -Tuesday: I went ahead and bought from guy #1. This was Stevinson Toyota in Lakewood (near Denver), CO. I was very pleased with this dealership. Straightforward, honest, informative. They went ahead and knocked $50 or so off the price (matching the lower quote) even after I had declared willingness to buy. I recommend this dealer.

    -TMV (see Edmunds "True Market Value" article) for this car (XR, 2WD, auto, combo (B)) was $18,698 after the $300 Toyota customer cash rebate.
    -Actual price paid ("OTD" = out the door) was 18,248 (after rebate) + 300 dealer fee + 1538 tax = $20,086. Note that price was about $450 under TMV.
    -Surprisingly, it took about 2 hours to do the purchase, even though I had made up my mind to purchase before I arrived. About 60 min. inspecting/driving the car, 60 min. of paperwork and the final salesman trying to sell me extended warranties (easy to deal with - "Just say no". And I still recommend this dealer).
    -Note: your tax depends on your home address, not the address where you buy the car.
  • when did you purchase your vehicle. from my research i have not found any incentives or rebates on this car. I'm planning on buying near Philadelphia PA in the next 2 weeks
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Keep in mind that whatever programs are in place today end today. End of the month and all... The new programs will be released tomorrow.

    Toyota Ken
  • I bought the car on June 21. If the $300 rebate has expired by now, I wouldn't be surprised if Toyota comes up with another one later in the summer. In May I was visiting dealers, and they tried to rush me to buy by pointing out there was a $500 rebate at the time. I never let coupons, rebates, etc. influence my purchases and this is one time I am really glad. If I had rushed, I wouldn't have discovered the great savings one can get by getting quotes through the internet.
  • fop47fop47 Posts: 1
    go thru for financing
  • capitanocapitano Posts: 509
    It's called a low ball. They give you that price to get you in the door. It's the same with the screamer ads in the paper. They give you that incredible price because they know customers tend to run around town with that magic price trying to beat it by $50 or $100.

    Better to research and find a reasonable price you are willing to pay and make an offer than asking the dealership for their best price.
  • I sincerely thank you for all your posts and such. I can't say enough good things about you and about this web site. It was a fabulous help in this car buying process.

    We just picked up a 2005 Matrix XR with FE, BE, CK, EV, AB, QP, and Z1 through the internet department at Gresham Toyota. We paid $18,704 OTD (about $150 less than TMV from, including TT&L (no sales tax in Oregon!!) It seems that Toyota only includes Side and Curtain airbags with the QP (Extra Value Package #2), so we also got the moonroof ... it's a nice extra in a great car. We could have done better if there had been any rebates in our area, but I'm happy with the deal we got.

    We could not find the car locally in the color we wanted, but our salesperson worked hard to find an "A Trade" for us. That's an electronic swap in inventory (sometimes before the car is even built) that won't cost you the $250 or so "finder's fee," which is ridiculous.

    The car drives great and we just love it. No regrets here, at all, with our Matrix.

    We did, however, find some dealers that were not honoring the $800 MSRP discount on the Extra Value Package #2. One salesman in Salem told me flat out that I was lying to him about it, so I just went elsewhere. I knew I'd be walking out when he said, "There is no way you know what we paid for this car!" I responded that it's public information on the web, then left. We found much better deals in the big city (Portland) than we did in the surrounding smaller towns with Toyota dealerships.

    The bottom line is don't go into that dealership without your TMV report and your own financing. We secured financing through Capitol One/Costco at a great interest rate. They told me that Toyota Financial couldn't beat it until the Finance Director at the dealership decided last minute to beat it by 0.25%. So, get the best deal on financing you can on your own and don't talk financing unless they show you a better deal.
  • I am getting a 2006 XR for $500 over invoice. In My Area,( Northeast) There are very few 2006's on the lots and as soon as they come in they are gone. I tried three dealers and only two would deal.

    Was wondering what kind of prices you guys have paid and are paying.

    Mine has a sticker of $19280 and I got them down to $18181.

    That is under the Edmunds TMV Price but higher than I would normally like to pay.

    Lets here from ya.

  • Wow, was that $14,900 out the door?
  • I received a quote for a 2006 XR 2WD Auto with ABS, Extra Value Package #1, All Weather Guard and Mats for $17,000 + 290 Dealer Fee + Tax. TMV was $17,652 and Cars Direct target price was $17,160. Any thoughts? :confuse: Thanks in advance.
  • I'd see about getting rid of that dealer fee. Or at least reducing it. Carsdirect price most often INCLUDES the dealer advertising allowance. So anything they're getting on top of that is extra.

    It's OK to pay title/tags/doc fee of $75-150 (depending on your area), but $290 is a little much.

    Tell them to do it for $17160+tax.
  • We are getting an XR 2006 2WD with Package 2 for 18241...Please let us know if you get it for any better price.
  • Me too one of the dealer offering me XR 2006 2WD with Package 2 for which is $100 above their invoice which is 18278 plus tax.tag. otd price would be 20000
    any better price.
  • mudlumpmudlump Posts: 11
    I just bought a 2006 Matrix XR with Extra Value Package 2 and Mats. MSRP was $18,202. I live in Corpus Christi and queried all of the dealers in Dallas/FtWorth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and of course Corpus. Almost all of the dealers would not budge off of MSRP. Only a few would even give $200 - $300 internet discount. Champion Toyota of Austin offered $16,973 price and I went with them.
    TTL put it up to $18,253... their document fee was $50. This was an awesome buying experience. They do a very high volume and the place was very crowded with people picking up their cars. I highly recommend them! Also, they did not require a deposit......

    After I had already made the deal with Champion in Austin and was waiting a couple of days to pick it up, Cavender Toyota in San Antonio offered me the exact same selling price. Don't know how they are about document fees.

    It's very funny that Champion Toyota of Corpus Christi were total jerks about the MSRP price since it's one big corporation. The guy there had the nerve to tell me that they HAD to stick with MSRP because they are selling every car before they get it and they just can't get enough cars.... yeah yeah yeah....

    Anyway, Go Champion, As long as you go to Austin!!!!
  • I live in Austin, so thanks for the information!
  • mudlumpmudlump Posts: 11
    You're welcome! I used CarsDirect to get my quotes so you get the "internet" price. It may be better than walking up to a salesperson.... I don't know.
    Good luck!! :D
  • Hi,

    I purchased a 2006 Toyota Matrix XR 2wd for 18,700 in July. Here are the options we added and it had to be factory built:
    -Extra Value package #2
    -Rear Spoiler
    -Cargo mats
    -Side Airbags
    -6CD w/6 speakers

    Unfortunately we still haven't received the car. I finally had to put in a call to the regional office about this. The person from the office was great. She told me the truth about why our dealer wouldn't give us a delivery date and said she would personally put in an order for a car if the dealership did not improve how they were handling my sale. I should have my car by the 2nd week of November. If you plan to purchase a car in the Triad area, stay on top of things. I've had horrible experiences with two dealerships already.
  • sco123sco123 Posts: 2
    :confuse: Hi,
    I just purchased Matrix 2006 Base 2wD with power doors and power windows for 16700. (out of the door price). Which is couple of hundred dollars less then invoice price. Am i getting a good deal?
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