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Toyota Matrix Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dardasdardas Posts: 1
    That's an excellent price. I live in MD, near DC and am shopping for a Matrix with identical specs. Can you tell me which dealer your bought this from?

  • jessrjessr Posts: 5
    I would also love to know where you got this deal. I'm in the market for a Matrix. I live in New York State. No one seems interested in giving me a deal.
  • hmarhmar Posts: 15
    Where in NY do you live?
    If you're in the NYC metro area, I got a very good deal at Millenium Toyota in Hempstead. They ordered a Matrix for me with specs outside of the regional standards for a good price.
  • goosmangoosman Posts: 2
    355 Toyota in Rockville.
  • Purchased Toyota Matrix instead of Honda Fit.

    Did not like Fit Interior.
    Fit was too small for a primary car.
    Mercy of dealers.
    Price was MSRP.

    My purchase was Matrix XR AT + All the options was below invoice for $18,100= airbags+6 CD changer+sunroof+premium tyres+etc+ 3 free services+1 year emission check.

    Interior feel was defnitely a big plus. I was able to bring a Queen size head board, footboard and frame+ side stand from ikea with wife sitting in back with seats folded down. Thats what I want.

    I am getting 34 miles per gallon after 1000 miles break-in.

    Thanks for all for your inputs.

  • thisweithiswei Posts: 1
    I went to a Toyota dealership in South Jersey and I was offered a price of $18,548 for 2007 Toyota Matrix XR 2WD with the following options:

    QP: extra value package #2(Includes 16" x 6.5" aluminum alloy wheels, sunroof, cruise control, steering wheel mounted cruise controls, front driving lamps and front and rear underbody spoiler)
    EV: AM/FM in dash 6 CD changer
    AB: Antilock brake system
    CK: all weather guard package
    FE: 50 state emissions
    CF: carpet floor mats (4pcs)

    The price of $18,548 includes destination charge but not tax and other fees. Can anyone tell me if this price is reasonable or if anyone brought a similar car with this price?
  • Just bought in sweltering Houston, TX:

    2007 XR 2WD AT
    Side curtain airbags
    50 State Emissions
    Xtra Value pac#2: 16" alloys, AS tires, power tilt/slide moonroof, cruise control, front fog and driving lamps, front and rear underbody spoiler
    Rear Spoiler
    Carpeted floor mats
    Vehicle shield package

    Out-the-door 19,300
  • jlum866jlum866 Posts: 21
    Can you tell me just the price of the car? Since I am in San Francisco, I think the sales tax and all associated fees are different. Here is what I am looking for. 2007 XR 2WD AT with options FE;BE;EV;AB;and QP. Getting quotes of 18451 and 18713 so far.
  • jlum866jlum866 Posts: 21
    I am in San Francisco. I am looking for 07 XR 2WD AT with the following options: FE:BE:EV:AB:QP and Z1. So far, got quote of 18751 and now it is 18451. Got another at 18963 and now at 18713. These prices are thru the internet. From my experience, it does not hurt to counter them back with a lower offer (100 to 300 dollars). The worst you could do is that they will tell you no. Let me know how it works out. I am still working on my XR.
  • It worked out to between 17,900 and 18,000 before taxes.
  • Is it worth it to get the post purchase items like
    Undercoat, weather protection, etc. etc.? I live in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Went shopping Labor Day weekend. Could not find any XR's with my options. The dealer checked inventory and no dealer within 100 miles had the car I wanted. Anyway, was also looking at Civics but ended up with an 2006 Accord EX-L w/navi I4 4 door sedan at a very good price.
  • From reading other postings, all that extra stuff the dealer tries to sell is pure profit. Check in other forums and search for dealer add ons.
  • Good to see that you are in the US.
    Prices in Canada seem high in Canadian dollars compared to US dollars.
    I just bought a 2007 XR Matrix. (Traded in my 2003 XR Automatic Transmission)I explained in more detail the reasons for getting another Matrix at the "compare Matrix and Vibe" forum.
    Cash price before taxes etc: $24031.00
    After freight taxes etc: $27133.88
    I also installed an after market rust proofing electronic device (Sold by Toyota for $700) which I bought at CTC for $200. Check their bumph at : - Still a rip off in my opinion. I am doing an experiment to verify its efficacy.
    I am posting details on a blog at:
  • so down here in texas, i was shocked to learn that most vehicles don't come automatically equipped w/ ABS. i know it's an option, BUT it's something that has to be specially ordered...the dealerships don't just get them w/ ABS. i think this is weird, but we got a production change and we are getting a white XR w/ abs, manual transmission, package #2, side curtain airbags, and sunroof wind deflector for $18,750. not bad according to the research i've done. it should be here by the end of this month!
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    Congratulations! You did a good job in your order. Getting the 5-speed with ABS and side bags was a smart buy.
  • I am in NJ (North/Bergen). I booked one 07 XR 2WD AT with the following options: FE:BE:EV:AB:QP and Z1. Started from quote of 19095 and after bargaining got for 18500. Got another quote in another dealer at 18000 without moonroof. In this forum I saw one buyer got 300 dollars less. Waiting for the car of my color will take 10 days max. :blush:

    Since I wanted a particular color and said ready for a wait and do not need moonroof, 6 CD player etc, the salesman came down from 19095 to 18600. By the time I lost patience and if I stuck to my stand of paying only 18000 may be I would have got for a couple of hundreds less.

    With tax,registration etc total $20200.

    Other cars considered Honda Fit, waiting period 1 month end of November, only sticker price, not even available for test drive :P

  • Hi,
    Yesterday I test drove a 2004 Matrix XR at a dealership in Los Angeles. The price is 13,777, mileage in the 40's, and the car has a moonroof and cruise control. I really liked the car and the amount of interior space. I'm concerned, though, because despite the fact that the car is Toyota certified, the check engine light was on during my test drive. I saw another thread about check engine lights that said it might just be a loose gas cap. I used to own a VW Jetta that had a chronic check engine light problem, and I don't want to live with that worry again. What do you Matrix owners think: is the check engine light going to be a problem? Should I get this car? Thanks.
  • nil12nil12 Posts: 1

    I've been reading this forum for sometime and finally my wife bought ( Bay area, CA ) 2006 Toyota Matrix XR, EVP #2 in Aug-2006 for 20500 otd, metalic silver. I was out of country so didn't get time to post it earlier.

    so far I love it, except that salesman convinced my wife to buy prepaid maintenance for $1255. It covers upto 4yr/55000miles oil change,tire rotation,20 point inspection...usual stuff. what do u guys think about this prepaid maintenance ? Is it really worth ? I saw another website (something like cheapservice) which sells same package for 800$.

    Are there any real benefit to this toyota prepaid maintenance ? I don't see it but looking for your insight.

    Thanks in advance, really enjoy reading post here.
  • It seems like a good deal. I am also in NJ (Central/Middlesex). The local dealership offers 07 XR 2WD AT with FE:CK:EV:AB:QP:CF for $18500. This price includes all the fees except for the taxes. Yours seems to be better because of side airbags.

    Good luck with your new car.
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