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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    If you want one of the current-generation 06's you're proabbly past the ordering deadline. The factory is starting the conversion over to the new 07's which are heavily revised, including a completely new engine.

    - Mark
  • Quick update! I went to Mini of Manhatten and ordered my 2006 Hyperblue Mini Cooper S. it will be develivered mid to end of October!! I'm really excited and can't wait! Didn't want to buy a car from the lot.

  • A reporter seeks to talk with current owners of the Mini Cooper. Please send your daytime contact info and the model year of your vehicle to no later than Wednesday, September 27, 2006.

    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Just started lurking here a couple days ago and found lots of good info. Thanks all. I just ordered a 2006 Mini Cooper S hardtop from Towson Mini (i.e. Baltimore), so they still have some open slots if that helps anyone.
  • Hi,
    We would like to buy our first mini and are looking at two, privately owned used Mini S types.

    Car 1 is a 2005 with 20,500 miles on it. Premium/ Cold weather & Sports packages. Automatic transmission. Harmon Kardon sound system. From the pics looks very well maintained. I happen to know the owner and she is asking $24,000 but would let us have it for $22,000.

    Car 2 is a 2004 also with 20,500 miles. John Cooper Works & Power Packages. Sport/ Cold Weather & Convenience packages. Leather seats & Navigation system. Harmon Kardon sound system. The owner is asking around $23,000.

    Which should we go for??? I have heard that '05 is a 'better' car, but the '04 is so well optioned. Please advise asap as we need to make a decision within a day or two!

    Thank You!!
  • Hmm. They're quite different cars. I guess the color is not that important to you?

    Car #1 is an automatic, so that would rule it out for me. Knowing the owner is a big plus.

    Car #2 is stacked with the JCW and navigation. This car's warranty could expire soon.

    It's a personal choice. I don't care much for navigation. Automatic would be a showstopper. That said, if you don't mind the automatic, then I would go with #1. BTW, these prices seem reasonable. May I ask where you live?
  • We actually like that it is automatic - no problems with clutchs that people keep mentioning! Also seems a lot quieter - we have test driven both and preferred the automatic. I guess it depends on the purpose of the car, but we plan on using the car as a commuter car.
    I wonder though if most people would want stick shift - don't want to have a problem with resale??
    Agree that the warrenty expiration is a concern with car #2.
    It's a tough decision!!

    We live in New Jersey.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,707
    I'd personally go with a non-S with 6 speed and exactly the few options you want. For about 20K, new.

    ie - the NEW 2007 models will have a massive improvement in power in the base version - enough that a 6-speed in it will be about halfway between the old base and the old S.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    For a NJ commuter car with bad weather and worse roads, I'd never recommend a Mini Cooper of any sort. Their ride is quite punishing over rough roads, they get fairly lousy gas mileage for their size, and they're fairly low slung so they don't handle snow very well even with good all-season or snow tires. (They're proverbial hockey pucks with performance tires.) Finally, I'd always place stone axe reliability and ease of servicing as a #1 priority in a commuter, and Mini's are average at best in both of these areas.

    I'd recommend a Mazda 3 which can be had brand new for MUCH less than you're going to pay for either of these used Minis.

    - Mark
  • Interesting! I e.mailed a friend who has a mini and asked her opinion _ I've pasted what she said below. Amazing how opinions differ, I guess in the end we just have to do what works best for us and hope it all works out!! :) Thanks so much for the input though - it all helps!

    I completely disagree. The car is front wheel drive so that makes it
    better in snow compared to an all wheel drive vehicle. Also, I'm not
    sure if the guy that you spoke with had the sports package on his Mini
    but with that package comes the dynamic stability control which also
    helps with driving in icy conditions...basically if you start to slide
    the stability control kicks in and distributes the weight of the car to
    stop the sliding. I didn't drive it a lot in snowy conditions because,
    you're right, the NJ turnpike is usually cleared and clean in bad
    weather, however, in visiting Bobby's relatives in Vermont over
    Christmas we drove in a lot of snow and had no problem.
  • Hmm, I would have to disagree here. The Mini Cooper would not be my preferred car in the snow. It's quite a light car (relative), and when you're sliding in the snow, I don't think the Dynamic Stability Control (which is able to apply brakes to the individual wheels) would help much. Obviously, the Mini's clearance would be an issue.

    I own 2 Subarus (in addition to the Mini) and living in Northern California, where we 'visit' snow in the winter around Lake Tahoe, I would always take a Subaru in any occasion where I might encounter snow. Those things run on rails in the snow and there's no way the Mini would be able to match their traction and control.
  • DSC is a great thing.. and can help in winter weather..

    But, your friend saying that FWD is better than AWD in the snow? Well... that sort of kills her credibility in assessing winter weather suitability..

    The low ground clearance will hurt more than the light weight in winter weather..

    The one thing about the MINI... it depreciates slowly.. This makes a new one a good buy.. but, not so good for buying late-model used.. Same goes for Hondas..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Good point - but bear in mind we need to compare it to other small cars as we need something great on gas that we can actually park where we live (parking is a nightmare).

    So it needs to be in the 'small car class'. We were also looking at the Toyota Yaris.

    Right now we have a Mercedes ML500 which does great in snow - but we can't compare the two as we need something small and good on gas.
  • If you need a small car for commuting, it would be hard to beat the Yaris/Versa/Fit trio...

    The cost/size/mileage variables all favor them... and, they are likely to be very reliable..

    Another advantage is they all come with skinny tires that should do well in snowy conditions....

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • We like the Yaris, but would not be interested in keeping that car were my husband's commute to change for any reason. A mini we would keep hold of and I could use it as my 'around town car'.
  • Ok, we have ruled out the manual transmission on a used car - too many people with major clutch issues. We're going for the automatic. We did take the advice of some of the people and looked at a 'build your own'.

    Now we have a choice of the following:

    Identically optioned cars. One new '06 for $28,615 or the '05 with 20,000 miles for $21,800.

    These are identical cars bar the year/ mileage. is it worth the extra almost 7k to buy new?
    I do know the owner of the '05 and know that the miles are virtaully all highway. She used as a commuter car just as we will. Any comments??
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,707
    RWD is only bad in *light* cars. FWD is good in little cars, but in a big car, you want RWD without a doubt.
  • nidsnids Posts: 1

    I have been communicating with a few dealers in the Southern CA area about a new 2006 Mini cooper convertible with Automatic Transmission.

    I got a quote for a silver mini cooper convertible with Automatic Transmission, premium package for $25,650.
    The dealer is making me buy extra maintenance for 1 year for $1000 or an iPod interface for $800. That brings the cost to $26,645 or $26,445.

    Another dealer is offering a cool blue mini cooper convertible with Automatic Transmission without any packages for approx $24,500.

    1. I am quite confused about which car I should go for. I can do without the accessories but if I have to sell the cars in 2 years, would the accessories come in handy to sell the car ?

    2. Also, is there anybody who has been able to buy a MINI cooper below the MSRP ?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    1. With the packages, the car will be easier to sell, but it's going to depreciate more. The car without all the accessories is going to depreciate less, but it's going to be harder to sell. If you're going to buy a convertible, I'd go with the one without the packages; I don't think the premium package is as important to the convertible as it is to the hardtop, and the first dealer is handcuffing you to a certain degree--I'd stay away.

    2. Yes, but not in California. Another option is to look at a midwestern dealer or east coast dealer, and either pick up the car yourself, or have it transported (many dealers will do this for a fee, you might be able to get it thrown in for free), but it would be worth looking into--especially this time of the year, where convertibles are harder to move in the midwest.
  • handelhandel Posts: 17
    Some interesting points, and here's my 2 cents. I have an 05 S with STC and ABS. I love my MINI, it is the best car I've ever had.. But I have to say that I've owned cheap small cars (ie Accent) and actually they were better in the snow. I never had trouble getting up hill or driveways before I had the MINI. The DSC did save me from a nasty spill into a guard rail one evening getting onto the highway, so it does have it's merrits.. But as far as the snow, I would not rate the MINI that great compared to other small cars I've had. I seem to even have a better time navigating in the snow with the DSC turned off, as long as I can keep control. That way I can accelerate the way I want, not the "balanced" way that the computer thinks you need. Just some thought.
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