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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • esgamesgam Posts: 13
    The current BUY RATE (money factor) this month with BMW Financial is 280 (.00280) on Mini's. If you have top notch credit (I believe over 700?) you should be able to qualify for this rate. The dealer may try to add on a $400 security deposit to this rate that you get back at the end of your lease. This may or may not be normal.

    They don't advertise this rate and I had to do a lot of searhing to find it. They were originally offering me .00335mf which is obscene. I would talk to them and tell them you want a better rate or walk. Unless of course your credit isn't great.

    My car is on order and I will be leasing for 36 months 12K per year and I will be paying $386 including tax. The total value of the car is $26,820.00. Residual is 68%. My drive off fee is $1950 (all of this is going towards 1st month, Car Acquisition fee, Title and fees. It also includes that $400 security deposit which I am still discussing with my salesperson. None of it is giong to decrease the car value.)

    In my opinion you are getting hosed. If your credit is good, I'd walk from this deal and reorder.
  • Never pay a secutity deposit on the vehicle. A lot of dealerships use this as a scam. Stay away from the deposit.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    If you lease a MINI, you'll pay a higher money factor without the security deposit, unless you are a returning customer.

    In this case, making a security deposit is to your advantage.

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  • I wish I found the forum earlier when I was buying a new MINI.
    Anyway, like to share some thoughts:
    Got omy MINI S Conv. from Nick Alexander just a little bit below sticker price. $35,000 out of the door, with an MSRP just below $33,000 :o)
    Great people to work with. In and out of the dealership with in 2 hrs.
    Not sure if I can post this.... Had a very bad experience at Assael MINI. I have been thinking about getting a new MINI for a long time, since I am a big MINI fan (have an original 71 MINI 1000, AUTO RHD). I went to Assael MINI first, since they are the closet to me. The sales person came out and greeted me, then asked what I currently drive. Told him, I have a Civic. Then, I asked him if I can have a MINI brochure. He told me MINI don't give out brochures. Then, walked away. :o(
    Plus, ASSAEL's MINI service dept is terrible. No one answers the phone over there and if you try to leave them a message, most likely they won't reply.
  • Has anyone had an experience @ Keeler Mini in Albany NY? Mini dealers in these parts are scarce.
  • We took a delivery of 07 Yellow Mellow Cooper just 2 weeks ago in CT. We have onyl two dealers in state and luckily we live 10 miles from one. My wife drove it and loved it and we ended up ordering our yellow mini with checkers on the mirrors and roof from factory, optioned exactly as we liked (premium, cold, sports packages). Took 5 weeks to get. They were not discounting it at all, but threw in rubber mats and we pursuaded them to forgo their mandatory VIN etching, paint sealant, etc. While overall it seems to be a trend that they would not discount the car off MSRP, it seems that our salesperson as well as their business manager were a bit indifferent as to whether we would buy a car or not. No pressure is good, but a sort of no enthusiasm on their part either - if I knew nothing about the Mini, I would probably walk away to buy something else. Anyway - 500 miles down the road now and mife wife still loves it and I drove it too for a few days and it has a personality that beats its relative lack of power (if this car was not for my wife, I would have gotten Cooper S). SO far only 33 mpg with 70% highway driving, but I hope it does get better.
  • esgamesgam Posts: 13
    I got an email from my MF saying that my car is ready for pickup in So Cal. I have a dilemma in that I'm stuck in Northern California for work until the 3rd. My MA is telling me that I have to sign the contracts by the end of the month. I could do that via faxing, etc., but I really think I should see the car before I sign for it.

    Additionally, I'd love your input, do you guys think that there will be much of a change in interest rates for October, since it is the first time the 1/2 point cut will affect BMW Financial or other Lenders? If it will, then waiting until the 1st to pick it up would be worth it.

    What can/should I do???
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter with a large finance magazine is hoping to talk to consumers who just purchased or looking to purchase a more fuel-efficient car for their daily commute. Please reply to no later than Monday, October 8, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

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  • how much should i be spending on an ASTRO BLACK mini copper type S 2 door, not convertible.

    The prices that i have been quoted are from 26k to 33k.

    please let me know.. and where is the best place to purchase.. if i am going to spend 25K should i consider another car? honda accord coupe??

    mini enthusiast.
    San Francisco, CA
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Most MINI dealers offer nothing off of MSRP and then charge you a dealer "doc" fee on top of that. I have seen some have specials with $500 off MSRP + add the fee back.

    What you spend after that just depends on the options you want. The stipper S is not a bad price, but if you want sports pack, premium, convenience, etc you end up with a lot of money in the car.

    I test drove a new Cooper S just the other day and I TRIED to love the car, but that much power and FWD = massive torque steer. The car with sports pack and runflats is stiffer than my S2000 and stiffer than my RX-8, M5, ;vette, and any number of other cars used to be. But this is not "good" stiffness, it is rough ride stiffness.

    Look could look at the Si coupe and sedan, the sedan for sure can be had a nice price. For $30k you could also look at the 350z, Mustang GT, and even a left over 07 G35 coupe ($2,500 in dealer money on those now).

    The MINI is cute inside and out, and if you don't mind the BMW-esqe high failure rate and the FWD torque steer and small size can be a real hoot. But there are other FWD choices and lots of nice RWD cars to look at as well given the high price of a loaded MINI.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I forgot to mention, if the FWD turbo torque steer does not bother you then go test drive a Mazdaspeed3. You get a lot more space and nice handling and acceleration for less money - and probably more reliable. No free maintenance and less MPGs, however.

    You could probably swing a new S2000 as well. RWD drop top that is quick handles super and returns 24 mpg around town.

  • 07mcs07mcs Posts: 5
    Here is what I paid for my 2007 Cooper S a few months ago:

    MSRP: $25,800
    3 yr / 36K mi lease / $291 per month
    Chilli Red with Black Bonnet stripes
    Premium Package
    Cold weather package
    Anthracite roofliner
    Brushed alloy interior
    16" bridge spoke w/ performance tires

    $2500 out-of-pocket includes first month's payment, security deposit, tax, title, fee, etc.

    I remember I checked every dealer along the North-East coast and no one was willing to give that deal except Habberstad Mini NY. Talk to Maureen there (if you wish to go to NY).
  • Yesterday placed our order for a 2007 Mini. Dealer said it was his "last slot" for ordering a 2007. Managed to get it at $500 under MSRP.

    6 Speed Manual
    Pepper White w/ Black Roof/Mirrors
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Xenon Headlights
    Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
    Universal Garage Door Opener
    Chrome Line Interior
    Cream White Color Line
    Piano Black Interior Surface
    Carpet Floor Mats

    MSRP $23,445
    Purchase $22,945

    Hopefully it will be here just in time for Christmas!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Pretty sad state of affairs when we have to brag about getting $500 off full price :D . How much is the dealer's doc fee? That probably made up for a large chunk of the $500 savings, I would bet :-( .

    The main thing is you got to order the colors and options you want and DID get some discount. Enjoy your new car when it arrives.

  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I hope this is the correct forum for this question. If not feel free to move it.
    I am wondering about Edmunds True Cost to own. The Depreciation has a graphic with a slider bar
    Now the way I see it is if you have $------------------^$$$
    You LOSE less at resale
    If you have $-^-----------------$$$
    You lose More
    But the Mini always has terrific resale value and I figure I must be incorrect. can some one set me straight?
    Which is more preferable for depreciation the ^ to be more towards the $$$ or the $?
    Is that confusing enough? :confuse: :D
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    That's a really good question.. To me, the graph reads that the more the arrow is to the right ($$$).... the higher the depreciation (which is bad).

    I think they are looking at the raw number on depreciation, not a percentage. So, even though the MINI might retain a higher percentage of the purchase price, it's depreciation rating is not any better than it's lower priced competitor, because of the actual depreciation in dollars.

    But, I can look at two different cars, whose raw depreciation numbers are similar, and they have two very different ratings, so I'm at a loss to explain why.

    Does that help? :surprise:

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  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    That's a really good question.. To me, the graph reads that the more the arrow is to the right ($$$).... the higher the depreciation (which is bad).

    Yeah that's how I'm reading it too, but I'd like to see Edmunds make it clearer so that $$$ = bad $ = Good
    Something like this
    since it's in the middle in this case it's average.
    It just doesn't make sense with some cars tho. Honda Civics are rated average to worse than average yet they sell very well and don't lose a lot of money from new so that means they should be closer to the $--^-----------$$$
    end of the scale but very few cars actually are.
    I'm baffled. :sick:
    Maybe Edmunds can clear it all up by changing it to


    Something so that we know which end of the graph is the one we want to be on.

    Thanks for your explanation :D
  • i am excited about buying a mini and i need to know what dealers in los angeles that are willing to deal.

    most of them are nightmares!

    also, i want to know what a good buy $ is on a minicooper s
    black or white
    premium package
    comfort package

    any good ideas?

    monthy payments?
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    your question is a little unclear, but if you are asking which options are good--I can weigh in. I bought the car off the lot so it had more options than I thought I needed/wanted. And it turns out I was introduced to some that I love and others that I thought that I wanted that I totally wouldn't want now.

    comfort access, autodim mirror and automatic headlights--all excellent and you'll be glad you ahve them. the rearview mirror in particular, it doesn't make things smaller liek it does when you just flip the mirror,

    bluetooth is GREAT--when it works. Although I can always hear perfectly, people I speak to say the quality is terrible. and I've called my own answering machine and left a message and it is pretty bad. If this improves it's worth it, if's a feature that's helpful in an emergency but I end up not calling people because they complain about the quality--it drives them crazy, the static/in-out reception etc.

    fancy steering wheel. I never use the steering wheel--or rarely. since all the radio info is about two inches away from your right hand it's easier just to do it all from the radio/stereo buttons. both for the phone and the stereo controls it's MUCH easier to just do it all from the radio--and it's not like it's a stretch==you're in a mini

    I never use cruise control. I don't know if you still have it without this steering wheel, but when I"m on the highway, I like to monitor my speed myself anyway.

    arm rest: I was all gungho on the arm rest but it's such a TERRIBLE armrest, it's not worth the 200 bucks. IT's too low to 'rest' on, and the storage is terrible. Maybe one of those aftermarket armrests you can buy are bigger and better, this one is useless

    fancy colors on the inside. I have interesting details--chrome mirrors, some color stuff on the insdie of the car. at first this was nice, now I hardly notice it' unless you are totally into the details, not worth the extra money, the car is already cute as it is.

    sunroof--I hate my sunroof and I would not get one again. when you are on the highway, you can hear wind noise coming out of it--the car would be nice and quiet without that, and it doesn't block the sun during the summer--so you get uv rays on your face--if you want to avoid wrinkles like me, this is a pain. I ended up putting some cardboard between the net thinga nd roof to block the light all the summer anyway. I rarely use it and when I do I really can't tell a difference. You get more of a 'wind' feeling from rolling down the windows.

    As far as being more spacious inside, the car is already roomy, so unless you are VERY tall in your seat, I can't see how the sunroof makes much of a difference. Also, since I live in NYC, the last thing I want to do is ride around town sucking in more pollution into my lungs by being more exposed to traffic.

    I have the basic mini, not an S. I have not driven an S but the mini is just fine for highway. It goes faster than I intend often--like suddenly I'm at 80 before I realized it, so I don't feel like there is a lack of power. I'm a girl and not a car person so I'm no expert. But, really, the basic seems like plenty of zippiness.
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    oh, and in retrospect I wish I had gotten stripes of some sort. At first I thought they were too tacky. but then the mini is like such a little toy car and so cute, it reallyd oes call out for stripes! I may return this one after my 1 year lease and buy a new one and if so I'll probably get stripes.
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