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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi, this is my first Mini/BMW car also. I have done lots of reading on the message boards the last month to get a feel for what to expect. I debated getting the CWP especially seeing that last year it was $300 and went up to $500 for 08. Heated seats are no big deal to me but maybe when the snow and ice come the heated mirrors and washer jets will come in handy. The other packages had things I didn't need and I wanted my Mini to be economical in price and fuel. When I priced both models with the same features the "S" was $1900 more for the turbo basically. Seeing that they recommend 91 octane for both I decided on the "S" though my driving style probably wont take full advantage of it. I didn't see or hear anything about tinted glass in the brochures or online but I guess you can have it done at an auto glass business. As far as the gas issue from what I've read you can use regular safely but your mini wont perform as well and your gas mileage will suffer. The higher octane burns cleaner and to tell you the truth I have in the past used a few tanks of premium in my truck and it seemed to run better and the mileage was a tad better.
  • Hello, thanks a lot for your reply and advise. Basically, I agree with your opinion on the CWP and gas issues. I don't real need the heated seats, but heated mirrors will be a very good option for me. Looks like HMs are not available alone, only in the CWP. I am commuting mostly on the pretty flat highway with a medium traffic. The distance and gas are only an issue for me at this time. :)
  • Who has paid what ? I see some strange numbers out there from different dealers.
    Thanks !
  • Assume MSRP. Anything more is too much. Anything less, good job.
  • In Florida? The dealers there have some crazy document fees... $399... all the way up to $799..

    Just consider it part of the selling price.. That said, if every MINI dealer in Florida is adding that to the MSRP, then you may have to go out of state to get a better deal.

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  • You appear to be right on. I have one quote of 350 and 3 hours away on the left coast it's 650. I can't figure it out !
  • I live in Ct. but bought across the border in RI. I ordered my MCS Saturday but before signing I told them to wright everything out the door price. I was not going to pay for anything other than document fees. No vin etching, paint sealant, undercoating, dealer prep, etc. They were good and my paperwork fees were $95. He did balk at giving me front and boot mats but I was ready to walk, even over such a little thing.
  • Hi -

    First time MINI leasee here. I was wondering what I should expect between the Cooper and Cooper S? I drove them both in the city and didn't feel too much of a difference.

    You guys/girls seem to know what you are talking about, could you please provide some insight?

  • You didn't feel much of a difference? Well, if you can't feel the horsepower difference, then go with the car you like most. There's no reason to opt for an S if you do not see value in the turbo.

    I've been given the standard cooper twice while my 07 is in the shop (non-maintenance issues) and both times I felt like the Cooper was decent. I couldn't live with it but then again, at times my Cooper S feels underpowered.

    Driving style and what you desire in the car will probably decide which car you'll decide to buy/lease.
  • Hi Jason,

    I have one of the previous post and I said the same thing when I test drove them three weeks ago. I decided to go back and drive them again but to drive them harder such as the on-ramp to the highway and passing. I did feel a difference when comparing them in that fashion so I ordered the "S". I"m sure the non turbo would have been fine but with the bonnet stripes that I wanted to get I though that I would want a little more go than just show.

  • unfortunately, i am stuck btw two available cars and i cannot decide.

    my choice is btw

    Black 2007 MCS xenon lights and arm rest automatic


    Real Silver 2007 MCS only sunroof automatic

    which one is the best for me? i am 24 grad student, working and studying in los angeles. ive read and responded to the sunroof complaints. are they legit? should i just get the black color... but my fear is that the car is small, the black will make it a target for bad drivers in parking lots because they cannot easily spot the vehicle parked?

    i would option out for the silver. in the perfect world, my car would have a comfort package but alas, unless i built it what i want is not available to me.

    should i just settle for the black? anyone on this board have an all black mini S and have opinions, i am open to hear them.


    im going car shopping tomorrow night. i am eager and excited but unsure.
  • Is there some reason you're only looking at on-the-lot and at just one location? Why can't you order? In socal we have more mini dealers than anywhere else in the country. You have a very wide variety of choices and most dealers show their inventory online.

    Why a new car for a grad student?

    What does the color have to do with getting hit? I'm on many boards and I've never heard this. Also, you can always park your mini at the edge of the spot so people will see you; that's even in mini's silly little Owner's Handbook.
  • Im so excited! How long does it usually take to receive the car? My sales person told me 6 to 8 weeks, but from reading other messages, it seems like it could take much longer.
  • a new car for a grad student because i also have a great job. im getting my mba for job advancement/ salary increase.

    i never realized that i had such a nervous personality, i guess im anxious since ive never made a purchase like this before.

    on the lot because i dont want to order and wait, ive waited long enough for a new car.

    and the two cars are at completely different dealers. i am hoping i can leverage that as well as the fact that it is an 2007 and they need to move the cars off the lot to my advantage.

    any thoughts?
  • As I bought off-the-lot (I got rid of my 2006 330i and decided that same week the Cooper S was my choice), I would suggest with a purchase of this kind that you closely weigh the importance of features v. price. Had I known I wanted I Cooper S sooner I would have ordered and I'd have 2 feature I dearly miss - comfort access and a LSD. This would have meant a delay but I know the car I dig now, I'd love even more.

    Sometimes a savings in time or $ isn't worth it in the long run.

    I don't know the negotiation on the 07s v. 08s, so I'm sorry but I can't be of any help on pricing 07s. :(

    I wouldn't be concerned about the color and parking situations. The mini is quite common in so cal.
  • I have ordered '08 MC a three weeks ago. The salesman indicated to me the same delivery term: about 6-8 weeks. I hope my car will arrive on time. But, due to the holidays, it could take a couple weeks longer. Status of my order is: "Awaiting Transport". I will be very happy if my car will be delivered to me by the middle of January. :)
  • lease:
    silver 2007 mini cooper S
    auto and sunroof only options
    msrp: 24,500
    car bought 23,335 or 23500
    $2,000 out the door
    325.00 a month/ 36 mo.

    did i get a good deal?
  • I just bought a Coupe - excellent vehicle! Just some thoughts on dealer add options:

    iPod integration - For $580 (last year this was $300) the functionality is slightly above first gen iPod players (i.e., only does playlists, acts like a CD player - ughh). Oh yeah, despite 'being new', it doesn't support the iPhone. Use the free aux input and your iPod/iPhone interface.

    Bluetooth/Nav. Real surprise here - For $850 I thought I was getting bluetooth integrated into the car audio (like my '06 Volvo - for $600 there.) Nope - go figure. Instead you get a 3" by 3" box - last years Garmin, retails for $499 (i.e., not up-to-date on current features.) Live and learn.

    i.e., steer clear of these options or, at least be knowledgeable.

    (Dealer was Mini of Peabody - but I'm sure all push for these high-profit items...)
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I am new to the mini market, helping the lady get a car.. do all 08's sell AT msrp? Or are there any known dealers in CA that will sell below?

  • i got an 07 for a remarkable price in mid december.

    all the 08's will be at msrp if not a bit more for a few months after arrival dated for february.

    i'd watch out for dealers who try to rob u blind, i encountered that a lot while i was car shopping.

    try mini of long beach. thats where i got my car and i couldn't be happier. salesman named junior. he was easy to work with and dont take no for an answer until u get the price u want.

    so, what do u want?
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