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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    here in eastern pennsyltucky one dealer has 1000.00 off on 2008 minis.
  • I just ordered a clubman S from Bob Smith Mini near Los Angeles to lease.
    $1700 drive off, 67% residual 10K miles a year. Price was MSRP $24,700, $351 a month including tax. I thought it was reasonable.

    Before I ordered I went to Universal Mini. Told them what I wanted. They came back with.....get ready for this.....$3000 markup,$1000 lojack, $300 for nitrogen for tires, $5300 drive off and $461 a month!!!! That is a difference of around $12,000 on a $24,700 car!! When I told them of the deal I had at Bob Smith they came back with almost same deal as Bob Smith except payment was $363/month. They dropped all the other markups and charges. I think we know what dealer to stay away from.
  • I'm interested in a Mini but whenever I go look at the NWMINI site's inventory there is nothing short of $26K ranging up to $41k. Can you get a Mini Convertible (s or not) in the Northwest for anything like MSRP?

  • Hi,

    I have a question for anyone that custom-orderd a Mini and purchased it with outside financing (not the dealer) or cash. Did the dealer still require you to fill out a credit application? The dealer I visited in southern California told me that it's required, in addition to the deposit ($1000). Is it a standard requirement to apply for credit before being able to order a Mini? She told me that it's for their protection, but that got me thinking- isn't that what the deposit is for?
  • Be careful - they're gonna play games with you. Tell them you have your own financing - which you should probably get anyway through a CU as BMWFS isn't offering anything on Coopers.
  • Skylers,
    I ordered one in Nov. from a Northern Cal dealer and we never discussed a credit application. Have you checked with other area dealers to see what they are doing? It may be that just this dealer requires it. It seems reasonable if they want to make sure your qualified for financing on the car you are ordering. However, I suspect the main reason they want to know your credit limit is that way they can push options, packages and cool extras on you until you are maxed out. Definately get preapproved from another financial institution so you can defend yourself against any dealer games. The deposit is fully refundable and does not protect the dealer if you order something out of your price range.
  • I agree with getting your own financing. I picked up my 09 MCS about a month ago from Motor City Mini in Shelby MI. They handled the financing but because of the rates offer by BMWFS it was much better to go with a local CU that they deal with. I got 5.6% on a 60mo loan.
  • Considering year end is just around the corner, what would be a good deal for a 2009 Mini Cooper base model with absolutely NO add-ons/pkgs/upgrades. I priced this on the mini website it came to 19200 MSRP (Chili Red/White roof).

    Maybe it doesn't matter, but I'll be financing my self.

    Any tips on where I can get a deal will be much appreciated. Mini of Woodlands? Momentum Mini? Mini of SanAntonio?

  • Custom ordered a MCS at the end of Oct. supposed to take delivery next week!! No credit app. $500 deposit......Flow MINI Winston-Salem, NC :)
  • for those looking at MINI's, there's nothing out there right now less than MSRP. That's just the way they do it. I bought Jan. 2 (HT w/ Sport seats and upgrade Steering Wheel which was already on the car) @ MINI of Sterling, Virginia. Salesman took me over to their storage lot which was loaded with Minis. I asked why they had so many - he replied they've been buying other dealer's inventory. I had a really good choice with many of the HT at BASE configuration. Sales rep. remarked they don't discount, but they don't do dealer add-ons either. BTW, the dealership is a stone's throw from Dulles airport and he said they'd pick you up if they know you're coming. Check their website for inventory and 800 phone #
  • Depends on where you are looking. Just a few days ago I was offered $2500 off an 09 Clubman S model and $3000 off of a JCW Mini S. This is in Oklahoma City. For what it's worth the prices were quoted to me prior to introducing a trade-in.
  • kajakkajak Posts: 1
    On Dec 6 I was offered $ 350 off MSRP on 09 Cooper at Patrick MINI in Chicago. I asked also for taking off 175 doc fees and they said my pricing was too aggressive. This car was their lowest priced 09 MINI Cooper with auto trans and according to dealer, received quite a bit of interest from other customers. Its Jan 4, and this car is still listed on their inventory. I will wait .... I like Minis, but they should not cost more than $16000.
  • I like Minis, but they should not cost more than $16000.

    You may be shopping at the wrong place. Honda's Fit is more in keeping with your pricing expectations.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,102
    are you still lovin' your Cooper S?

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    you should be able to get 1K off now. inventories are climbing and bmw just dump a load of coporate minis for dealers to sell. so look at some used ones they get the corporate ones for a good price. In fact they ill make more on them than a new one. hold you ground .
  • NYC I'm at 22 months with my cooper s and it's still a hoot to drive. My 5 week old isn't afraid of it yet - the crazy dance of his car seat to get in the back will either make him a fighter pilot or afraid of roller coasters. My wife is gently pushing me to consider at least a 3 series so we can have two cars with decent room for all of us. I must admit I almost took an M3 the other day at $600 a month lease - hard to say no to that kinda car for so little.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    " I almost took an M3 the other day at $600 a month lease"
    How much down?
    A new M3 base = almost $55K...
    - Ray
    Very curious.
  • Title, license, 1 refundable security deposit and acquisition fee. - about 1800 total.

    2008 M3s are getting at least 6k off MSRP. I've seen some as much as 10k off MSRP. This was a fairly low content model at 59k and the dealer would accept 52500 on Dec 31. With a money factor of 0.00025 and 56% residual (10k a year lease), the payments were $605 a month. If for some reason I was going over miles I could buy more or just aim to buy the car outright. Heck, with a 0.6% finance charge I was getting the car at a cut rate.

    I would actually prefer an even more stripped M3. Totally base. There's nothing I really would want on it that isn't standard.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    Very interesting...
    - Ray
    Thinking this means some BMW
    dealers, at least, really do need sales........
  • Have you gotten the price you want? or even close?
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