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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    I think they have it fixed.You got a good deal also.
  • First of all I'd get a coldweather pkg and all seasons tires. How ever what about sunroof not being insulated? :confuse:
  • tezzztezzz Posts: 15
    MSRP $25,600
    Discount $500

    $25100+I pod interface and floor mat

    Good Deal?
  • Mathew.....what was the dealer than gave you $1500 off? Where?

  • queenmaqueenma Posts: 1
    Just bought a new Oxygen Blue Cooper. It has manual transmission, premium package, bluetooth/Ipod package and its MSRP is $21,200. Dealer discounted $600 and threw in floor mats.
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    I'm interested in any feedback on recent deals on the 2009 MC Base with auto. Seems from what I read here that max discount is around $500 to $600 with sales still declining for Mini and BMW I want to double check on this as there are not many posting on the subject. I'm in the South East Market (Charlotte), I have only one dealer nearby Hendrick's which I really hate because of their sales tactics, I'm willing to travel to another dealers but wanted to be sure first what I'm up against in pricing first...thanks to all/any with information...
  • luckyme1luckyme1 Posts: 29
    I was looking to buy a Clubman S, but have not found just want I want. The Cincinnati dealer had almost 60 new units in stock, but won't budge on MSRP. Too bad, because there are a couple that would work for me. I won't go back there. Very arrogant attitude in my opinion. And I'm a cash buyer, w/ no trade. Unbelievable.
    I have seen some dealers willing to go $1500 off MSRP on stock units, even noting that on their web sites. I would drive a few hours for that.
  • joe0302joe0302 Posts: 16
    So I don't have a Shell station or a Costco. Whats wrong with Mobile 93 octane. I fly my Cessna on Sunoco260.
    If I were you I'd worry about how much Eyth :shades: nol is in the gas you purchase.
  • sugarbellysugarbelly Posts: 4

    Dealers should be negotiating these days, surely. Try another approach, since they see your hand & guess you're loaded with dough. When you find a MINI you want-- email 'em asking for best price on the car. But, - tell 'em you're looking to lease. ;) This widens their eyes, since they make more money off leases. Once you've locked-in a price, go in & tell 'em you've changed your mind & wish to pay in full. They very rarely balk; you get the upper hand; your price target & a grin to motor away with in your fab new MINI.

    ps. in a few months MINIs will (very likely) receive their mid-cycle "refresh" as 2010 models. Slight interior & exterior changes, etc. Yet another reason you're in the negotiating driver's seat. :shades:
  • Don_CDon_C Posts: 8
    You might check the Indy dealer. I bought my 2009 Clubman there in January. Cannot say what kind of a deal you'd get today, but the salesman was very patient, letting take three different cars for test drives.

    He was pretty good at listening to us and was certainly not pushing us as some sales people do. Urging? Maybe but no hard sell.

    My only complaint is the time it took from when we decided on a car on the lot and when we drove it away. Certainly two, maybe three hours for a cash deal. I find that unacceptable. That time does include pulling it off the lot for final cleanup and filling the gas tank, but I still think that the deal should happen much faster than that. It was light when we said "That one" and it was well past dark when we left the lot. (This issue is true with every dealer I dealt with regardless of brand.) :shades:
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    Thanks Luckyme and Don C for your advice, I did not know about the potential refresh for 2010 coming soon I have to research a bit more and maybe wait a bit....I will also see what type of deal I can negotiate with the dealer here, Indy is a long drive for me since I'm in Charlotte...I appreciatte you all taking the time to respond! :)
  • kragerkrager Posts: 8
    The black trim around the top of my new(less than 2 months) Cooper is lightening up in spots. There is probably a 6 inch strip on one side and almost that much on the other. Any suggestions as to how to treat this trim. I am really disgusted that this is already happening. My 2002 Honda's trim looks better than my 2009 Mini Cooper.
    I'm not sure the Mini Cooper is all it's cracked up to be.
  • kragerkrager Posts: 8
    I leased a Mini Cooper for three years at $343 month for 20,000 miles a year. I thought that was a pretty good lease.

    Mini----ultra cheap, Don't think so.
  • jmohsinjmohsin Posts: 4

    I am set to buy a Mini Cooper S Convertible. I am planning on getting the convenience package as well as navigation. I am in contact with the dealership in Sterling, Virginia. I was told by the dealership that they don't have any convertibles on the lot and they must be ordered. I'm cool with that since it can be built exactly to my spec and estimated delivery is 8 weeks.

    2 questions:

    1) The fact that he said they would have to order it makes me wonder if they'll budge on price. Given the current climate I would hope they would be willing to negotiate.

    2) From peoples experience does it normally take the full 8 weeks for delivery?

    Thanks in advance!
  • jmohsinjmohsin Posts: 4
    P.s. I would more than likely finance and would put atleast 10% down.
  • wantminiwantmini Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    If you say 1000 off msrp or so, do you mean your out the door price is 1000off msrp?

    I got an offer for mini cooper for msrp 20450 at 1200 off msrp, which gives me the total $21200. Is this a good deal?

    Thank you very much for your comment!!!!
  • phageousphageous Posts: 3
    Just placed an buying order to get my Mini built. It's a base Mini, hardtop, Sport package, multi-function steering, automatic, iPod adapter, chrome gas filler cap and checkered flag mirror caps.

    The MSRP is 22832. The dealer made it out-of-door price. From my calculation, I ended up getting more than 1500 off MSRP.

    The dealership is Braman Mini in West Palm Beach.
  • tezzztezzz Posts: 15
    Just did it today..
    My 2009 MINI Cooper S
    Base MSRP* $21,950
    Destination & Handling $650

    Laser Blue Body Color $500

    Premium Package $1,250
    Automatic AC
    Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof
    Leather Sport Wheel w/Multifunction
    Cold Weather Package $500
    Heated Powerfold Mirrors & Washer Jets
    Heated Front Seats

    6-Speed Auto w/Agitronic Mode $1,250

    Interior Surface Piano Black $250
    Bluetooth and USB/iPod Adapter $500


    $25,850+TTL 3.9% APR

    I could pay less if I took Base cooper. They only had few Cooper S w/ Auto
    I think it is ok deal
  • miniac81miniac81 Posts: 1
    I am ready to order a Mini Cooper S and have received varying "out the door" prices for my configured model at MSRP $24,600. The lowest offer received is $26,094.

    How much was your deposit to order? Is this negotiable and added towards the out the door price when following through with the purchase?

    How much does Mini financing charge for GAP insurance?

    Is this offer good for southern California or should I keep pushing for lower?

    Thank you in advance for your posts.
  • ncminincmini Posts: 4
    Dear MINIs,

    I am planning to buy a MINI in NC over this weekend.

    I have done some research on MINI. It looks like it is very hard to negotiate with the dealors, at least in NC. Up to now, I only got $500 off MSRP. I was also told to pay $400 dealer administrative fee. :confuse: The market varies acroos areas? My friend said, I should act like a bully :mad: to talk with the dealer:)

    Also I was wondering about the difference between a MINI Cooper Base and a Cooper S. Do I really need the S? As a girl, I am not a fan of car racing:) :surprise: I would love to hear your suggestion.

    I am still a little hesitant. This will be my first new car. So it is a big decision to me, definitely.

    Hope everyone enjoys the Mini trip!
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