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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mathew1mathew1 Posts: 42
    My opinion and experience is you always get best deals when you are respectful of the dealer and not act like a bully. So best way to get the deal you want is to do your homework. Get TMV from Edmunds and these forums give you a good idea. In this economy no car how ever hot is in a seller position. So I would start at least $1000 off MSRP. If you don't need a car right away then that would be great. You can go to your favorite dealer and give them what you are willing to pay to buy the car that day and have them call you if they can match your price if they are not interested that day. Also look at alternate cars such as Scion, Soul etc if you are not 100% locked down as intrinsically that gives you a leverage. Good luck. If you don't need power I would skip S.
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 17
    You are dealing probably with Hendricks which is to day the least, one of the worst experiences you can have :mad: . In any case, even if you are dealing with others like Flow, etc they will tell you that there is no negotiation. Don't torture yourself they can either take your offer or you can buy other great cars that are out there. Go to and build the car with the specs you are looking for. It will show you based on actual sales that you should be getting at least $1,200 off MSRP. The $400 administrative fee or prep fee is outrageous and around the area most dealers charge $199 to $299. Bank Fees and Tag and Title fees would be extra but also compare to other dealers. Also, probably don't need the S, a Base Mini would be fine since you are not looking at racing around! Good Luck, keep us posted!
  • luckyme1luckyme1 Posts: 29
    Sounds like could be wax residual? There is quite a bit of plastic & rubber on the exterior, and any wax will lioghten them up after a bit of time. There are several products available at most retailers (auto parts stores, Wal Mart, etc.) that work great at returning trim to black. One I have used is called Back to Black, and works well.
  • luckyme1luckyme1 Posts: 29
    Hi Sugarbelly,
    I ended up finding a sweet 2008 Clubman S with just 6500 miles on it. Loaded with leather, Navigation, premium, Convenience, Cold weather and a few other goodies too. It was perfect, so I purchased it. $24K.
    I'm quite pleased with the car, and the price was good as well.

    Thanks for the input.
  • kragerkrager Posts: 8
    Thanks for the suggestion. That's more than I've gotten from the dealer. I'll try the Black to Black. Couldn't hurt.
  • myminimymini Posts: 2
    Love the MINI - but agonizing over which to buy:
    2007 mini cooper s convertible with auto, heated seats, CHILI RED, but cloth seats with just 3k miles (checked carfax no problems) for $24.9 OR

    2009 mini cooper s convertible with auto, heated seats, PEPPER WHITE which looks a little blah, though adding stripes... and a few other options I don't really want, leatherette for $30k
    I've always been lectured about BUYING (which I"m doing) a New car due to depreciation once you drive it off the lot, but the used minis I've looked at -with high resale value - are pretty expensive too...opinions?
  • kragerkrager Posts: 8
    Buy the red one. Who wants a pepper white MINI. You'll hate it. And $6,000 more. No way. And resale on the red might be better than blah white. My leatherette seats are already hot and I feel damp when I get off them. I wish I had cloth. Let us know what you do. I vote RED convertible. Cool!!!!
  • myminimymini Posts: 2
    Hey Krager.
    Went back to dealer with husband and saw pepper white with stripes...liked it much better...hubby doesn't like pepper white and new it is. Thanks for your advice though - picking it up in the AM and am I ever excited.
  • m050120m050120 Posts: 1
    I am thinking of getting a Clubman some time in the next few weeks. There are 3 dealers in the Chicago area and I was wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences they would like to share about any of them. I think I'm going to the one out in Schaumburg tonight to take a test drive. I have no time restraints on when I need a new car, it's really more of a quarter-life-crisis. As far as pricing goes, what are people giving in this market for a new Clubman? I refuse to pay MSRP.
  • tezzztezzz Posts: 15
    I bought a 09 Cooper S W/auto, weather, and premium from Schaumburg min (Patrick). As I posted, I got a $1000 discount if you can’t get better deal let me know.
  • Why are you being so cheap? Just pay MSRP.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,914
    The whole point of the Prices Paid forums is to get information.. so, the consumer can negotiate a better deal..

    Cheap is what we are all about....

    MSRP? Why?

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 2xsubaru2xsubaru Posts: 6
    Have been silently following this forum for sometime while mulling a purchase of a Mini Cooper S Convertible and wanted to share some of the experience.

    The dealer did not have any configured as I exactly wanted (did not expect them to), but there was one that came close. Unfortunately they sold it just half an hour before I walked in to confirm a purchase! :(

    They have been able to locate one that is close enough - it is on a boat coming into port in two weeks time and they are currently trying confirm that it comes to their dealership when it gets off the boat.

    Price has been agreed at $1000 of MSRP plus floor-mats thrown in. They slashed $500 off right away (without even asking). I e-mailed them a day later asking for another $500 off and they agreed. Quite the hassle-free negotiation. And this wasn't even for a car on the lot. So I suppose there are deals to be had out there for MINIs.

    Will update with the full configurations once I get confirmation that they were able to reserve it for me.

  • atrajanatrajan Posts: 27
    Dear car_man & kyfdx:

    Is this a good deal

    Copper HT :
    MSRP : $20,300
    Negotiated price : $19550
    Residual: 71%
    MF : .00230

    3 year/30,000 Miles

    $958 initial (Deposit + first month + DMV)
    and $261/Month
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,707
    This has been covered many times before, so here goes again...

    The Mini is one of a few vehicles that doesn't suffer from the same routinized and accountant-friendly depreciation formulas as the rest of the industry uses. In plain English, it suffers almost no depreciation on the vehicle itself(* see below) in the first few years.

    Now, I put an asterisk there. This is the base model of the car/trim line - accessories or other options of course do depreciate and rather quickly. So a $20K Mini with 5K in add-ons is going to be worth about $19-20K a year later. So will a $20K mini with $500 in options. So the rule here is to get the one or two you absolutely need and reject the eye candy and frills.(plus it's good practice as you don't give the manufacturer loads of easy profit on mostly plastic bits and paint)

    This of course gets back to the original problem, which is you have a vehicle that because of its desirability and low production numbers essentially isn't depreciating hardly at all if you've already done your homework and kept it as lean as possible to start. Leasing doesn't make any sense at all in such a scenario.

    Consider that your initial down payment to start the lease is about the first year's entire depreciation. In 36 months, you'll have spent $10354 on the vehicle. That's half of its entire value. Try to find a used 3 year old Mini for even $15K. Good luck with that... heh. Note that that's half the depreciation of your lease payments and it's still unrealistically high. It's impossible in a Mini to get upside-down on your payments. This is more of a "free money" type thing when this happens.(which IIRC, only 2-3 cars currently are like this and this desirable, so basically it never does happen)

    Therefore the "smart money" is to just buy it outright and haggle $500-$1000 under retail price if you can(first year's depreciation covered!) like a lot of people here seem to be able to do right now. Make the payments, drive it for 5 years, and sell it for 75% of what you paid for it.

    $10,354/36=287.61 a month actual cost to lease.
    $19,000(haggle)-$14,000(sell used)=$5000 in depreciation. = $138.89 a month actual cost to buy.(actually the normal $2-4K or so down payment in most cases would cover almost all of this)
  • amiieamiie Posts: 1

    Thanks for posting your purchasing deal. Which dealer and sales person did you work with? I'm looking to buy pretty soon... either in SF or Socal area, and would love to get $1000 my deal as well.

  • tno80303tno80303 Posts: 3

    I'm thinking about buying a MINI HT from Ralph Schomp in Littleton, CO. Would like to get other's feedback on their experience at this dealership. Any luck in getting them to come down from the MSRP? Here is the offer they gave me on this model.

    MINI HT 6SPD Manual - 18,550 (MSRP - no mark down)
    Cold Weather Pkg - 500
    Premium Pkg - 1,250
    Sport Pkg - 1,500
    White Turn Signals - 100
    Net Totals - 21,900
    Destination Chg - 650
    Total Price - 22,550

    Their lease offer is below:

    MSRP : 22,550
    Residual: 64% (14,368 - balloon payment at end of lease)
    MF : .00230

    3 year/36,000 Miles

    $0 down for $297/Month

  • 2xsubaru2xsubaru Posts: 6
    I am purchasing from Brecht Mini in Escondido near San Diego. I saw on their website recently that they have slashed prices $500 of quite a few Minis already.

    With low sales last month for the Mini and the 2010 models coming out soon, I am sure there are deals to be had out there.

    As per Edmunds, I cannot post name of the salesperson.Not sure if there some way to PMs on this forum.
  • atrajanatrajan Posts: 27
    i was able to get $1200 below MSRP and it was bare bone except for Cold Pkg and IPod/BlueTooth ... i think you should not pay MSRP in this market.

    P.S: I got the color i want ...chilli Red
  • tno80303tno80303 Posts: 3
    Thanks for replying. Will see if they are fair and give me a good price...they have almost 90 MINI HTs on the lot as of I hope to be in 1 by this weekend.

    Thanks again!
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