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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • padolfpadolf Posts: 1
    I tried the Mountain View dealership in SF bay area, but they only offered MSRP. Has anyone tried negotiating at Pleasanton or SF?
  • thanks for sharing. out of curiosity, what dealership did you buy from? did you go for the 1.9% financing deal?
  • I dealt with New Country Mini in Hartford, CT

    Since car is being built and will likely be delivered in September, one can't lock in the current low financing rates since they are only valid through 8/31. Experience tells me rates will still be there next month too, but at this point it is a little bit of "who knows." Hopefully I will get that 1.9%
  • Agree on price over the phone 7/16
    Signed form in the mail 7/18
    Order submitted 7/20
    Goes into production 7/22
    Comes off the assembly line 7/31
    C4C runs out of $1B around here
    On the boat 8/4
    C4C adds $2B 8/6
    Arrives in Bayonne 8/13
    Arrives at dealership 8/18
    Pick up (My first time at the dealership) 8/21
    C4C ends 8/24 (8/21 at the dealership)

    MSRP 19.2K
    my price 18.5K
    C4C -4.5K
    -my beloved 87 RX7, no scrap value given
    net price 14K
    add back doc fee 239
    NJ sales tax on the entire 18.5K, thank you Corzine 1295
    title, transfer tags, NJ tire fee. 75
    OTD 15.6K

    Despite being completely stripped, it is quite well equipped. What more do you need? Pretty sweet deal in my book. Find a used MINI at this price. I'm loving it. :shades:
  • minookaminooka Posts: 6
    I think the base was ~26K (S with sunroof package and the $&(@** arm rest that isn't included but is a good think with a manual trans).

    Is ~1000K reasonable to ask them to knock off the MSRP?

    I'll buy via their financing so the % rate is locked in.

    Any other areas I can get them to knock some $$ off?

    No trade in (and I wouldn't negotiate it with the purchase deal).

    I'm going to ask the sales man to write up the contract and send it to me so I'm not wasting a Saturday looking at the finance person and listening to their pitch. Yawn!
  • mmeammea Posts: 2
    I'm about to shop around for a new Mini.

    What is usually the reduction that could be made below the msrp, especially that 2010 models will be soon aboard?

    Can somebody help me with the name of a dealer where good deals could be made in DC (or even NYC) area?
  • mmeammea Posts: 2
    I'm about to shop around for a new Mini.

    What is usually the reduction that could be made below the msrp, especially that 2010 models will be soon aboard?

    Can somebody help me with the name of a dealer where good deals could be made in DC (or even NYC) area? Has anybody tried with Passport MIni at Alexandria, Virginia?
  • Prestige Mini in Mahwah, NJ claims to have the largest inventory in the country - but last week told me that they had only 10 cars left (after cash for clunkers and a good sales month). They are awaiting information and delivery of their 2010 cars. There's also Westchester Mini in White Plains and Manhattan Mini. I've had a very good experience with Prestige.
  • Hi, Alex,
    Is your MINI a MINI S Cooper or a Cooper without Turbine engine? Tks.

    I am considering a MINI, but I am not sure how much difference it will be b/w MINI S or MINI. Do you have any comments?
  • I am considering a MINI.
    Is there any one who recently bought MINI in this area? Unfortunately, there is only one MINI deal in Memphis. I will consider dealers in TX or LA, if the price is better. Appreciate if any one could share experience from TN, TX, or LA?
  • I went to Truecar to configure my own MINI and found that "6-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION" is on the option list.
    What that mean? :confuse:
    Does it mean that unless I select this option, the car will only have manual transmission?

  • Yes, that is exactly the case. Manual transmission is standard and automatic is optional.
  • In all honesty my wife drives our Mini on a daily basis and it is just a Mini Cooper, not Cooper S. I drive it occasionally and find that for day to day driving it is fun, perfectly powerful (remember it is a lightweight car) and goes 80 and above with ease if you are not paying attention. If you are not planning to floor the accelerator every time, it should be perfectly fine. If the car was for me, I would have gone for the S version and may have checked fewer option boxes than my wife had. Since the car was for her and she did not care as much about power, she got what she wanted.
    I shall note that our car is 6 speed manual. I had a chance to drive the car with automatic transmission and when you put that transmission in the Sport mode, it is also quite fun to drive, perhaps because it keeps car in the lower gears and higher RPMs resulting in more pull and better responsiveness. Of course it burns more fuel that way too.
  • Thanks, Alex

    As to Sport mode, do I have to select the sport package or it is an choice in standard model?
  • Is any one know MINI's maintenance and service, like:

    Can walmart do the regular maintenance, for instance, oil change and filter change?
    Can normal bodyshop do the regular repair, if there is sth wrong with MINI?
    Is spare parts available in Autoparts zone?
    How about the overall quality of MINI? (I suppose it is good.)

    Thanks. :)
  • Anybody can do the service.
    BUT, warranty service and the included 3 years of service can only be done at a Mini dealer. Not even at a BMW dealer.

    As far a quality, JDPowers results show the Mini to be one of the worst cars.
    Consumer Reports shows reliability to be mediocre.

    Considering the reliability, dearth of Mini service, and high price, I'm probably going to get a Mazda 3 instead.

    Of course if you really want a fun car that is reliable too and can live with 2 seats, get a Miata!
  • I have had my 2006 mini cooper s with john cooper factory install for about 1 year. i bought the car used, 2 years old with only 5000 miles on it. It had never been to the dealer for service. so you know mini has 2 warrantees-one is the maintanence--covers everything like oil changes, wipers --everything-- the other covers all mechanical issues . you will have to check the length of these when you buy new or what is left on a used car. i have found the mini service to be overall amazing. since these cars have a lot of tech in them--they plug them in and find things i didnt even know about. i find they go beyond what i ask every time. the warrantee service has to be done at a mini/bmw dealer-they are all over. there are great mini mechanics around the country when the warrantee runs out. regarding the other persons comments on ratings, i have found my mini to be one of the most maintaince free cars i have had. if you live in atlanta, one of the top mini master mechanics in the country is here-after warrantee if you need him. lastly---i have the most powerful engine combo they make--this car is the most fun, fastest, most torque of any car i have owned. so you know i have a 930 porche also--this has more power in early gears than the porche--it is fast-and with top down a blast--i recommend it strongly
  • I got a cooper S at Nashville. I only got $500 off MSRP:(

    I just read the documents from them. There is a fee named "PHANTOM FP," which is around $260 apart from the dealer fee $399.50. What is PHANTOM FP?
  • Hi ncmini,

    I called the MINI dealer in Memphis. They said the 'extra' fee they charged is only document fee $399, which,as argued by MINI salesman, is the 'general level in TN'. I haven't visit them and talk face to face yet. But at least they cut off 1,000 for their cooper (1,500 for Cooper S) in stock, which is ad. on their website.
  • Wihelmw,

    Thank you for your message. I wish I know that information earlier:(

    I just called the dealer. I was told that Panthon FP something is something used to track my car in case it was stolen.

    I am a girl, and I went to the dealer by myself. I though I would be tough to argue with them. It looks like I did not do a good work:)

    I wish you get the mini you want, and good luck with your purchase! I will be envious:)
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