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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The base bank fee is $725.. the dealer is marking it up the maximum allowed $200..

    I don't know the base MF, but I'd guess they are marking that up, too..

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  • The team at Seattle Mini agreed to a price and requested a deposit on a Wednesday. We arranged a pickup on Monday (to allow time for them to move the car from Northwest Mini to Seattle Mini). Seattle Mini then called late Saturday night to instruct that they could no longer honor the price. I am using this to issue a strong avoidance of the Northwest and Seattle Mini. I understand there are situations which complicated a transaction and if you agree to a price and ask for a deposit it is the dealers responsibility to come through. Sadly, both Northwest Mini and Seattle Mini are owned by the same man. I am hoping that I am able to post a future message stating that they came through, but I have little confidence that they will honor their word.
  • I had a similarly bad experience at a Honda dealership in Burien. I put a $500 deposit down on a Civic Si, agreeing to bring a cashiers check for the balance. Before I could return, they called and said they had sold the car to someone else. I asked them why they bother taking deposits then. Needless to say, I bought from another dealership.

    Northwest Mini's reputation (Seattle Mini did not exist at the time) is the reason I decided against the Mini. They tried to tell me that the car only sells for MSRP. How old is the design now? I don't think demand is all that strong anymore. Have you tried the dealer in Portland. Plus its easier to negotiate price without worrying about sales tax and add on fees (although you have to pay them when you register it back in WA).
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Anyone have any more recent price quotes to share? After initially considering a lease I think I've settled on a purchase of a 2011 Hardtop, minimally equipped. How much over invoice is the going rate these days? I see there is $1k of "You-ification" money available now in addition to the 0.9% financing. The one I have my eye on has an invoice of $21492 and MSRP of $23600. Not the favored color combination, but if I could get it for $22000 - $1000 incentive = $21000 I'd be happy.

    Also, anyone know if there are still incentives/special financing on leftover 2010 convertibles? Have found a few locally that might be of interest if the deals are still really good.
  • Where did you see the $1000 for You-ification? My wife and I are looking at a base hardtop and we're also wondering what the going rates are for purchases on remaining '10s or in-stock '11s right now.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Hi there. The $1000 You-ification is not well advertised. I found it when I was searching inventory at dealers within 75 miles of here - some had it listed on their websites and some didn't. My local Mini dealer confirmed it today (only after I asked about it.) With this they were at $2000 off of MSRP pretty much right off the bat (was about $900 over invoice, minus the You-ification incentive.) Local dealer is relatively small, though, so I'll be contacting a few others within 50 miles to see what they can do. $2500 off MSRP should be achievable.

    Haven't seen any leftover 2010 hardtops in eastern PA / NJ area. There are a few 2010 convertibles around and I see ads for ~5k off MSRP for them, but have had a convertible for a while now (Wrangler) and am over it. Hope this info helps in some way. If I end up buying I'll post my final numbers.
  • "I see ads for ~5k off MSRP for them, but have had a convertible for a while now (Wrangler) and am over it."

    Can you please tell me where you asee these ads? Im looking to buy a Mini Conv.

    - Ron
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Hi Ron,

    Sorry I don't have more specifics for you. I looked at ~30 dealer websites from DC to Boston when doing my research and didn't take detailed notes on the 2010 conv since I wasn't interested. I suggest you do a widespread search of the dealer websites in your area to see what's available and what the discounts are.

    For me, I agreed to a price and picked up my White Silver metallic 2011 Hardtop today from Ottos Mini in West Chester, PA. In addition to the paint "option", other options are heated seats, fog lights, the Bluetooth/USB package, and the 16" 6-star spoke alloy wheels. The MSRP was $22600 and the true invoice (after including the $1000 You-ification money) was $19592. I paid $20500, so it was a $2100 discount off MSRP and $908 of profit to the dealer. I had wanted to be a few hundred lower, but this car was pretty much the exact color/configuration I was looking for so I'm satisfied.

    I actually had a very hard time finding minimally equipped Hardtops (no Premium package, etc) with just the 16" Alloy wheels, fog lights, and the Bluetooth/USB package in a color I wanted. Didn't really want heated seats, but since I park outside and live in the Northeast I'm sure I'll get some use out of them.

    The guys at Ottos Mini were great to work with. Had 2 rounds of phone negotiations completed by 1pm, took my credit application info over the phone (0.9% financing!), and had EVERYTHING ready and the car prepped when I arrived at 3:30pm, and it was very busy in the showroom today. A great experience.

    (Ron - noticed they had a nice red 2011 Conv in their showroom with an attractive sale price - MSRP was ~30400 and on sale for ~26900. Bigger discount since a lot more margin.)
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    I was able to get $8200 off my 2010 convertible purchase at the end of Oct. $6300 off MSRP from the dealer, and $1900 in the form of an incentive from Mini for attending one of their events.

    The dealers in the DC area (4 of them) all had from 1-3 2010's in stock. I checked recently, and they are all gone now. Hopefully you can find a 2010 somewhere.
  • chchoichchoi Posts: 37
    I got a 2011 Mini Cooper Red.
    MSRP 22850
    Selling price 21965.11 (1330.11 above invoice)
    Is this a good deal?
  • I'm going to buy a 2011 Cooper S, with premium package, cold weather package, navigation and some other options. The total price from the website is $28,300.

    What's a good deal for it? How should I start negociate with dealers? Seems like they don't like to talk through email, they rather do phone calls.
  • elshinelshin Posts: 1
    Hello, I have eyed the MINI Cooper S for a year and a half. I have visited the dealership a number of times, but dissatisfied with the price. The last visit was in December in which I qualified for the 0.9%, but was disappointed when told the dealership would not reduce the price for a sale. I was never told about the $1000 You-ification. How did you convince the dealer to lower the price?

    Note: I'm located in Georgia and there are only 2 dealerships.

    I'm open to any advice....

  • Does anyone know if the You-ification money is still available? From the miniusa website, I see that they've changed from 0.9% financing to 2.9% but the throw in a free option (like steptronic, which is worth $1250).

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a 2011 Cooper Hardtop and want to make sure I know of all the incentives available to me and the dealer.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Regarding earlier question of how I got the dealer to lower the price, it's no secret strategy. I first collected data on incentives, then searched inventory, then contacted the dealers for their prices. The price I paid was a good discount for me for a car equipped just like I wanted, plus allowed them a nice profit. It was also the last few days of the month and fiscal year, so maybe they were willing to be more flexible, and there are more dealers to choose from in eastern PA.

    tomc1227: It does not appear that the $1k is still available, but you are right that there is an option credit. I've seen that the "free" option allowed depends on the model, so I'm sure the dealers would have more specific info. For me, I drove both an automatic and a manual before purchasing - this car needs the manual for maximum fun factor!
  • If anyone is still interested in getting a quote - I bought my new 2011 MC (automatic trans, premium package, iPod/USB/Bluetooth) last week. I was able to get $2100 off MSRP but only after getting multiple quotes from various dealers (this was like pulling teeth, mind you since most of them want you to go in).

    There's currently a 2.9% APR financing deal and the "free bonus option" which includes I think either cold weather package, automatic transmission, bluetooth, cold weather package (Mini dealer website states what options they have available). Unfortunately with the price that I got, they wouldn't give me this "free bonus option" because I'd be under invoice. I asked if this was a manufacturer incentive (which according to another dealer is) but my MA said it's a "partial-manufacturer incentive." Hmmm... sure... okay. Well I knew that they weren't going to go any lower on a 2011 in my area and it was the car that I wanted in that color. Since they wouldn't go lower, I asked for floormats which they gave me :)

    Hope this helps. I think this thread shows that it's definitely possible to get close to invoice but it's a bit more difficult than most cars since Mini doesn't make as many...
  • amazwamazw Posts: 1
    Hi, did you put any down payment when finance your mini?
    The dealer in NJ let me put 2000$ down.
  • Yeap! I hadn't realized that some dealers don't let you?
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  • Okay, so the only thing I know is that I have approved financing and I'm looking for a 2008 or newer Mini Cooper Base or S. I'm in NY and there is one that I am looking at that appears to be what fits. It's a Yellow 2009 S with 21k miles on it. The CarFax is clean and from the options, it looks to be a stock Cooper S.

    The list price on the Website (Hassel Mini) is 19,995. First off, how low can I go before I insult them?

    The other question (sorry, I haven't bought a car in years, and not a "nice" one) is that there is a 2011 Base HardTop Automatic (Black) that is listed at 21,850. Are the 2011's selling for much under "list" price?

    Any reason to think I could get say $2k off of what these "listed" prices are?

    Thanks for any replies. I know dealers have to make a living, but I really want to try to get the best bang for my buck. Being so unfarmiliar, I don't even know which I should target, the '09 or the '11.
  • Hi Rockstar03,

    Does your price "$2100 off MSRP" include tax and title fees?

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