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MINI Cooper Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    I think he posted this exact same post about two weeks ago.
  • kandrivekandrive Posts: 19
    Had to share my excitement - we just ordered my new 2012 Mini Countryman Base model with the following options: Septronic automatic transmission, moonroof, heated leather seats, center arm rest, 3 rear seats, flat load floor, park distance control, bluetooth/usb/Ipod adapter, white turn signals in white w/black roof & interior, black alloy wheels & mirror caps. It will be here 5/15! Can't wait to give my feedback on it - we test drove a similar model without the options I wanted and it was a blast! A great small car that's lots of fun for the type of driving I do. I'm so looking forward to FINALLY having the Mini I've wanted for so many years. :D
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Congrats! I'm looking at the Countryman as well (upgrading in size from my Cooper Hardtop.) What type of price did you pay?
  • kandrivekandrive Posts: 19
    Negotiations so far are just verbal. When this Mini gets to the dealer (maybe 5/17 or 5/18) we were quoted $25,800 which is $1000 off MSRP ($26,800 w/options listed above). We called all the dealerships in So. California asking for quotes and that was the best price we could find for such a desired car so our nearby Mini dealership is matching it. No one had this actual model on their lots so we had to wait for a new shipment from the UK. We were told by all dealerships that they can't keep this car on the lot - they sell so fast - so they mainly sell them on "spec". We really had to search hard to find a Countryman Base w/automatic to test drive! Most Mini's on the lots are "S" models and AWD, which we didn't need/want, and the Base is sold almost as fast as they get them.

    It's really a roomy car inside, very comfortable and with high quality details (to us, compared to other makes out there that are similar - I've driven them all) and the Mini is so much fun to drive! The Base has all the power I need since I'm not an aggressive driver. The dealer let us take it on the frwy and up towards our local mountains to make sure it had enough "guts" - which it does, in spades. We think Mini did a great job, in our opinion, for making this a crossover from the classic Mini - a fun car with a bit more room. I'm a little biased right now due to my excitement of finally having a Mini - lol!
  • jeb3779jeb3779 Posts: 16
    Found a 2012 countryman s with premium package and bluetooth for 26,879. It's a demo so they have discounted from 30,300. Am I able to negotiate with them to get lower or are demo prices pretty set? this is a really good deal right?
  • kandrivekandrive Posts: 19
    To update, upon delivery of the 2012 MINI Countryman we were able to negotiate $1,250 off the MSRP which brought the final cost from $26,800 to our price of $25,550! Thrilled with this - the dealer was great to work with and the car was exactly as we had ordered it. Loving it thoroughly and have no regrets at all that we chose a MINI Countryman!
  • kandrivekandrive Posts: 19
    What's included in the "premium" package? Also, how many miles on the demo? Automatic or Manual? As for negotiating, it never hurts to ask for a lower price - we were originally offered $750 off ours (2012 Countryman Base w/automatic, moonroof, heated leather seats, rear back-up sensors, etc.) and we ended up getting $1250 off the MSRP. Had to special order it tho and wait for 3 weeks but it was well worth the wait!

    Good luck - it sounds like a great price depending on the options! Hope it works out for you - it's an amazing car!! Loving mine!
  • jeb3779jeb3779 Posts: 16
    thanks for replying...the premium package is

    Premium Package - $1,750
    Includes: [302] Anti-Theft Alarm System And [322] Comfort Access Keyless Entry And [345] Chrome Line Interior And [431] Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror And [521] Rain Sensor and Auto Headlights And [534] Automatic Climate Control

    it is automatic and has bluetooth. around 3k miles and it is a countryman s
  • kandrivekandrive Posts: 19
    Me, personally? I'd jump on it but I'm not an expert on prices. My Countryman Base has the keyless entry, chrome line interior and auto-dimming rear view mirror and bluetooth, but I chose additional options of heated leather seats, moonroof, rear back-up sensors, center arm rest/console. I think I have rain sensors, auto headlights and climate control but haven't programmed the car yet (if I do) since I just got it - straight off the boat from the UK. We paid $25,550 and it's not an "S" which definitely go for a bit more.

    If you love it and you're completely comfortable with the car, I think it's a good price (in my humble opinion). Your dealer took a good amount off of MSRP (again, imo) but you can try for lower. ??
  • jeb3779jeb3779 Posts: 16
    I have researched all the dealers in the area and this is def the best deal i have found. i will need to drive 2.5 hrs each way but it's worth is to save a few thousand dollars
  • mare0114mare0114 Posts: 2
    Hi -- has anyone had any success in getting a Countryman ALL4 for less than full MSRP? I'm looking to lease a 2012 and was basically just given the "this is a hot car so we can't quote less than MSRP as configured". I understand the popularity of the vehicle impacts pricing but will probably push back some. Just not sure whether this is a losing proposition or whether I can expect some room for improvement. Thanks!
  • kandrivekandrive Posts: 19
    We recently purchased - not leased - a 2012 Countryman Base FWD and were told the same thing: Price not negotiable from the MSRP because it's such a desired car.

    My husband started getting online quotes from other MINI dealerships and they were offering from $500 to $1,000 off MSRP (after adding desired options). We took those quotes to our local MINI dealership and to get our business, they discounted $1,250 off the MSRP. We basically "built" our car and had to wait for it to ship here, so it was not a car that was physically on the lot.

    I'm not knowledgeable about leasing vehicles and don't know if negotiations are different. Just sharing our experience, in case it may be helpful to yours.
  • axc4466axc4466 Posts: 4
    I ordered yesterday 2012 Mini Cooper Convertible in the San Diego area. Options:

    Manual transmission
    Satellite gray leather seats
    H/K sound system
    Bluetooth/iPod adapter
    Comfort access system
    Chrome interior
    Fog lights
    + maybe couple fo small items.

    MSRP: $31250 + TTL
    Purchase price: $29000 + TTL

    It will take 10-11 weeks to take the delivery.
  • marymousemarymouse Posts: 5
    bought a 2012 mini cooper hardtop june 10th 2012

    msrp 19,500
    bayswater package 3,000
    bluetooth 500
    automatic 1250
    destination 700

    total 25,200

    paid 24,700
    got free armrest for middle 315.00
    got free silver gas cap 62.00
    got free mini duffle bag 58.00

    also got a huge bag of goodies, stuffed dog, towel, keychain, pen, water bottle, hat, that I am returning for front rubber matts.
    bought car in sw florida mini dealer, I checked alot of places most were not doing deals. its a hot car ya know. did get free maintenance for 3 years 36 miles though.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Enjoy your new ride. My wife has an 07 convertible and still loves it. And, floor mats do probably have more utility that key chains and stuffed animals... Good move there.

    Btw, every Mini comes with 3/36 free maintenance...
  • mesherrymesherry Posts: 6
    How do you find out when these take-down events are scheduled? Here in SoCal there are a number of dealers - but I can't seem to find any upcoming events. Is this a rare occurrence?
  • mesherrymesherry Posts: 6
    Thanks - looks like I missed it...
  • minibuyer182minibuyer182 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    Got a quote for about $770 below MSRP. I've read other posts with better deals ($1000+ below)... so I'll continue to search around.
  • Mini Cooper Countryman $1,400 below MSRP in San Diego
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