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Chevrolet Impala Prices Paid and Buying Experience

What did you pay for your new Impala?

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    As I mentioned in the owners club I'm not surprised but definitely disappointed
    that when pricing a car with an internet referral (carmax or www.digitalcars)
    there is such a variance in prices offered- appears vary with dealer- one tried to make me
    think that autoshow rebate and Chevy rebate come off of their profit! Then they have
    the nerve to call the next day and offer to come down to my price! It's really
    puzzling how in the year 2001 when it's fairly easy to find out what the dealer
    costs/ incentives / rebates/ holdbacks-etc are that a salesman can still try to
    take you for a ride. How about it?
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    Okay folks- no other comments about your dealer expierences. Do we dare to
    name names? I am pleased with Sunrise Chev in Glendale Hts, IL and
    previously shared my agravation with Horizan in Naperville. It might help
    other future owners to know if you got a good deal as well as the type of
    service they are delivering. Larry Roesch in Elmhurst/Bensenville has
    previously given my daughter and a few friends the run around/poor service.
    No other stories to share?
  • lrcobralrcobra Posts: 82
    I recently had a favorable experience with the dealer where I am getting my service work done. I had to haave the front drivers seat back replaced and while there brought out the papers on the tsb about the rearl wheel liners. No problem they ordered them and will call when they come in. Said to allow an hour for them to install them and then handed me a new cap with the dealer name on it. Just thought I would pass this along.
    The dealer name is Gutberlet Chevrolet in McConnelsville, Oh.
    Oh I did not purchase the Impala there but still get the treatment we owners deserve and pay for.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    If you happen to live in the Miami, FL/Dade County area, I can highly recommend Dadeland Chevrolet, located on US1 (Northbound) right in front of the "Dadeland North" metro station and very close to nearby Dadeland Mall and Dadeland Station store complex.

    Very good service and extremely customer oriented. This dealer has been on business a little over a year and has already become one of the best Chevy stores in the city.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    I recommend Belisle Chev/Olds in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Nice people and a family-owned business since forever it seems. My family has dealt with them since 1968. Friendly people and here in Canada's Capital City, provides bilingual (English/French) service. Recommend them highly!
  • mediumfrymediumfry Posts: 239
    I had a great experience with Garber Chevrolet in Midland, MI. Midland does NOT have a reputation for being a good place to get great deals. However, I found both a knowledgeable and courteous sales person AND an honest and forthright sales manager who laid out the REAL numbers before me and worked every reasonable way to get me a good price. OUTLANDISH!
    The car's been nearly perfect (A 2001 Torch Red LS) but I decided to take it in for a couple diddly things just to see how the service department works. So far so good...
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    It's hard for me to believe that after all the garbage I had at several dealers
    there is not more opinion- yeah or neah on various dealer experiences.
    I always felt a great dealer and great service made a huge difference in
    where you chose to buy. Does it or not? Larger dealerships are often
    better known but also have a list of horror stories when you survey your
    friends and neighbors. No opinions folks?
  • swebcoswebco Posts: 5
    If you ever come to Nashville stay as far away from TEAM Chevrolet as is humanly possible. The deal was reasonable, but service after the sale has been torture.

    I had the popping and clicking caused by engine cradle problems, but the service department "couldn't reproduce' the problem. (BTW, I didn't know that was what was causing the problem until I found all you wonderful and knowledgable folk here at Edmond's) When I was able to show them the information amazingly they could reproduce and fix the problem.

    My rear window defroster couldn't defrost fog, amazingly, after my husband went in a pitched a fit, it still didn't have anything wrong with it, but now it works.

    The airconditioning was blocked up and leaked all over the passenger side, flooding the mat,which had one of those trusty, industrial green file folders on it. It got soaked and bled all over the mat. I asked for a replacement, but the service anager says the stain isn't water damage.

    Various lights, including the ABS, Check Engine, Traction Off lights have come on but there is never anything when they run a diagnostic.

    The right front end makes a terrible noise, and there's nothing they are willing to do about it. They say it's the tire, not the car. I've changed the tires, and it's still noisy.

    On and on, I've never taken this car in for warrantee service where I haven't gotten the run around, shuck and jive, and pat on the head. I really hate these people. Most of the stuff is minor, I love the car, but the guys are real trips.

    Take care.

  • newbie5newbie5 Posts: 25
    Just started shopping the Impala and here are three scenarios:

    Dealer 1 - Rebate is $500 on Impala for term of AutoShow in NYC.

    Dealer 2 - Rebate is $750 through the remainder of life on 2001 Impala.

    Dealer 3 - No mention whatsoever on rebate. Actually quoted a price on a car I test drove but I was in just to get a feel if the Impala is a car I should consider. This specific car did not have the options I wanted nor was it the color I was looking for.

    I believe Dealer 2 would be getting my business if I choose to go with an Impala!
  • kenbuzzkenbuzz Posts: 99
    There is a $750 dealer incentive running through October on the 2K1 Impalas. Your dealer #2 apparently chose to pass that along as a customer incentive. If you tell a dealer that you're aware of the incentive, they are more likely to offer it to you, but if you don't, they won't.
  • sweetpollysweetpolly Posts: 99
    Hi all,

    I've recently had some warranty work performed on my vehicle (2K Impala LS) and I've purchased and had service, at Champion Chevrolet, in Manhattan Beach, CA. I take my car there all the time because of the good service they have provided me. I read a lot of the posts on the Edmunds Town hall and discovered some of the problems others were having was the same ones I was. Especially in reference to the TSBs that are issued. The only place I've heard about any TSB on the Impala was from this "Edmunds" townhall website. I printed out a number of the posts and took them to the service dept. of above dealership and the service manager, Murray Mead, checked the car out and confirmed that yes, I was indeed experiencing some of the same problems. Anyway, the repair work was performed (replaced intermediate shaft, shim material, etc.) and I picked up my car yesterday. An additional warranty problem was noted, and that was that the track under my driver seat was loose (the service manager pointed this out to me) and he told me that they had ordered the part and would call me to have it put on my car once it arrived. I thought that was very helpful. It shows that that dealership really is concerned about the customer's complete satisfaction in the products they sell and it also shows that they actively take interest in the performance of the products they sell. I might add, the dealership also has a GM rep who regularly telephones me to follow up on work I have done to the car at that dealership. Her name is Lynne (I don't remember her last name), however, she is a delight to talk to and she intercedes on my behalf in making sure everthing is handled properly and to make sure that I am completely satisfied with whatever service I have performed on my car.
  • marcm101marcm101 Posts: 2
    I recently took my Impala to Radley Chevrolet in Fredericksburg, VA. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. They are friendly, courteous, and will actually take the time to go over any and all problems/repairs.

    While my car was in the shop for routine maintenance, my wife and I were returning home from work in her car when it outright died. I called them, they promised to have my car ready (the shop is open until 9:00pm) and they sent a car to get my wife and take her back to get my car while I waited for my auto service tow truck. And we were about 15 miles away from the dealer.
  • joed56joed56 Posts: 27
    Let me tell all the members about my experience with the New Norris Chevrolet in Westfield, N.J. I was in the market for a 2001 Impala LS, black. I have always had black chevy's my whole life. I left a small deposit with the salesman who said he was 99% sure he could get me a black car. Within 24hrs he started singing a different tune. He claimed that he was'nt sure that he could get a black impala and that I should look for an alternative color. I was really devasted. He was trying to push red, green, white, silver and brown. Two days later another salesman said there was not a black impala within 200 miles of the dealership. He said that he checked his computer and could not find any. Needless to say, I did find a black impala. When I cancelled my order and demanded my deposit back, I heard another salesman scream in the background, "tell him I'll have 5 F'in black impalas on Monday". At that point I went bonkers and demanded to speak to that SOB. But he would not get on the phone. I hung up the phone. Five minutes later, the owners son called me back and apologized for the behavior of his salesman. I said it was too late and that I was through with his dealership. Let me ask the members, why do dealers play games? I mean, I really wanted to buy my car from Norris. But they really blew it. Can someone explain this to me?
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    They play because they think they can win. The players don't realize that the
    victims have gotten wise and won't play anymore!
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    That seems to be the "Oldest Line" in the Book... There is not a car like the one you want within any given number of miles, I've even herd them say "there is not a Black Maxima SE on the East Coast" once when My friend was looking for a 5 speed Black Maxima back in '95. They get Pathetic, I always make a point to let them know that ""It is Easier for me to find ANOTHER Dealership than it is for Them to find another CUSTOMER" that seems to level it out a bit, But now I found a Great Chevrolet Dealer that doesn't mess around, the decision is up to the Customer, Now if they could rub off on their Service Department that would be great! Don
  • wwnfwwnf Posts: 40
    Dealers/salesmen like to make a few extra bucks anytime they can. They love to take advantage of buyers who don't know much about cars. Recently when my sister was looking for a used car a salesman tried charge her extra for alarm, keyless entry, and a few other things. The car originally already had this equipment and the saleman just turned off the alarm and kept the remotes in his desk. Always check the OEM on a used car. I have never seen a dealership that could be trusted.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    Try posting that experience on the Inconsiderate Salespeople forum. You can see all the salespeople come out from under the floor boards, and point out that either it's OK to do that, or it was your sister's fault for not doing her research.
    There are a few honest pros that might agree with you, though.
  • I just recently bought a 2001 base Impala. I had my sights set on the navy blue, but would have also been willing to buy one in black. I gave my list of desired options and color choice to the salesman and in 10 minutes he had a 3 page list of cars within dealer trading range of him. This was despite the fact that 2001s were already long out of production and we were dealing with remaining dealer stock. The only option I orignally had that I crossed off was the power seat because to get it on a base car you had to buy the $700 custom interior option, so I decided against it.
    I got a good deal, the $1000 rebate, and a very generous trade on my 1999 Taurus (always been a chevy man, the ford was a moment of necessity, i needed a car THEN).
    Smith Chevy in Hammond, IN is the dealer, ask for Larry Hill.
  • If you want good service from a QUALITY Chevy Store and you live in Southern California, then go to Lake Chevrolet in Lake Elsinore, CA. I've bought 2 vehicles from them and they get all of my service work too. Oh to be sure they created some minor problems, but they always fixed their screw up. That to me means that yet while they are human, they will do all they can to fix it right away and with a smile.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,482
    I recommend Billings Chevy in Milpitas. I got my '01 LS at Courtesy Chevy. So-so transaction. Terrible service. Then I decided to try Billings, the dealer near my office, and WOW what a difference!

    I don't have that LS anymore. But, I thought I'd spread the good word. But, the guy that took over my LS says his daughter had a good buying experience there, so it seems like an all around good dealer.
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