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Chevrolet Impala Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After negotiating with dealer through several e-mails and
    phone conversations, I had him agree on a dealer delivered
    price of $23,800.00 firm (Dealer retains rebate)with no trade. I told dealer that no Doc fee's, Advertisement, or any other type of fee could be added to this and he agreed. The 23,800.00 is the price he will be sending me to the Finance manager with. So I ask, is this a great price, or do you think I can do better. Please advise as soon as possible as I go later this week to sign paperwork.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    It is generally helpful to know the MSRP of the vehicle to know how much it is discounted. The Impala wholesales about 10-11k off list 1st year so the first year hit is a doosey. A constant inflow from lease, rental fleets and corporate fleets , keep this animal depreciating like a rock. About $2800 off would not excite me. (I assume msrp is around 26000).

    I would want about 5000-6000+ off this car although I don't know if this is possible or possible yet. Read my message 3863 on the Honda CR-V forum and go from there for useful info on buying a car. I dig this car (LT3 package) more than the Accord but the first year hit is too much unless you get lots off.

    Hit 20-30 dealers (fax or email) with your requirements last week of the month to see what is possible. This takes little time with the Chevy dealer locator. You can also check inventories. If your ltz lists for about 26500 or so, don't worry about the deal melting away, its not that good.

    Checking with only 1-5 dealers isn't enough. Only you can find a great price by casting out 20 or so lines and seeing what nibbles. Being flexible on colors and options is obviously helpful.

    Happy Hunting
  • So I've talked to about 10 dealers, via email and stopping by some dealerships. The best price I've negotiated for a fully loaded Impala SS is $28,200 (After $1,000 cash back). MSRP $30,300)

    I think I can do way better than that. I'm thinking I should be able to pick one of these up for about $26,500 - $27,000?

    What do you all think? :confuse:
  • Again I thank you for your take on this subject. I believe the MSRP is low 27,000 Range, They are drawing it up and showing a 3,250 discount (though 1,000 of that is the
    rebate) which gets me to 23,800 and then they will take another 2,000 off for my earned GM credits. If I do not let Finace officer sell me any RIP-Off add on's, my price is 21,799.50 (then I will pay T,T&L). I am not leasing, nor financing vehicle, it will be cash deal but only once I take delivery of it. They are having to do a car swap, so they will be driving it in from another dealership. Once I inspect the car, I'll finalize the paperwork and close the deal. This should all take place early next week.
    These Tulsa Dealers are hard to deal with, all others
    were anywhere between 800.00 1100.00 more on their offer.
  • I guess I failed to mention, the above car is has 110 miles on it already ...this is a NEW 2007 LTZ. Should I be alarmed or concerned about this ? For me to take delivery of this, by the time they drive it to my dealer, it will have in excess of 250 miles. What is anyones take on this? My Salesperson first told me it will have about 155 when they drive it he's telling me it already has 110 and from where it will be driven from is a lot further than 45 miles. Please respond!
    as I have one more day to kill this deal (That 72 hour Contract Clause).
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I know it's later than you wanted but for what it's worth, they will add the existing mileage onto the factory warranty so your warranty would actually last until 36,250 miles. As for having the mileage on the car, I like to know how those early miles were put on the car. If they were accompanied test drives, there should be no problem. If they let wild teens test drive their cars, there might be cause for concern. Being an Impala, it probably wouldn't attract joy riders regardless of the dealership's policies. :)
  • Nobody has any advice on this price?

    By the way, they have gone down to $27,800.00.

    I still think I should be able to purchase for $26,500? No? :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The problem with the Impala is the huge 1st year depreciation from list. A $30000 SS probably wholesales for 18000 if you're lucky after year 1. Just a plain jane impala wholesales 10k off list 1st year. This is due to the huge supply every year on the market from terminating leases, rental and fleet cars etc. $7000 off MSRP would by no means be giving the SS away, although I don't know if this is achieveable. Things may be a bit better with the 06 redesign , but I doubt it. This is the way it is although it is an excellent car.

    There are about 3700 chevy dealerships in the US. (more than any other nameplate) Solicit bids properly from about 30 dealers last week of the month (email or fax) for several colors and see if you can find 2 or 4 really eager to sell a car. (90% or so of them will be at their sales goals for the month and not dealing) You don't know how low is low until you get enough bids. Invoice prices are deceiving as there are too many hidden incentives in the last decade for it to be more than a nominal figure in many cases.

    Go fishing this way within a 150-300 mi radius of your home (easy with chevy dealer locator) and see if you can surprise yourself with the lowest bids, especially end of January.

    Good Hunting
  • Hey I really appreciate the well thought out response. I have been exhausting myself looking for the best deal between work and family, all while researching and "Dealing" with the several dealers via phone and drive by.

    Today I have printed out 35 local dealers within 100 mile radius. I plan on faxing them a general letter of buyer intent. I want to have this all out by tommorrow the 29th, and hopefully I get a bunch of salesman that will bite before the end of the month.

    I would be happy with a price of $26,300 for a fully loaded Black on Black SS. Although I will probably ask the price to be $25,600 on my letter, no? Don't know what taxes are in NY but I certainly do not want to have an OTD price of $30,000.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Don't mention price ... give them the specs, rough msrp, (some will possibly have some stuff you may not want, thats the way it is) colors (in order of preference.. do have 3-4 colors so you know how much more you may be paying for the only laser blue SS to your specs within 100 mi when the bids come in. You may find you are attracted to grey if a bid $1800 lower comes in for that) You will be buying in the next few days.

    Tell them in the letter you are contacting 30 dealers (let them know they are in a true competitive bidding situation) and will buy for the best price. Give them your cell # in the fax/email. Work with the sales manager preferably after the initial contact. In the solicitation tell them you want the price OTD with all fees ,title, tag NY sales tax, etc. Hopefully you will only get about 16 responses and narrow it down quickly to 2-4.

    Do not tip your hand by mentioning (your mental target) price. (This may change as the bids may go lower than you think) No matter what price they give, respond You've got 8 quotes already and "Is that as low as you can go?"

    Tell the ones who insist you call back and they'll beat the best price you have so far that you want them to participate in this and you don't have the time. Give me your best shot. If they refuse, pass. Wait for callbacks and see how low the most eager will bid themselves as Jan 1 nears.

    Obviously, if you are picky on colors,options and you want the only laser blue SS with the 17" rims within 100 miles you may be boxed in and be at that dealers mercy. You will need the other quotes to beat him over the head with.

    good luck and let us know --The SS may be hard as not many are made. GM may have some neat hidden incentives with this sales event, and you may smoke em out.

  • Last week as I was finalizing the deal on my 2007 LTZ Impala,
    I picked up a sheet the dealer had with my folder and seen where they showed the 1,000 rebate as well as another 750.00
    South regional Manufacture to dealer rebate. They never usually disclose this extra hidden incentive, so I'm telling you this to maybe help in your negotiating of your SS you are seeking. Of Course, the Regional Incentive for New York area may be even more, as well as the fact you are getting an SS. The one for this area was $750.00 for the LTZ. GOOD LUCK!
  • Too late....

    Today I faxed about 33 dealers. I realized after the fact that I might have left out some info, but the letter basically went like this.


    My name is _______ and I am looking to purchase a 2007 Impala SS at a price of $24,350.00. My first color option is Black on Black with the second Color option being White (Interior not important). Please call me directly at 999-999-9999 if you can facilitate this request.

    Contact Info

    I realized after the fact that I forgot to mention MSRP and options (Although every impala I have seen seems fairly loaded and they are all about the 30,000-31,000 MSRP.

    Then looking at your post I probably should have left out the price and seen how low the low ballers would have gone.

    Good news is, I have received about 10 voicemails (I was at work and could not answer the phone) and alot of the dealers left lengthy messages such as
    "We have the exact model you are looking for, please call"

    "I can get almost the exact price you are looking for"

    "Please call by tomorrow at 11am and I will give you the best price in the tri state area"

    Amazing. Some others sounded more like they were willing to offer me that price or at least very close! All this after negotiating face to face with Curry Chevrolet down the street from where I work and the best they would do was $27,800 after rebate, Tomorrow I will call everyone back and see how serious each one is about guaranteeing this price before I drive to pick up the car. If I can get a 2007 ss for anywhere in the $24-25 range, I will be ecstatic!

    I will let you know how it turns out.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Remember, if they really are killing themselves to sell it to you for 24000 or so, you have offered to much. Thats why you never name a price.

    Also remember the car depreciates about 12k or so off list 1st year,(unfortunately its terrible in this regard) so $7000 or so off msrp isn't doing you any great favor. Personally I would have a (undisclosed) target of 20 to 23 k for a 30000 SS. Your timing now should limit the number of dealers (severely) yanking your chain, but quickly dispose of them.

    Call them back, tell them you have some "pretty low" bids (this will make up for your price breach of etiquitte)and to give me your best shot. Tell them your time is valuable and thats why you got 30 bids. See how much into the low 20s you can get and maybe surprise yourself. Wait for callbacks if possible (give your cell if you have one)

    This red tag deal ends jan 2 I believe so you may have a few more days (although I wouldn't bet my life on it) End of Jan may be excellent too though.

    If you wind up driving far get the VIN, and all the numbers worked out straight from the sales mgrs mouth. And goose him into faxing you the paperwork to review if possible.

    Rotsa Ruck
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    For what it's worth, last year I bought an 06 in the Red Tag Event. Later, in March or about that time, they lowered the sticker price and offered a full $2K to those with GM cards, regardless of how much they had accrued. That deal would have beaten the deal I got under the Red Tag. I know that doesn't help a lot in your current situation but thought I'd offer it up.
  • Sooo bad news. I called 4-5 dealers back, the one that looked most promising, used my down payment against me.

    He states he would get me an OTD price of $25,435. Problem is, that's after my $4,000 down payment. Maybe I should have left that little factoid out. :cry: I didn't realize this until I asked him to fax over to me the breakdown. He's offering the car to me at $28,100 - $1,000.00 cash back, final price $27,100 for a car in which the MSRP is $31,100.

    The other 2-3 I called back and got a hold of didn't budge from from invoice. Now I haven't spoken to all the dealers yet, and a few seemed to have started their vacation a bit early, but my phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook. It seems as most of the dealerships are taking my fax as a lead and almost ignoring my asking price.

    Maybe I'm better off going to my local dealer and just negotiating for 2-3 hours and getting close to the price I want. Or, I can wait till next month and try again?

    PS: From what I have seen , $27,100 (Before taxes) is one of the better prices for a fully loaded 2007 Impala SS. I don't know if 7 - 10 thousand off MSRP is realistic.
  • Thanks for the heads up. I might have to look in to this "GM Card". How much did you pay for your SS?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm not exactly proud of my purchase price with my SS, especially if some of the deals listed on this forum are true. Based on my trade ($1K over trade value), I paid $27K. In my defense, I'm terrible once I get the new car bug. For that reason, I avoid dealerships like the plague. Unfortunately, last year my sister asked me to help her shop and I thought I'd be fine since it was HER car I was shopping for. But, once I heard that sweet sounding V-8, I just couldn't resist. I made my deal in one day without shopping other dealers. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

    As for the GM card, there are two versions. One gives you 5% and the other 3% and I think airline miles. The money earned is good toward the purchase of new cars and I THINK certified used cars. Most cars have a maximum of $2K toward their purchase price but some of the pricier models go a little higher (Caddys and Hummers). The deal they offered last year gave you the full $2K regardless of how much you had earned. I use my card for everything I can, pay it in full each month, and manage to earn about $1K per year. Of course, GM gets what they want since I'm more likely to buy a GM. :)

    One thing I wanted to mention about the's a "problem" I'm currently having but it is pretty minor. It seems the suspension is the same for all trim levels and that seems to be a problem with the heavier SS. Although the front suspension felt very nice for the first few months, it seems to have loosened up or broken in and is now a bit bouncy. I have only been able to compare it to my sister's 3LT (3.9L) but her's rides much better in my opinion. I know you don't need any other stress in your decision but I thought I should mention it. Otherwise, I really love the car and this issue, like I stated before, is minor. ;)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    You can give it a try end of Jan. if you want. (The impala SS isn't going to disappear) In general December is not the great month most people think it is, with a lot of year end spending by business and such.

    With this much activity and the advertising for the red tag deal and such, they may have too much traffic to screw with you. Also try faxing or emailing tuesday or mid week end of month. Weekends are busy. Call the chickie at the desk and get the Sales Mgrs personal fax # (many have one) the general # is where faxes might get wastecanned.

    Jan and Feb are probably the best (for this years model, July and August for previous years with new intros)

    However if it winds up the same (about $3500 off)you may probably have to eat 7-8k 1st year on your purchase. Not great but you may really really want an SS.

    Good Luck
  • Yeah. I've got to make a decison by tommorrow morning. Do I go to the dealership and try to knock and additional few hundred off this $27,100.

    Do I wait for the middle of January, or end of the month?

    Or do I just look up the 06's still on various lots and have a more realistic chance of getting that car for $22-23 Thousand.

    We'll see what happens but I am ready to buy. :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I don't think the SS is going anywhere. Since you seem to be summing up options it seems the need isn't urgent.

    I would try last week of Jan. (or feb) It may be that that SS medallion and a bigger engine will cost you. There are tons of 40 somethings who couldn't get or had a Malibu or Impala SS in the 70s who the dealers may get to pay up for it. That and the fact that only about 10% of them are in SS trim, and the dealers can work them. Probably doesn't work with the cobalt SS though. Just the 70's nostalgia.

    I'm tempted to think this, though it drops like a rock on the wholesale market, which shows a weak demand for the SS used. (perhaps supply=demand only for itchy ones like us who want it new?)

    Try getting quotes on the LT3 package too. You can get the trunk louvre, etc on it also. If perhaps the best deal you can work is $6000+ or so off (a lower)MSRP for an appropriate Lt3 or $3500-4000 off MSRP for a SS you have a decision to make. (a lot cheaper, and that 3.9 v6 is pretty good) LT probably only depreciates 10k or so off list instead of around 12k, so the situation may be much better in that regard too.

    I have the glossy sales brochure for the 06, perhaps you should acquire the 07 brochure and look at the trim chart.

    Only the competitive bids will reveal the situation.

    So it boils down to economics or life's short.... ;)

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