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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We are looking at the Volvo XC90 2010 model with R package. We are using the Costco offer:
    I know the Costco program is offering $500 off of employee pricing + $500 Costco gift card
    Manufacturer to Dealer is $500
    Owner Loyalty is $1500

    I am not a current Volvo owner so we are not eligibile for this incentive.

    Finance rate is 4.34%

    I have a copy of the invoice
    Base 37130
    All Wheel Drive Traction 1880
    Climate package 752
    Metallic Paint 517

    Destination 850
    Advertising 250

    Total 41,379.00

    They would be offering 500.00 OFF the above invoice.

    Is there any room for negotiation on this or should we go ahead with the deal?
  • You can subtract the 500 costco,and the 500 market support, and you didnt list your location but if the car is in stock there is probably room for another 500 to 1000. Location is the key this varies tremendously by different areas of the country.

    For all posters please list your area with your questions, Sometimes what is happening in some major markets is not happening elsewhere. the incentives are usually the same, what varies is the advertising fees and the degree of dealer discounts.
  • I am located in Vermont. The advertising fee on the invoice was $250.00

    They agreed to the additional $500 mfg to vendor bringing my price to
    Invoice less $1000.

    Deal or no deal???

    Thank you very much
  • Thank you very much for doing this:

    2010 2WD w/ 7k miles
    Wood Wheel
    3rd Row

    I think everything else is standard. Park Assist as well, but I think that is standard? Sticker was just over $40k (I think $40,225).

    They came down to $32,500. But it does not sound like they will budge another inch. Dealer broke down a new car with same equipment and it came to $35k and change (w/ loyalty, costco, $500 manufacturer). I would think that 7k miles would depreciate the car a little more than $2,500. Frustrating. I feel like they just want to get me into a new car if they can. That, or the incentives really don't allow a loaner car to make financial sense.
  • Are you saying that it is invoice minus the costco 500 and the market support of 500 making it 1000 behind invoice? If so there is still a little room even in Vermont but dont expect anything more than 3-500, this is a tough call cause there are so few dealers there, and if not then your current pricing is excellent for your georaphical area

    Happy Holidays
  • here is the breakdown

    cost = 38113 including adv fee

    Minus 500 market support

    minus 500 costco

    minus 2000 holdback

    minus 2000 loaner car support

    minus 1500 loyalty if you qualify for all the above

    plus 300 park asst ( this is not standard but might have been dealer installed)

    total= 31913 this is what is called dealer net net cost

    I would ask for oil change and new front brake pads, at the 32500, that 7k was all local driving as a loaner car outside of that a good deal.

    Happy Holidays
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Park Assist is standard on 2010s
  • Hello Hollywood53

    Yes invoice minus $1000. Plus you get a $500 costco card from Costco. You can't really count that in the deal but it is part of the incentive.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Scroll up and see post #1852, there is just a little room left for your area.

    Happy Holidays
  • Me again. Now we are comparing buying new.

    Quick question, I just noticed that USAA has discounted prices...looks like $1000 below invoice. Can I stack with Costco, or is it either one or the other?

    This is the math I'm getting for one with $37,411 ($39,425 MSRP) - FWD, Metallic, Wood Wheel

    -$1,000 - USAA
    -$500 - Manufacturer Support
    -$500 - Costco
    -$1,500 - Loyalty

    TOTAL: $33,911 (or $34,411 if I have to add back Costco)

    Is this correct, or do I need to add back the $500 due to offers not being able to combine? Obviously I use USAA program if not. Also, I am in Atlanta. Can the dealer offer any discounts? Thanks for all your help!
  • Update to previous post (would have just edited it, but no option). Dealer said $1000 USAA (ZAG) negates the $500 Manufacturer Support. So, USAA is net $500 more off on top of current offers. New math on unit I quickly looked at today:

    $37,807 Invoice ($39,900 MSRP)
    -$1500 Loyalty
    -$1000 USAA
    -$500 Costco
    TOTAL: $34,807

    Final question. There is $250 in advertising included in the invoice pricing. Is it possible to get any more $$ off from the dealer? Thanks again for all your help!
  • Hi. I am in the final stages with two dealers on purchasing 2010 xc90 under costco program at invoice less $2,500 ($500 volvo; $500 manufacturer-to-dealer; $1,500 loyalty). Both dealers have the cars in their inventory. I am wondering if anyone has been successful at negotiating a price below invoice less $2,500 rebates. I have read of comments about $2,000 holdback - has anyone been able to confirm this? I am willing to take $750 in accessories rather than lower selling price. Would appreciate anyones thoughts/experience. Thank you very much.
  • can you be a little more specific as to location? Are the accesories factory items ? or are they things like tint wood pinstriping etc? Yes there is holdback and depending on your dealer some will and some wont go into it
  • Hollywood - Can you pretty please help with post 1858? I'm not following on what a 'holdback' is exactly. I'm in Atlanta. Any more room for negotiation? Thanks! Your help is invaluable!
  • Hello,
    I'm in the market for a 2008 XC90 AWD. I'm located in the Boston area and shopping at Boston Volvo and 128 Volvo. Both dealerships have a decent inventory to choose from and most vehicles are just off lease. I'm wondering how much negotiating room there is from the dealer's listed selling price? Also, I'm looking to make a purchase in the next few weeks. Is it worth it for me to get done by the end of the year? Will the dealer be looking to move inventory before year end which in turn may get me a better deal? Any similar experiences or advice? Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!
  • atl golpher I will get you answers tommorrow, my guy is off today let me get a clarification on the usaa program
  • Forget the USAA take the costco, loyalty and market support, who are you dealing with in ATL or where do you want to get it? I did not check your invoice price but if metalic make sure you add it
  • The USAA and Costco stack, I can use both. Dealer says I just don't get M2D $500, so net, the $1000 USAA is really $500.

    I get all of the incentives. Question is, can the dealer come down beyond invoice minus the $3k in incentives (Loyalty, USAA, Costco). Thanks!
  • mr42810

    My wife and I are also looking at used 2008 XC90 AWDs at Boston Volvo and 128 Volvo. Have you visited either dealership? We have spoken with Jerry at 128 who is one of the internet salesmen. He indicated that it is roughly $2k more to make their used XC90's certified used Volvo's with the 7/100k warranty. I have not contacted Boston Volvo, but I assume it is the same case there.

    I'd be interested to know how much lower either dealer is willing to go on the price. Based on the online inventories, it seems like 128 has better initial prices.

    If I get a chance to visit either dealership, I'll post any other information I obtain.

    Good luck!
  • Does anyone know if there is a way around the Costco programme"s requirement of being a member at Oct. 31st? I am looking to buy a 2010 XC90 I6 and the extra $1k is too good to miss. Unfortunately I did not know about the COSTCO programme before hand and hence did not get the membership. Any advice would be appreciated.

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