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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • A couple of newbie questions:

    (a) What do you mean by "loaner car support?" Is itt a price adjustment because the car was in the loaner fleet?

    (b) Do the incentive and rebates listed on the following link (manufacturer to dealer) essentially mean that the dealer has the amounts to play with in negotiating?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Just to throw out another data point re: Costco pricing..

    We were told tonight that Costco = dead invoice. Ok, what's invoice on this XC90 (MSRP was $39,800)?? Invoice was $37,600ish (he even showed us "THE SHEET!!" :). When I asked "what is employee pricing compared to invoice," he said it was one in the same (which I'm not sure that I believe). We're still looking at other vehicles so we did not press foward with any negotiations - we merely wanted to find out what Costco pricing was to know how good (or not) of a deal it is.

    FWIW, the MSRP to (supposed) invoice spread on the XC60 was almost identical ~ $2000 less.
  • Base invoice is $35,440 plus $1,880 for AWD for $37,320 + $850 for Destination for total of $38,170. I just took deliver of 2010 xc90 with climate, blis, bluetooth and metallic paint for $40,600 (included $150 dealer advertising) less $2,500 in rebates ($500 costco/volvo, $500 volvo, $1,500 loyalty) for $38,100. I will also get another $500 costco card so when I net that out I am at $37,600. Dealer also included all-weather floor and cargo mats. Obviously got the safe and sound package as well. This is my 2nd xc90 - never had any problems with first one. Actually MSRP to invoice spread on the xc90 after including awd and destination is $2,400, not $2,000. Hope this helps.
  • We want a 2010 XC90 3.2 AWD with Bliss + climate. Living the northeast Florida, the local dealer says 3.2 AWD are hard to come by although one that fits the bill has shown up on the lot (by magic?). Here is our quandary:

    Alternative A: Car on the lot is a demo vehicle with "port damage" (supposedly a scratch on rear fender). Because of this the dealer states they cannot offer the current Safe + Sound coverage---only 4yr/50k mile warranty. Does this sound legit? Should we press to have S+S included? How much of a showstopper should we make of this coverage?

    Alternative B: We are willing to order the car from the factory. However, the dealer will need to wait until the factory reopens in Sweden on Monday (4 Jan) to see if they have available capacity to build it in a 2-3 month period. They will provide Safe + Sound coverage if we order by Monday. Is this story legit? Are dealers less willing to deal with a factory order vehicle?

    Last question: Not being a loyalty customer (nor a Costco participant), all they are throwing our way in line-item deductions is $500 XC90 discount. Can we push to get loyalty dollars or is this a non-negotiable.

    Thanks for all your help!
  • onconc Posts: 26
    Obviously the dealer is NOT telling you the truth. The S&S is offered on all new XC90, it is foolish not to get it. I heard that it is worth around $3000 in retail. It is an unbelievable value. I bought my XC90 2009 because of it.
    He has no option but to give it to you if you order from factory, NOT by Monday but anytime. Volvo will continue this promotion as their sales are up because of it.
    One more advise, do NOT order from factory. If you do, then you lose a significant negotiating power and you will be charged more money. You have to put money down and if the car is damaged before delivery for any reason, they may not give you your money back. They will try to bargain with you to get something else.
    Good luck.
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    I just took delivery of an ordered car and based on my experience your statement is false. Baseline price was under invoice, I did not need to put any deposit down (just credit card information), and took delivery with $0 drive off (sing & drive lease).
  • I purchased the same model from the same salesperson at 128 and was told the same info about certification. And there was no negotiating on the certification cost.

    For the xc90, I found 128's prices to be the best, even though the advertised price that led me there turned out to be an error (and I believe it was an honest mistake).

    The deciding factor for the certification (instead of a less expensive 3rd party warranty) for me was the promise by a manager at 128 that the certification would entitle me to a free loaner from any volvo dealer for any repair while under warranty.

    Later, when I went for my first repair at another dealership, I found the free loaner offer not to be true. 128 agreed they misinformed me about the loaner (again,I think this was an honest mistake) and promised to compensate me for it in some way. But they never did. And I couldn't unwind the certification deal. After many phone calls, and contacting Volvo, I just gave up.

    Also, I found a dent when I got home after I was told there were no dents (I don't think Jerry even knew), so I would examine the car carefully before driving it off the lot. I know that is just common sense, but I was so excited about the xc90 that I missed it during my 30 minute inspection---and it was right there on the front of the hood! My advice is to take someone with you so you don't make the same mistake I did. You sign a form when closing on the deal which pretty much says there are no promises other than what is in writing. I don't know if this is something unique to 128.

    I really love the car and Jerry is fun to work with and very good at his job. But I probably won't buy from them again since while I can understand an error on an advertised price, being unaware of a $700 dent, and not knowing about the lack of free loaners at other dealerships, they never followed through after the sale to compensate me for their error.
  • We decided to put the purchase off and a day later her '97 850 starts leaking oil ($1100 repair). Made the decision to purchase a lot easier. The 850 had a negative value in my mind and the dealer gave us $1500 for it ($1,500 on top of the Loyalty Incentive).

    I have found this website to not be very helpful. Most people do not come back and post exactly what they paid (perhaps they don't want to know if they got a good deal or not, I don't know). Also, most people post in dealer lingo which is not helpful to the average buyer. I hope this post does indeed help someone.

    Last week we bought a 2WD 2010 w/ metallic paint and the Climate Package. MSRP was $39,900 and the invoice was $37,807. We qualified for the following incentives off of invoice:

    Loyalty: $1,500
    USAA: $1,000 (Dealer called this 'ZAG' pricing)
    Costco: $500

    The dealer said we did not qualify for the manufacturer to dealer support of $500 b/c it was built into the USAA incentive above. I was able to negotiate another $500 off of invoice though. In total, $3,500 below invoice.

    Final price of the vehicle was $34,307. If you count the Costco $500 gift card, $33,807 was the price. Only thing that bugged me was this insurance the dealer stated they had to put on all of their cars (some type of theft recovery insurance?). It was $259. I was going to make a big stink about not wanting to pay that...but I was over the process at that point. I waived a white flag. I am happy with the car. It did smell of burnt plastic after the first few drives near the back, but the dealer said that he had seen that before and it wasn't an issue. They put it up on the rack and had their mechanic look it over to make sure. We have a family Volvo mechanic who I'll also have look it over as well. Again, hope this helps.
  • Guys, this XC90 is available at my NJ dealer in Black/Beige:


    Including destination the sticker is $45k and invoice of $42,433. I am being offered a $1,000 loyalty savings and a $500 cash back off the invoice, bringing the total to $40,933 + tax & tags. I was told there is some room for negotiation. Can you suggest a good number I should counter with?

  • photohphotoh Posts: 5
    I am stationed overseas with the military and have been researching vehicles. I was quoted a price via a 3rd party factory sales rep (Middle East Sales) on a 2010 XC90 3.2 AWD Metallic Paint, Climate Package, BLIS, Premium Sound, and the 5 year S&S program for 36,075. I would pay tax/title/reg once delivered to a dealership in the US.
    I thought this was a good deal but not sure. The sales rep claims there will be no Customs cost or other fees as it is included in the quoted price.
    Any suggestions? I emailed the quote to a local dealership to see if they can do better.
  • what is a good price with the following options:

    Multimedia Package (DVD installed in headrests), Navigation system,
    Blind Spot Information system, Metallic Paint, Bluetooth.

    Dealer initially offered $49.6k plus taxes. Thoughts?
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    That is actually a pretty good price considering the equipment. The MSRP should be near $55K.
  • My lease with US Bank on my 07 XC90 is up in a few months and I was wondering if anyone has had success in negotiating a lower buyout than contained in their lease paperwork. Thanks
  • vrr106vrr106 Posts: 3
    CPO XC90 NAV BLIS 17K miles for $31.5K 7 seats leather. Good price?
  • We recieved an offer on a 2010 XC90 (not the R-design). AWD, Climate package, bluetooth. Volvo has a deal going on of 5 years 60,000 miles, all maintenance covered (brakes/oil/everything except tires). They also have a deal for Lexis/Toyota owners who buy from them of $1000 discount of which we will take advantage of.

    The offer we recieved (in Northern California) was $38,800 plus TTL, but including the $850 delivery charge. Is this a fair price or too high? What have you paid for your 2010 Volvo?
  • I just want to thank all the people on this board for helping me decide if I should buy a Volvo. There are some fantastic posts that really helped me. I hope my post can help someone.

    I have been looking for an XC90 for months. I decided to purchase new since the certified 2008s with leather and sunroof are nearly the same price as new base models (after negotiating). I research every SUV possible that is out there! I decided the XC90 was for me, but the price was not. I knew it would be hard to get a good price seeing as the 2010's were redesigned with new luxury standards.

    Well after weeks of negotiating I found a 2010 with 5K miles in Florida for $33,500. I was thinking wow that is awesome deal. After getting some advice from my Mom she said wait until the end of the month. I was thinking okay it is only a week away I can handle it. Well I made many calls to dealerships that day. I walked away with a brand new 17 miles XC90 white w/Safe & Sound with a MSRP $38,550 for $34,300 out the door! I could have got it for $33,300 but I do not own a Volvo, Saab, Lexus, or Toyota. This is cheaper than most of the demos.

    I learned to negotiate on the final day of the month and when some dealers say it is not possible move on someone will take your money! Buy from dealers who have large amounts of inventory. Any dealer can ship and it is not that expensive. I did all the negotiating on the Internet and phone. I never set foot in the dealership I purchased from. I purchased my XC90 with Volvo of Dallas and I live in Oklahoma. They are the only Volvo dealership I will ever work with again. The dealership has fantastic customer service and also a huge selection. They even are going trade it for a black one that I really wanted even after the paperwork has been sent to me. They are a fantastic dealership!

    Also, when purchasing a demo the warranty started when the car was first labeled as "demo". I learned that most demos already have 6 months of the warranty gone even though you can get the "Safe and Sound Program". Make sure you check the CarFax on all demos. I looked at one demo that was "sold" and returned huge red flag. Also, it will show when the vehicle original went to demo status. So if you purchase a demo use this to negotiable, because 10% of the warranty is gone.

    I will let you know how my new XC90 turns out. I should take delivery this weekend. I am so excited to get my first Volvo!!!
  • I paid this for a used 08 v8 sport(R-design) awd with all the bells and wistles. The 10' with similar equipment was nearly 50k after 6k in incentives. 39k for the t6 ummm i would wait till june or july when the tax rate is supposed to go back down in california.
  • Anyone has recently purchased 08 CPO AWD XC90 in Chicago? I am seeing a price near $30k before tax for a I6 base with 20~40k miles. Will we see a better price into the end of Feb or beginning of summer? Thanks,:confuse:
  • Anybody know the February money factor and residuals for the 2010 xc90 3.2 AWD with climate 12k per year? My lease expires April 1st and am trying to figure out if i should take advantage of any deals before then. I am also over on my mileage on my 2008 lease of the same vehicle. These salesmen are also pushing US Bank heavily vs. Volvo Credit. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • Hello- I plan on purchasing an XC 90 towards the end of March in the Boston area.

    I would like black, 3.2 AWD with climate package. We will be paying cash, and hope to use the end of the month tactic to our advantage.

    I am wondering if anyone recently purchased, or got offers on that specific car?

    With my zip code Edmunds gives TMV $37,715 (invoice $37,040)

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