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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Have you recently purchased or do you plan on purchasing a Sorento? What did you pay? How did you negotiate?


  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I bought mine (gold beige) back in December. I paid $26100 for an EX with 4WD, T.O.D., ABS, luxury package, self-levelizer, rear spoiler, cargo tray and mudguards. I first sent email to the sales manager. He quoted $257?? for the one without self-levelizer. But he only had this one (fully loaded) in the lot at that time. So he just added the dealer cost of this option to the car price. I think I got $1200 off the MSRP and it was in December, before any factory incentives occurred. I am sure the price is coming down very much now.

    I didn't negotiate much. I spent most of the time on dealer price quote via internet. That was the lowest price that I found.
  • carinccarinc Posts: 2
    I just purchased my Aqua/Pewter on Monday 7/28. Let me preface this by saying that I live in a rural area about 180 miles in two directions from large cities (250,000+) and the dealerships here are notorious for gouging. I knew I was getting a Sorento so I went down to the local Kia lot and found the one I wanted. Sure enough they wanted $27,500 for an EX 2WD w/ ABS, Lux pkg, spoiler & cargo tray. I sat in their office and called dealerships in Phoenix & San Diego explained the situation and got a quote almost instantly for $23,500. Local Kia decided they'd rather sell one to me so they dropped the price and I picked it up for $22,600. I opted for the $1000 rebate and financed it through a local credit union.
  • drhalodrhalo Posts: 2
    I paid $23750 for a demo EX with 4WD, T.O.D., ABS, luxury package, rear spoiler, towing package and cargo tray. I went to two other dealerships first and was quoted $24500 and $24300 on new EX with 4WD leather without luxury package. My wife loved the luxury package for less money so we bought the “demo” (it was actually driven by a Kia district rep).

    The buying experience was your typical high volume dealer affair. They were VERY friendly (but aren’t they always) but in your heart you know that they are constantly maneuvering to stick it to you every chance they get. After three trips to the sales manger we settle on the price of $23750. At this point you’re tired and feel relived that the buying game is over. But it’s not over, you’ve just come to the half-time show (the time you spend be entertained by the sales staff while you wait to enter the lions den, aka the finance manager). The selling of a car is sometimes referred to as the “front end” of the deal and the financing of the vehicle is known as the “back end” of the deal. There are many times when a dealership makes a lot more money on the “back end” of the deal. So watch your rear when you enter the finance zone of a dealership. The negotiation of what you’re really going to be paying for the ride isn’t over until you’re out of finance. Our finance person was the exact opposite of our salesman. He was calm, soft-spoken and very smooth (it was almost like being hypnotized) as he presented the extended warranty sale as if it was a part of the original deal. He also pulled the old “hide the exorbitantly high APR while only showing the monthly payment routine”. His initial quote was 6.9% over 60 months with the hidden extended warranty to boot. As soon as I mentioned we could get 4.75% from local a community credit union, he dropped his rate to 4.5%. Can you imagine how much the dealership would have made pocketing the difference between what the bank charges them and the 6.9% they were going to charge us? A LOT OF PROFIT.

    So in the end I would say my Kia buy experience was no different than any other vehicle I’ve ever bought, it’s buyer beware. Negotiating for a new auto can be fun if you do your homework, shop multiple dealers, stay on your toes for the whole game, be patience and keep a good attitude.

    Maybe next time I can talk about the condition known as BRS buyers remorse syndrome, as I always get a bad case after every purchase.
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    In April I bought my Green/Beige Sorento with Lux. pkg.,ABS & spoiler. I paid just under 25,000 for it before tax, fee etc.
    I negoatited over internet and followed up with one phone call. I visited the dealership and did the deal in one day. It was great.
    One of the best parts is I did a lot of research at Edmunds and several of the folks who post in the Sorento forum (such as lok888:-) pushed me off the fence to buy with their comments about the Sorento.
  • Hi All,

    Just bought my Sorento LX yesterday from a local Kia dealer. A friend of mine bought my camry (has 105K on it) and I did not have too much time to shop.

    It was used with 5300 miles on it and never registerd with DMV. The General Manager of the dealership said his boss drove the car for a while and he is selling to me as a NEW car and that warranty would start yesterday (date wise) and last till 100K powertrain. After $1000 rebate and all I paid roughly $16900 + tax and license for the car. It is going to be a commute car so I did not go for the Leather and all although I really wanted it. Oh, I did pay $950 extra for extended warranty 10 yr/100K bumper to bumper and alarm system. This alarm system will let me remotely unlock the car over the phone in case I locked myself out.

    I think it is a ok deal as I did not have much time to look. I do plan on driving the car to more than 100K miles if it lets me.

    Oh, one question though. The Sorento did not have ABS, is this an option I can add. The dealer said no but I find it really odd. Is this true ?

    Thanks a lot.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    benjamin_ng - ABS is factory installed option. It costs $510 more (MSRP) on a Sorento with ABS. I don't think you can add it now. Good luck and have fun!
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Good luck on your Sorento and happy motoring. I do have a question for you though. I have been looking for a alarm system for ours and my dealer does not offer one. I have been to the usual stores like Circuit City and Best Buy but they have none for the Sorento because of the key fob we have. Ours has the rear tailgate window release and they cannot match it or program theirs to match. I can get one but I would have to have two fobs one for the Sorento and one for the alarm. What brand name is your alarm. Maybe Ican find a dealer that installe them around here (Connecticut. Thanks and again good luck.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    The people at a local car alarm place told they can install an alarm system with remote starter on 2003 Sorento. It is made by Python. And I still haven't installed one yet. I probably will get one before this winter comes. He said it has four buttons on the remote for LOCK & UNLOCK (same button, also works as PANIC if hold for more than two seconds), REAR GLASS, REMOTE STARTER and possible one more auxiliary like power windows (extra parts needed).
  • ivan4741ivan4741 Posts: 24
    I bought a 4WD/AWD EX Alum wheels cloth Inter. Traded in a 89 Nissan Maxima se and paid $18839 in cash. Drove it home free and clear.
  • Hi Hugo,

    Sorry for the late, late reply. I got the alarm from a company called ADS ( Advance dealer service ) or something like that. It is very similar to one found here but my model is WL504. It can do the standard function like arm/disarm and gate (the glass portion) release. It also let you arm and disarm using a touch tone phone.

    I think it is basically a pager. You key in your code and command from the phone and the system send the command to your car for the desired action. I tried it and it works. There is a 2 minute delay or so after you key in the command.

    Oh. Since I don't have the factory FOB so there isn't much issue for me.

    Let me know if there is any question.

  • ansehdansehd Posts: 7
    5 days ago, i stopped by the Kia dealershop saying full-featured sorento is about $28,540 unresonablly. Before i checked the RMV on this site, I consider at leat to pay 27,000. But Thanks to you guys' advice, i am pretty sure i can get a better deal.

    The option i would like to have with the sorento(4WD EX) are luxuary package and ABS. How much is gona be a good deal at least? Can i pay under 25,000 to own it with 1000 rebate?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    ansehd - The Edmunds' TMV for this EX 4WD with luxury package and ABS is $25864 in my area after the $1000 cash rebate. This is the price is without any dealer discount and it is close to your price. I don't know why the invoice price information is not available on Edmunds. I can't see how much it cost these days. I bought mine in December. I think it probably costs $24K these days with those equipments. Someone mentioned the 2WD with the similar options in $23K price range.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    I don't know why we don't have the Sorento invoice pricing up. Maybe the data people are getting ready to flop the '04 info up.

    Steve, Host
  • My wife spent 2 years looking for an SUV that fit our price range and needs - we purchased a Kia Sorento EX . I'm not fond of SUV's but I'm very impressed with the fit, finish, and standard equipment of the Kia EX.

    We paid $33,655.00 CAD for our EX. That price includes a 7% federal sales tax called the GST - goods and service or gouge and screw tax. The dealer/bank financing was 60 months with an interest rate of 3.9%.

    This was the best vehicle purchase experience I have had. The deal was "wrapped up" in 3 hours which included a trade-in of worn out 1998 Ford Windstar.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    if anyone has bought a Sorento EX 2wd with just the Luxury package and abs package in Florida, if so what did you pay???
  • I'm interested in buying a Sorrento and was wondering if folks out there have purchased 2003 models and what they paid compared to the 2004 models. Also, how does one go about finding demo models with a few thousand miles and what would that cost. I need a 4wd and prefer leather. Any other tips, info on additional features that are "must haves" would be appreciated.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    It would be difficult or impossible to get a new '03 or '04 Sorento with 4WD and leather (only on EX model). I did a research from Kelley Blue Book few weeks ago. The value of my '03 Sorento (10K miles) EX, 4WD with luxury package is $18.9K (trade in), $21.7K (private sale) and $24.3K (retail). I paid $26K for the car back in December with no rebate or incentive. For a used Sorento for under $20K, probably has more miles on it. Maybe you are talking about an '04 LX (4WD?) with no leather for your target price after dealer discount and factory cash back. I do see few posts that LX (2WD?) for $16K and EX (4WD?)for $23K.
  • I'm moving from Phoenix Arizona to Berthoud Colorado and am planning on purchasing a new Sorento EX by the end of the month. Anyone have a dealership in the Denver-Longmont-Loveland-Ft. Collins area they'd recommend or avoid? Am interested in the concept of buying through the internet and just picking it up locally but I do wonder how payment is made in a situation like that.....Thanks everyone!
  • ...Well, congratulations on your choice to purchase a Kia Sorento. You will be very happy I'm sure.

    I live in Longmont Colorado...and I can give some advice here. DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT...consider using Kia Cowboy Corral in Longmont. I purchased my Sorento from these jokers...and though they gave me a smoking deal, everything from that point on has been an absolute nightmare! There service department is a joke! So I would not recommend these guys in anyway. Trust me.

    I did not get much help in the whealing and dealing part of negotiating with the Tynan's Nissan and Kia in Ft. Colliins. Nice guys, but they really don't want to sell you a car unless your an idiot and aren't very educated in the true costs...etc.

    I have been using Grand Kia in Westminster. Its a ways from where your moving, but they have been great with me. They have treated me very well and their service department is fantastic. Now...I don't know about buying there. So thats up for debate. But I'm sure they will work with you. Just come with your guns to speak.

    Anyway...I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, just address them to me here.

    Good luck.
  • Hi Mark and thanks for you observations. If I may ask, what model did you get, what options and what did you pay? Did you have much choice in color etc? The Kia dealers here (Phoenix) seem to have a pretty good choice of vehicles on their lots, but we don't buy a lot of AWD with the intent of using it anyway. Thanks again for your help. Lynne
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