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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in Atlanta. Tax rate is 7% for my county. The rebates were: Customer cash + military discount. I spent 1 month searching for the color (pearl white), SX and AWD. The local Atlanta dealers couldn't find one, so I ended up going about 70miles south where they did find one. Not sure if the B-to-B warranty is dealer only, but it is a Kia warranty and was a special the lender paid for.

    I agree with the tan interior, that's the only "wish" I had for the SX. I can't tell you the difference between the drives, but I can say this: the SX model does sit lower than the EX and the SX has a "sport handling" package (stiffer). My wife loves how it drives where she can zip around without issues. Me: I love the turning radius, very small.
  • Thanks. We are in ATL also. Test drove a white AWD SX w/sunroof last week, but was hung up on the black interior. It was gone the next day. A dealer located a white AWD SX with the two tone black/dove interior that is being brought in from out of state. Hopefully I will like it when it gets here.

    I did finally drive both an EX and SX back to back, and could definitely tell a difference when on an exit ramp cloverleaf from the interstate. The EX had a little more body roll, and the SX seemed to take the curve at speed better. I hope I can live with the black inside and am not kicking myself later on.

    We are getting the SX for $700 below invoice plus another $2000 in rebates (customer and competitive). We are getting some tax savings from our trade in. It would have been nice to have that b2b warranty. We'll see what they say when we go in to sit with the finance guy. We're pre-approved at the bank, so maybe he'll throw that one in to get us to finance with him. Can't hurt to ask, right? :)

    Thanks for your reply/insight!
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  • Received quotes from a Kia dealer in NJ for a Sorento that quoted the MSRP then their discounted price. When I inquired what options were included, I could not match the MSRP and was always a few hundred dollars short of theirs. Found out that a DMG contribution fee was included in their MSRP. What is a DMG contribution fee?
  • Let me know if you think this is a good/bad purchase price. Thanks

    2012 Sorento, EX, V6, AWD

    Options: cargo net, black back bumper protector, auto dimming rearview mirror with homelink, and black cross bars.

    MSRP (prior to rebates) = $31,110
    Negotiated Price (prior to rebates) = $28,929 + TTL & doc fee
    Less Rebates = $2,000
    Total = $26,929 + TTL & doc fee
  • great cars for less and they have all the additional equipment that any other brand dose not in standard models

    thank you so much i found the perfect car in the price i can afford

    strongly recommended
  • Tilitdies would you mind sharing which dealership you were able to negotiate with? I live in vermont I'm in the market for a new car and haven't found a local Kia dealership that would deal with a "female" and give me decent numbers to even consider buying a car from them. A referral would be great! And really appreciated!
  • rkennrkenn Posts: 9
    I got a price from a site called they will give you the name of dealers in your area that will honor that price. See if there's anything in your area.
  • Thanks I will try that. Btw is the java color hard to get? And why don't I see that color on the road. Im very new to the kias but i got burned by my chrysler (lemon) so looking at other companies now.
  • Hello,

    Long time reader of the set on purchasing a 2012 Sorento LX Convenience Package w/3rd row. I have a price price from Fred Beans OTD $25,495 (7% New Jersey resident tax).
    Does this seem like a good price?
  • hhh99hhh99 Posts: 1
    I just bought the exact same car. Here was my price:
    MSRP: 26,400
    Discounted price: 24,500
    Rebates: 1,500
    Net: 23,000 + TTL + $386 doc fee
    I live in DC. This was a better price than a competing dealer quoted me.
  • jnkohjnkoh Posts: 17
    I got a great deal at Jack Daniels Kia in Paramus, NJ

    Got the car at invoice minus $2000 in rebates, I was previously leasing a rav 4 so I qualified for the competetive invoice.

    Paid $225 total out of pocket and have a $475 a month payment including tax.

    They took my Rav4 and made the last lease payment. Saved me the lease $300 disposition fee as well.

    Currently working on another deal for my friend on an EX AWD with premium.

    I tried using that new site Seems like dealers in the tri state area are using it to bait and switch buyers. they quote a super low price, basically below dealer cost, sometimes several hundred dollars below including the holdback to make you want to come in. When you get there they don't have the vehicle and try to get you into something else or tell you that the car was just sold.
  • Ok Im worried. Not sure if this is a decent deal. As a female I am always intimidated having to purchase a car. This is the deal I have worked out. Should I bite? Or keep negotiating?
    2012 Sorento SX w/ Panoramic Sunroof, Cargo Net, Tow hitch and cross rails (I added the crossrails & tow hitch to my needs)
    32,870 which includes all rebates & incentives.

    They did show me the invoice. However I have no idea if it is "the invoice". Invoice shows msrp 37,200 (without my two additions) and invoice shows dealer cost of :confuse: 34,900. Please help me and tell me if I can do better?
  • Have you checked or the Costco Auto Program if you are a Costco member? We got a loaded SX V6 AWD at $2700 below invoice ($700 below and then $2000 in rebates).

    This deal would have been the same no matter which model we picked ($700 under less any applicable rebates).

    Good luck!
  • bgandybgandy Posts: 1
    My Wife and I are looking at a 2012 Sorento at a local dealership. It is a 2wd, LX V6 model with 3rd row seat. The car is used with 20k miles. The dealers asking price is $26,500.00. I tried looking up the used car value on Edmunds, but 2012 is not listed for used on the Kia models. I was able to find that the TMV for a new 2012 with the same options is $25,897.00 plus a $1,500 Rebate.

    What would be a good starting amount for an offer? Does anyone know what the market value of the used one might be?
  • melli1melli1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a '12 sorento awd, 4cylinder, with convince package and tow package, 12600miles and it was priced for 24990. No rebates on a preowned model but I talked them down to 23990. Not sure if that was a great offer but I'm happy. As when the bank tried to look up value the couldn't find anything for a preowned model so they valued it t 29000. Not sure if this helps
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • skneussleskneussle Posts: 2
    Back in March, I bought a 2013 Kia Sorento LX with Convenience Package, third row seats, GDI engine, and UVO entertainment.

    I looked everywhere in the Southeast. I ended up paying $28,450 plus tax title. At the time, it seemed like a good deal. Now looking at this thread it seems as though I may have grossly overpaid.

    Anyone purchase a similar trim that I can better compare it to?
  • kia dealer in lake city ,florida . was in lot on 5/20/12 took notice that every kia on lot had additional charges to each vehicle . first their $499 pre- delivery service charge and than a charge $2,995 for something regarding ? can not recall their exact wordage. but believe i was shocked. the additional paper work was right next to the window sticker and showed the msrp and the 3500 added ,giving the grand total for the car. this is on every car in the lot,all kia models. never in 60 years have i ever seen anything like this. STAY AWAY from kia dealer in lake city,fl.
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