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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We just brought home this exact car yesterday and best price I got with rebates and dealership discount was $33415.00. I didn't but as I'm taking that price to other dealerships before month end. Perhaps the dealership will call me back before the end of June and sweeten the deal to get us to buy?

    This vehicle was the SX AWD with premium package, tow hitch, wheel locks, interior lighting pkg, cargo net and cargo cover....MSRP $38415.00.

    I'd really like to go in and offer the price you got of $31800 at the end of June and see if they take it.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    Please keep us posted when you get the same good deal. I want to if the end of the month practice is working.
  • blitzoidblitzoid Posts: 1
    I've been shopping for the EX V6AWD w/premium/limited package in Northern NJ. I find lots of LX on dealer lots but very little EX or SX. For EX I received a number quotes via email between $31,995 - $33,500. For SX w/ premium package I was quoted $34,250 (MSRP $37,865). Given low inventory of EX in NJ, may have to turn my attention to Santa Fe or other similar vehicle. Dealers offer to locate the EX but not without a deposit.
  • nmorgannmorgan Posts: 1
    Does anyone know whether the "Customer Cash" can be combined with the "Bonus Cash"? The first is standalone and the second is tied to financing, but they are the same amount. It seems like Bonus cash is an incentive to get people to use the captive financing, so it seems it should stack. Also, if they can't be stacked, why have two different names for the same incentive and tie one to financing? Why not just say $1,500 and indicate that it's compatible with financing?

    Two dealers have given opposite answers, and I suspect that neither really knows or is trustworthy on the issue. Any direct experience on this (with any KIA vehicle really)?
  • bgv1bgv1 Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2013 Sorento EX AWD 4-Cyl GDI in Indiana for $26,000 (not including tag/tax). The MSRP sticker was $29,808 and I qualified for $1,500 in incentives. This price also included minor accessories like the all-weather mats and mud guards. I got a great deal on my trade-in (was actually given higher than what I had estimated and was shooting for based on KBB), so ended up financing $19.5K (not including tag/tax) @ 2.89% APR for 72 mos. Based on figures from sites like, I am happy with this deal.
  • bgv1bgv1 Posts: 2
    Not sure this answers your question, but per the Kia website on the Cash Back offer: "Cash back offer when you purchase a new car only and may not be combined with special Low APR offer....Not all incentive programs are compatible".

    Maybe ask to see if you qualify for the $500 competitive bonus which I believe can be combined with either the Low APR bonus offer or Cash Back offer.
  • harvittharvitt Posts: 9
    The cost after incentives (can't remember exactly what they were, one was for having a competing car; mine's a Subaru Forester) and before taxes and destination fees was $30,995.

    (By contrast, Edmunds lists the invoice price to be $31,360 for the SX AWD and $2,860 for the premium package for a total of $34,220 and TMV of $34,844).

    But it wasn't easy!
    I went in yesterday and was thinking more of getting a 4 cyl EX AWD, but my wife fell in love with the V6 SX AWD with two-toned leather seats, and the salesman Kevin said he would sell it to me for $30,995. But when i came back today, I had to deal with another salesperson who tried to tell me that that price was if i met *all* incentives. But, I'm 47 yrs old and the salesman from yesterday clearly did not think i was a graduating student or in the military. So, I insisted on that price and we went back and forth forever and after almost walking out a couple of times, the salesman from the first day, Kevin, magically reappeared and honored the price.
    There was also a lot of haggling over the credit I was to get for my trade in, a 2003 Subaru Forester with 55,000 miles. Their first offer was $3000, I told them I wanted $8000, and i got them to go up to $6000. Maybe I could've gotten more selling it on craigslist but i really dreaded going through that process..
    They gave me a 2.9% loan that i can pay off without penalty after the first 3 payments.
    I was there for 4 hours! (I think they try keeping you there as long as they can to wear you down.. Good thing I had a good book to read whenever he stepped out to check on something for long stretches of time, and that I'm a stubborn SOB, lol..)
    This was in Fremont, CA. I also talked to dealers on the phone in nearby towns of Richmond and Vallejo and from what i can tell, I got a pretty good deal. Despite all the haggling with the other salesman, I went through far worse when buying the Subaru, and I would say that it's a good place to buy. I thought it was cool that after the deal was done, they still spent quite a while with me, teaching me how to use the phone/navigation/music system (which is pretty amazing!). Ask for Kevin Le.
    I'm a cheap-[non-permissible content removed], this is by far the most expensive and luxury car I've ever owned! I'm posting here to let those considering buying the same thing have a reference point for what they should aim for.. Kudos to you if you do better!
  • harvittharvitt Posts: 9
    Forgot to say... they also threw in wheel locks that i didn't ask for, but I couldn't get them to throw in the roof rack crossbars - i had to buy that, which was another $200. I think it might be standard to do so, but i was still pleasantly surprised that they filled up the gas tank for me.
  • I am working with Kia in Denver and the msrp is $39,105 and they have offered $32,988 for the 2013 Sorento SX Model FWD with premium package. heated steering wheel, air-cooled seats, etc. They keep all incentives and $500 for financing 3.9%.
  • trav06trav06 Posts: 14
    I think you can do better. I got the 2013 Sorento SX AWD with premium package for $31,850 before tax/title, and got 3.39% financing for 72 months. Someone a couple posts a go got an even better deal than mine, I think.

    Take that offer to another Kia dealer and get them to beat it.
  • dbuilderdbuilder Posts: 5
    I am qualified for $2,500 rebates and I've got two price deals from Garden Grove Kia in CA.

    13 EX-V6 base at $ 27,603 (OTD)
    13 EX-V6 + Premium at $ 30,841 (OTD)

    Based on my own research from this forum, these offers looks little expensive than others.
    What do you think?
    Please advise...
  • harvittharvitt Posts: 9
    Dbuilder, it looks like they want you to pay just about the same for a 2013 EX-V6 as I did for the 2013 AWD SX V6 ($30,995, see about 5 posts up).. Either i got a very good deal or you should be able to get it for less.
    But at some point, the returns for getting down to the lowest possible dollar aren't worth the time and aggravation of getting there.. In other words, how much longer are you willing you to go back and forth in order to save a couple of hundred dollars? My advice is to do as much as you can from home, either phone or internet, before you go in. In my case, however, i was trading in a car, and what they were giving me for that became part of the deal, and i couldn't do that over the phone (i needed to bring the car in for them to check it out and give me a price)..
    Good luck! So far, we really like our Sorento, but I'm still not used to its size, because we traded in an '03 subaru forester, and our other car is a prius...
  • Ok, this may be a bit lengthy but if it helps someone than bonus to you! I am in Chicago IL, I went to 4 total dealerships, I had a friend that worked at one of them. Obviously, he gave me the best price. Had all the standard features of the EX, has the uvo system with rear camera display, bluetooth, power seats with heated front seats, leather trim, infinity surround sound audio system, 3rd row seat, panoramic sunroof, rear bumper protector, cargo net, wheel locks, etc. MSRP had a $800 freight charge bringing the total MSRP to $34,015.

    After checking on 4 different KIA dealerships, my buddy still had the best price beat out there by $600. I paid $28,700 plus ttl. I thought I did pretty well. Love this truck, love the way it looks, the way it drives, the sunroof is sweet, 3rd row seat is not bad, has enough toys to make most anyone happy and the EX was plenty fine for me as the SX was about $4,500 more on the MSRP and woulda threw me back even more financially.

    so $28,700
    long story short. If you are in Chicago area, go to Grossinger Kia in Lincolnwood and ask for Louie Vine. Tell him the birdman sent ya! :)
  • Harvitt, congrats - think that's a great deal. Also bought a 2013 Sorento SX AWD (V6) with premium package, cargo net, cargo cover and wheel locks at end of July. Sticker on mine was $37,625; Edmunds listed invoice at $35,200; dealer invoice was $35,552 (with ad fee built in). Managed to get it for $31,580 with $1,000 competitor bonus and $1,000 customer cash. Could have got another $500 off if I took their financing but 2.9% they were offering (and wouldn't negotiate off of) was more than 1.79% I had in hand. Over term of the loan would have saved $100 on total price of the car had I taken their 2.9% but the $10/month more on the payment wasn't worth it to me, especially since I knew I qualified for a better rate than they were offering and they'd make about $1,000 on the interest paid. Still don't understand why they wouldn't deal on the interest rate - thought maybe I pissed them off too much but maybe they just made enough money and wanted to close it. Either way I'm happy since two dealers wouldn't go below $32,500 and a third dropped out at $31,920.

    To those looking for a deal in Aug 2013, don't think $1,000 competitor bonus, $1,000 customer cash and $500 financing incentives are available anymore. I was checking back to see if I should have waited but seems incentives are geared toward leasing this month, at least from what I can see. Still, think you should be able to get the same car for $33,580 max - probably less - got to think there's "hidden" incentives if leasing incentives are the only advertised incentive out there. Good luck - my suggestion would be to do everything by email if you can. Only had to spend 20 minutes at the dealership to sign the papers. I never negotiate there, takes too much time and feel it limits my ability to shop their quotes and research their "misstatements".
  • jjfuchjjfuch Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    2013-LX with convenience package, 3rd row seats, remote start, cargo net, wheel locks. $23400 before tax/title after rebates. Looked at larger SUV's (Explorer, Pilot and Acadia) and really liked the better mileage and having the additional seating though limited to smaller passengers is what sold it. The larger SUV's comparably equipped were not even close on price. I think I got a very good deal.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    I test drove a SX AWD with Premium package over the weekend. It was a nice ride. We didn't talk about the pricing. The sticker price is like in the $37K (with no cross bars) and the sale man quoted (not an exact quote) for $33K.

    I am qualify for the $1500 cash back, $1500 loyal and $1500 competitive bonus on SX model. This looks like he was quoted with the Kia incentives but with no dealer discount. If you paid $31.8K, it would be a great price.
  • kelleydkelleyd Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Went to look Saturday night at an online advertised special. MSRP 27,xxx on sale for 23,000. It is a 2012 LX V6 with third row. So I went in to talk and was handed the paper showing 27,000-4,000 making it 23,000 but then added on for nitrogen, wheel locks, window etching...something else maybe and price was 26,xxx. So I said I was planning on being 25,000 out the door. He said impossible with taxes and tags we are at 25,500 blah blah.

    Ended up buying it at $25,300 out the door. purchase price is listed at $23,000. Used their 2.99 financing for 6 yrs. Its a Black V6 third row. Has the chrome door handles and the side steps run the length of the car are in chrome with black circles(?) on them. Came with all floor mats and a cargo net. Think thats it. Overall I am happy with it. Looking to add maybe the dvd players in the headrests, shopping to see what the best options are for that. Would like to get the rubber cargo mats too.
  • Maybe this will help someone out. I purchased a 2013 EX FWD 4cyl, it had no packages, with the only options being cargo cover, cargo net and rearview mirror. Sticker was 28275.00. I got it for 24613.00 with owner loyalty. I think that I did pretty decent. The base EX is a tough find around here. If I would have bought a LX with conv package, I likely would have got a bigger discount. This is my second Sorento with the first being a base LX 4cyl. I love the vehicle, hence purchasing a second one. The resale and trade in values have been excellent on the two Kia's that I have traded in. Hope this helps someone out.
  • In case it helps someone else, I live in upstate NY and just made the following deal on a 2013 Sorento (EX V6 AWD w/ Premium Pkg):

    MSRP = $34,095 (w/ cargo cover and cargo net)
    Sale Price = $31,435
    Rebates/Incentives = $3000 ($1000 standard rebate + $1500 competitive bonus + $500 Kia financing)

    Total Price (before taxes and fees) = $28,435

    Thought it was a pretty good deal after negotiating with 4 or 5 different dealers. Curious to know whether others agree?
  • Brought from Fairfax Kia in Va early August Model 73222:
    LX FWD GDI convenience package 3rd row seat, mats, net, cargo cover

    MSRP=26,925, processing fee $499, dealer prep=$275

    Rebates=$1750 (dealer incentive+competitive vehicle )

    out the door w/o tax title/tags=$23,230

    Other dealers couldnt match b/c Fairfax is the volume leader and get back $ for sales satisfaction. Most of them and in NYC/NJ prices were $400-800 higher. Dealer also gives free tire replacement and lifetime oil/filter changes (every 4,000 miles). Their most sold model is the SX.

    Post sales note: first 500 miles mpg computer never went above 19mpg, at 2000 miles, its now 23 combined. Others note they never got anywhere near the 32 mpg highway too.
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