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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • greforgrefor Posts: 32
    Can you tell me where you are located. That sounds like a great deal.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Sure..Eastern Pa.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 32
    Thanks. I'm in central NJ so hopefully I can get a similar deal. I went to a dealership today just to see what the different trim levels looked like in person. I also looked at the Ford Escape (2013 model is much nicer than earlier models) and Subaru Outbacks. I really liked the Sorento the most.

    Next time I will get a test drive of all 3. I want to make sure I get an enginne with enough juice. If I was able to get a manual, the Subie would be right up there with the Sorento, but I know 2 people that have the auto version of the base model and it seems to be underpowered. My wife and daughter don't want/can't drive a manual:(
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    We did lots of shopping and also drove the outback but wanted the 3rd row for the few times we have all grandchildren in car. The V6 has tons of power in fact takes a little getting used to accelerates quickly . Big difference in power between the 4cyl and the 6cyl. Have had it over a month now and extremely happy with all aspects of the Sorento. If you are a member of Costco use their auto service to find the local Kia dealer for you saves few hundred dollars. Good luck . Shop and compare and go in with a price you want to spend and be patient. The thing we had going for us was fact we didnt have an urgency to buy and I had time to shop and compare
  • I am preparing to trade in a 2012 Forte Koup and upgrade to a 2013 Sorento EX base. I have negative equity on the Koup, but will get 0.9% APR for 72 months on the Sorento. Monthly payments at $399 with $1k down from my pocket, but will also get $500 loyalty bonus. Any thoughts?
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Tough to tell on quality of deal without knowing how much negative equity there is on the Forte( what do you owe and what is he giving you as a trade in)? The MSRP on the base EX 2wd 4 cylinder should be 26950..your paying 29728 with the down payment and the 72 payments of 399. On a 399 payment for 72 mths at 0.9 Interest rate that means he is charging you 28,000 for the car that has an MSRP of 26950. If he is applying your 500 rebate to the price then he is charging you 28,500 for the car. that lists at 26950. Work the numbers and shop around. Dealers are great at asking you what you can afford and if you told him 399 a month chances are its not a good deal
  • I know I won't get a response before I make this deal but my current deal is the SX AWD Premium Package for $32,200. My target number was the $31,800 that I saw a few folks on this blog get so I asked them to through in side steps that cost about $500. We were going to purchase those anyway. So I basically got this for $31,700. I believe they gave me a pretty good deal on my trade in which is a 2007 GMC Acadia SLE with 68,000 miles. KBB has at $14,483 in very good condition. My Acadia has driver door damage estimated at about $700.00 and a massively cracked windshield and they offered me (after much negotiation) $14,500. I did research with my credit union on % rates. The credit union offered me 1.99% but I was surprised when the dealer offered 0.9% for 60 mos or 1.9% for 72 mos. So I obviously will go with the dealer financing. Any thoughts on where I may have done better somewhere in this deal? I live in Southwest PA.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Are you a Costco member or ex military??...If so you can get a $500.00 military discount and also about $400-500 Costco discount
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    PS....If you are doing the financing through KIA and taking the 1.9% rate then you are entitled to the KIA financing rebate also..make sure they gave that to you..GOOD LUCK
  • I am ex military but they said I couldn't use that discount because of some of the other discounts I am using.... one is a competitor discount not sure bout some of the others. We did most negotiating over the phone after I left the dealer so I don't know how they came down to the final offer. I am not sure what Cosco is so I will google it. Thanks for the quick response.
  • I was planning on going with the 60 mos. .9%... Thanks again.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Just are absolutely qualified for the military discount has nothing to do with the other..I got military discount..financing discount and competitor discount when I bought my EX....I had dealers tell me I wasnt qualified because I wasnt active military which again wasnt true...thats 500.00 that they are putting in their pocket and not yours......Costco is one of those bulk retailers you may have Sams Club by you same thing.....Go get that military discount you served our country you deserve it!!Good Luck
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I currently an 03 Kia Sorento and an older Lexus RX. I have been told by the dealer that I can only take one offer, either the Loyalty or Competitive bonus, in addition to the bonus cash.

    By the way, the best quote that I got for a 2013 Kia Sorento EX AWD V6 with Premium Package is $28.5K after rebates.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Dealer is correct its one or the other on those 2 can also get the military discount and the financing discount. 28,500 is a good deal...I paid 28,300 but also got Costco discount. Good luck
  • I can't thank you enough because I walked in there on Friday and demanded the military discount and told them they shouldn't use the military to promote their product if they can't deliver on the discount. I got the discount and this fully loaded SX Sorento w/ AWD for about $31,300. And I got way over KBB on my trade in so I am very happy with the deal. Once again, thanks so much.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Awesome....$900.00 less then what last offer was and $500.00 less then your target price...Real happy for you. It is amazing what salesmen and sales manager will try . Better that $900.00 in your pocket then theirs. Congratulations and enjoy your new car
  • Well actually $500 less than last offer... final price will be about $31,750 plus they are installing sides steps which are $400 to $500 ( I count that as cash cause I was gonna purchase those anyway). I just have to wait for it to be delivered. The only thing I am dissappointed about is that the dealer said there are no interior colors on the SX's other than black even though the brochure says it could also come in Black/Dove. They checked in several surrounding states and could not find any. They said they even checked for vehicles with black/dove on Sorentos with different exterior colors than what we wanted (which is white) but could not find any.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Thats too bad. We ran into a similar problem. My wife wanted the EX V6 premium package AWD with Beige interior and Dark Cherry exterior. There were none to be found on the east coast with that color combination and that was confirmed by many dealers and the research that I did myself. Tried to get us to take another color but fortunately I was in no hurry. Dealer did a great job located one on assembly line that was to be shipped elsewhere. Took about 3 weeks but got what we wanted. Glad we waited. Kia's manufacturing process causes some issues with availability but keeps costs down.
  • I got a quote for 2013 KIA Sorento EX V6 AWD with premium pkg 2 at $29282 + tax and title/tag in PA/NJ area, MSRP is $ 29650 + 3400, KIA cash back is $1500 and competitive bonus is $1250. Is it possible that I can get OTD (out of door) at ~ $30,000? Anyone has the recent purchase experience?
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Little confused by your numbers. I bought the exact same vehicle EX V6 AWD premium package 2....MSRP was 34,295( had a couple of other things like a crossbar...floor mats) walk out price was 28,300 after all rebates and dealer discounts and negotiating....What is the actual sticker MSRP on the window and what is the final walk out price they are giving you??..have you been in military..are you doing any fiinancing with KIA...there are additional rebates for both of those??
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