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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The local dealer thought the EX V6 AWD had 3rd row standard, but when I pointed out the Kia USA info that it came with the "Premium" package, he checked and verified I was correct.

    Re the "BS fees" added on. Good point! That's what I got when I tried The "certified dealer" had a terrific "price" -- almost $2,600 off MSRP before applying incentives. And then ... over $700 added for total BS. In the end, the true price was worse than the first offers I got dealing directly.
  • Like you I'm in no real hurry and last night the dealer called trying to wrap up the deal this weekend so I told her I'm thinking about waiting until the 2014's roll out, or the new 7 seater Santa Fe she them tells me she'll drop another $500 off and if I purchase before Dec. 31 $200 more. That brings my EX V6 fwd down around $23,500. Now I'm starting to get gready...real gready.
    The one great advantage I have is there's 5 Kia dealers within 30 miles of my house and about 15 dealers within 120 miles I'd be willing to bet that there's at least 30 dealers within 500 miles. I'll pull the trigger on my purchase Jan 7th the last day of the incentives to see what else I can.
    On truecar you can get the discounted price with just giving a email address, when you want a dealer cert to purchase then you leave your phone number, I tried Costco but couldn't come close.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
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    If you go through Costco the dealer "HAS TO" show you the invoice and the price must be 350-500 below invoice and thats your starting point of negotiations....I to went to dealers who had 2 separate MSRP's on the sticker....the factory MSRP and the Dealer MSRP...they would add a few meaningless items like side inspections for 5 years..1st free oil change and the dealer MSRP would be 4K more then the factory..criminal what they try to get away with
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
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    Good deal you probably can get them close to 23k by being patient..Costco worked for me noone came within 500.00 of the dealer that Costco sent me to...I also got the EX V6 but wanted the AWD and the premium them to give me a 330.00 credit as they couldnt lower the price anymore and used that to buy side steps at dealer cost of 350.00.....bottom line got the EX V6 AWD with premium package..side steps..crossbar and few other smalll things for 28,300..patience and shopping works good..Good luck
  • I'll try Costco again tomorrow, your deal sounds to good to pass up, if they offer me the same I might pull the trigger. I received another offer this morning EX V6 fwd Premium pack & Limited pack, $28,273 good until 12-17-12. If their offering this now after xmas I should get them to throw in the cross rails & trailer hitch for under & 28,000. The 5 seaters are in very limited supply/colors in so-cal, dealer said most are in midwest?
  • greforgrefor Posts: 32
    Wow those are some great deals people are getting. Everyone knows month end push creates lower prices, I'll bet year end crunch is even more important to dealers.. Add in the soon to be released 2014 models and we have the perfect storm ;)

    I looked around the lot of a large dealer in my area and reallly liked almost every model I saw, even base LX models. You really get a lot for your money with the Sorento. I'm starting to get the itch but will be patient.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 32
    I've sent out quote requests to a few dealers in my area and have not gotten many good responses. Is it because it is still early in the month? I'm wondering if it is my wording of the request. How is everyone wording their requests? TIA
  • grefor whats your zip code & what are you looking for? I'm meeting with a costco certified sales rep this morning to see what kind of deal I can pull off with him. Last might he gave me a quote over the phone but it was still over $1,000 dollars higher than my certified quote from truecar. The truecar rep said the extra fee's are max of $80 for documentation + tax & license. I now know what to write the check for. I realize when I get there and the pressure for an up sale will start, but if I owned the dealership I would expect nothing less than my employes extracting every penny they could without pissing off my customers.
    I'm still trying to narrow down exactly what I want color/packages ect. planning to make my finial selection today then it's time to play "Let's Make a Deal." I'll have all my info/quotes in front of me and see what I can get.
    Talk to the fleet dealer not the [non-permissible content removed] selling cars on the lot, chances are the lot salesman has no idea about you options. I'll let you know how my costco experience works out. The fleet dealer told me that he can check his computer to see what cars are on the assembly line & headed to his lot so this will bge an excelent tool for getting exactuly what I want.
  • "The fleet dealer told me that he can check his computer to see what cars are on the assembly line ..."

    FWIW, two dealers have told me the 2013 Sorento assembly lines have been shut down. Kia USA has announced the 2014 Sorentos will be introduced in February. One dealer told me there are still some 2013 Sorentos "in the pipeline" that haven't arrived at dealers yet.

    Best of luck with your negitions; keep us posted on how it goes.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Get him to show you the Dealer Invoice...they are required to show you that per the costco program...they should then start at 350-500 below dealer invoice. Costco agreement has very specific rules. Also if the color and interior is not one of the cars coming to his lot they can have one rerouted. My wife wanted a specific color combination . Had to wait a month but dealer found one destined for another dealer. Good luck let us know how you make out.
  • What a day! 2 Costco dealers and one 1 truecar dealer. First off Truecar, I talked to the sales manager and the $1000 savings was... you guessed it wrong, I only qualified for an additional $500 but that expired 12-17-12 so now Costco and Truecar price are the same to the penny. The 2 Costco dealers were about $55 different. Best price $26,970 EX V6 Premium package plus Calif state fees. Yesterday the costco dealer told me there was 2 en-route but this afternoon no mas anywhere!
    The price includes everything destination fees, dealer fees except what the cockroaches incharge of this state milk you for when buying a new car. Even buying from a dealer 10 miles apart can run you an extra $300 in city taxes.

    So I'm going with Costco they give you a $200 gift card for filling out a review of your experience, 15% of all Auto parts & services including any car you own and a deal on auto insurance.
    I've thrown out my name and # to 4 dealers of interest so now I'll wait until next week and see if I get a call back with an "Offer I Can't Refuse"

    Someone said they got a EX V6 AWD for $28300? did that include dealer fees?
  • One more item I did get the invoice and it was $660 off plus $2750 worth of incentives for a total of $5,180 off MSRP EX V6 Premium Package.

    THANKS VERY MUCH for the Costco heads up, I went to their website first but didn't want to deal with talking with a salesman until I received a price first.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Yes I got my EX V6 AWD with premium package for 28,300 plus taxes and tags about 210.00.....Also got a 330.00 Service credit from dealer because couldnt go any lower on price due to Costco rules..Used that to buy side steps at dealer cost of 350.00
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Great glad it worked out for you!!!
  • Hi! I am new to this forum. We have been looking at Kia Sorentos for a few weeks now. We already own a Kia Sportage.

    I am looking to get a FWD, 4 cylinder Sorento with a third row seat (and I guess you have to get the "convenience package" with that) for $22,000.

    The best price so far that I've gotten is $23.

    I also want 0% financing.

    I am in PA. This is my zip code: 19460

    Is this possible? I am hoping to get out today during my lunch hour to look and possibly get some numbers.
  • Unfortunatley your choice there's not many deals/incentives, you'll have to move up to a real car, V6.
    If you purchase the V6 LX it comes with 3rd row seating and you'll qualify for $2,750 in rebates plus costco's deal so you should be looking around $22,700 out the door plus tax & liscense
    You better read over the bad reviews on the small 4cyl. not much if any gas savings. Sorry 4cyl owners.
  • Thanks for the response.

    So I should look at the V6LX.

    What is Costco's deal and how do I get it? Thanks.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Since you are in 19460 I would head to Kia Limerick( owned by Fred Beans who owns probably 15 dealerships in PA and NJ which affords them better pricing flexibility)....I also would highly reccomend the 6 CYL over the comparison at should qualify for rebates and there is 0% financing....DO your homework!!!!!Go in their with knowledge ....find out what rebates you qualify for....find out what sticker MSRP is...see the dealer around and compare prices....I live in your area and went to and shopped 6-7 Kia far best price was Limerick and thats where I very careful some dealers in our area have two MSRP stickers on their windows..They have factory MSRP and Dealer MSRP which has some dealer added features but at a price that is way beyond their worth...Good luck
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Also Lisa if you belong to Costco go to there auto website ..fill out the info requested...your lead will be sent to Kia Limerick( as they are their Kia dealership)and they will call you in an hour or so....they are required to show you the dealer invoice and price to start negotiating at is 350-500 below invoice...
  • picantepicante Posts: 27
    edited December 2012
    Now don't be too quick to jumpo on me for leaving money on the table :D

    First, the take-away and then the background story.

    Today we purchased a 2013 Sorento EX V6 AWD with NO packages and including the following accessories: cross bars, cargo cover, cargo mat, cargo organizer and mirror w/ compass & HomeLink.

    MSRP $31,305(
    Total invoce: 29,555 (Edmunds)
    Incentive: $1,500 Cash Back

    Total, cash-delivered price (no financing, no trade-in, all fees except OR registration, title and plates) for $28,452 from Wasatch Front Kia of Ogden, Utah.

    We will also have to pay for transporting it from Ogden to Eugene where we live.

    I used the "Fax" approach (now updated to e-mail, of course) to submit written purchase offers with authorization for charging my credit card with a $1,000 deposit upon acceptance within a 48 hour window. I offerred what I thought was a reasonable price, comparable to about $27,250 for the unit we bought (adjusting for which accessories were installed). Every response I got back hit right at the price-point we paid. Not one dealer would budge when I responded that $28,500 wouldn't work for us. Even after waiting a week, none of them followed up.

    There are only a very few "plain" EX V6 AWD in the remaining inventory, so that limited our options and reduced competition. It may have also been the case that dealers weren't as worried about getting rid of an EX V6 AWD at $28,500 as they were the same vehicles at $35K+ (i.e., the ones with premium and/or limited packages).

    Now, we probably could have done proportionately better, in terms off percentage of MSRP, by looking at units with one of the packages installed. But we wanted more storage, rather than the third row seats; and none of the other add-ons were really of much value to us. We keep our vehicles for 10-12 years, so at resale, having the packages would mean very little. Thus, it was better financially (for our interests) to get a "worse" deal on a plain EX and still pay less than a "better" deal on an EX with package(s).

    I should also mention that I'm very skeptical of the 2014s with the GDI V6 and electronic steering. When it got down to there being only two plain EX's we were interested in showing up in the western states inventory, I decided it was time to move, rather than wait and risk having to pay more for a vehicle with less storage. (FWIW, I checked inventory through both and by slogging through dozens of individual dealers' websites.)

    Now, I will also have to say both my wife (this is her car) and I are very happy. It's a beautiful car (Cherry Red with Beige leather), this model test drove great, and we still paid $4,000 to $5,000 less than the Nissan Murano V6 AWD we were looking at.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get it under the tree!

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