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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • maimai701maimai701 Posts: 1
    I was hoping someone could help me...
    I'm looking to buy a new 2006 4X4 65th anniversary edition Laredo. This is the first time I'm buying a new car and I'm not really sure what offer I should put on the table. The total price of the one I'm looking at is $30,975. What should I offer up? What should I settle on?
    Thanks for all your help!
  • fingalfingal Posts: 3
    I bought a 96 XJ for $2713 from a friend, was advertised for 3 and a half k, so i think its a pretty good deal. Very few problems and tidy inside
  • taugal6taugal6 Posts: 2
    I am looking to replace a 96 GC Laredo which I loved and was totaled in a wreck (not my fault). I have found 2 Jeeps, test-drove each once and was pleased with both. Would like to eliminate one before I give the other a second look and take it to my own mechanic.

    Car Lot - 2000 Cherokee Limited, 4-door, 4WD, V-6 Auto, 117K miles, all power, cruise, leather, CD/cass., remote keyless entry, DIC (driver info center), alloy rims w/off-road tires, excellent condition, $7,000 on the road (which includes 3mo/3K major component warranty). What I don't like: no split glass tailgate (I might be able to live with this); the boxy shape (but it's starting to grow on me). I don't do major off-roading, so I would opt for less tire when it came time to replace them.

    Private Party - 1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4-door, 4WD, V-6 Auto, 141K miles, all power except seats, cruise, leather, 6 CD changer (which doesn't work), remote keyless entry (he said this works intermittently), newer tires, very good condition, $4,500 (plus $280 tax/title). What I don't like: no DIC; cheap-looking rims; engine made a rumbling sound in idle. I have my own sound system so the CD changer doesn't concern me.

    I am leaning toward the 2000 Cherokee Limited, but is it really worth the extra cost? If the engine rumble in the 95 GC is nothing major, I could see myself driving it, being happy, and having more money in my pocket. I am looking for the one that is the better all-around value.

    What's a girl to do???
  • oloolooloolo Posts: 1
    just quoted from a dealer in TX
    JGC 4X4 Limited 4.7L V8 MPI with 28K package, plus 17" X 7.5" Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels. MSRP is over 39k.

    The dealer offered me 31k, including destination fee, plust TTL and Doc fees. Sound cool to me since it is 8k off the MSRP. Considering the Employee pricing, how you guys think about this offer?

  • misterepmisterep Posts: 52
    The results have been tepid and they will resume much larger rebates and additional EOY discounts similar to last year.

    It appears that consumers recognize the Employee Price as a scam and they can negotiate to that point anyway. It may save them time but the consumer is interested in saving
    $$ in the face of three dollar gasoline.

    Stay tuned for the announcement soon and hold off until you hear.
  • clopezclopez Posts: 3
    OMG! I was about to go buy a commander 65th Anniversary Edition for $24,000, Tonight b/c the "employee pricing" ends today!! I was wondering how that works because I didn't feel I was getting a deal from the Jeep dealers. The reason is because they will only offer the same amount off of MSRP (empl.price-rebates) & they won't negotiate any further. I find it hard to believe they are eating the cost on the employee pricing. Souns to me like they are getting what they would get if they sold at MSRP b/c all other discounts and rebates are comming from the manufacture. AM I WRONG HERE? Now that I've seen you're post I'm thinking about waiting...Right now they are only taking off about $4800 (unless you finance through them, u get an extra $1000) which is $2800 off for employee pricing and $2000 factory rebate. How did you hear that they are going to offer better discounts after employee pricing ends? (I've been looking for info like that all over) I wonder if they are gonna offer better stuff starting Sept.1st Labor day weekend.
  • August 28 I got a great deal on a Grand Cherooke. Leased it at a dealer in a Detroit Suburb. Black 2006 Laredo with the 65th anniversary package and 4.7L V8. Sticker was $33,300. With employee price and various discounts I got it for $25,500 + TTL. No downpayment on the 27 month lease with 10,500 miles. I am not a DCX employee. The salesman said they had to move all the Jeep V8's by the end of the month. This was their last one. All the Hemi's were gone. These forums really helped me plan for this deal. Great help.
  • Finally pulled the trigger on an 06 limited with the 5.7 and navigation on Aug 29th. I was looking more at getting a Q7 but with it being first year in production we decided to let them get most of the kinks out first. MSRP on our jeep was 42995 with discounts we leased for a purchase price of 34120 that included all fees and full services for 27 months(the same term of the lease). Over all we have found small reasons to take the jeep for outtings. I must say I am surprised how much we enjoy it so far. I'm just hoping for a happy 27 months and 27000 miles, who knows I may not be getting a Q7 after all later.
  • clopez,

    Today, Jeep is now offering $4,500 rebate (3,500 + 1,000) against any price you can negotiate which should be about 2,500 off the sticker of the 65th anniversary priced at about $29,000. By waiting you are about $2,200 to the good.
  • misterep what part of the country are you from? I'm from PA and according to the jeep website, I can only get $3500 off. What is the extra $1000 for?
  • Jenn158...

    $1,000 is the Loyalty Cash Allowance.

    i live in Indiana
  • I'm confused now. What price should I be able to get the 65th edition for??
  • Maxxlady,

    If your 65th has a MRSP of $29,000 then you should pay $22,000 after discount ($2,500) and all rebates ($4,500).
  • Thanks for the info. 22k is the price I'm willing to pay, but have yet to get near that offer. I told one dealer that I was offered 24.1 and they wouldn't meet it; I guess they didn't believe me. They called Friday and said that there were new incentives coming out Sept 18, but have yet to hear about them.
  • Could you explain more the 2500 and 4500? I see a 3500 incentive and assume the additional 1000 is with financing (at least that's how it was done in Aug). What is the 2500 discount????
  • If your vehicle has a MSRP of $29,000 then a very reasonable negotiated price would be $26,500. Some would say more like $25,500. Negotiate the vehicle to $26,500 and apply all appropriate rebates.
  • I'm looking at a JGC Limited 2006 w/MSRP of 39,090.
    Dealer is offering 36,214 and w/ 3500 rebate a final price of 32,714. Is this a good deal?
    The 3500 rebate ends on 10/2, are these things usually extended or improved at this time of year?
    Thanks ! for any advise.
  • storrk1storrk1 Posts: 13
    I want to share a horrible experience I had yesterday with the hopes that all of you in the Chicagoland area will be able to avoid a similar situation. In a nutshell, stay AWAY from Advantage Jeep/Chryler/Dodge aka Des Plaines J/C/D. They just this past week took over the Mancari Des Plaines J/C/D.

    Here's my story. I'm in the market for a '06 Jeep GC Ltd with the 5.7L Hemi. I had done my homework and knew what the magic number needed to be to drive home in a new Jeep. Did initial research online and found a few dealers that had the truck I was interested in. Des Plaines being one of them. Went over to Des Plaines yesterday afternoon. Sales guys were actually really nice, very knowledgeable and weren't pressuring at all. The GM got involved and to my initial pleasure, we came to a deal. Shook hands, they started the paper work, high fives were exchanged, the car was sent to the service bay for detailing, I called my insurance agent...the whole nine yards.

    Spent the next THREE hours in the dealership as I was told the finance manger was busy and that he would be available shortly to complete the paper work. They were sorry.

    Another hour later, I was asked to go into an office as the sales manager approaches me and said "Hey buddy, come over here." Hey buddy???

    Long story short, they rescinded the deal saying they had made a mistake in the initial calculations. Blah..blah..blah... (FYI, i have "A" credit, so that had nothing to do with the "mistake.")

    The next hour was a fairly heated exchange between myself, the sales manager, the finance manger, general manger, you name it...I spoke with them. They said it was a mistake but I think that's BS.

    My issues are two fold. One, they didn't honor a deal we made in person! Two, it took them more than three hours to approach me with the news. I can only assume they were trying to keep me there as long as possible so as to wear me out!

    In my book, once you agree to do something, you make it happen. If they made a mistake, they should have honored the price. In all my experience in buying a car, I have never heard of anything like this.

    Feel free to send me an email and I can get into more details. Please friends, avoid this place like fresh spinach from california and tell all of your friends to do the same.
  • what is best out the door price on 06 jeep overland and where?
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