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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Recently looked at 2009 Grand Cherokee Laredo x package, leather and navigation.
    MSRP is $38,490. Could purchase for $28,500. Is this a good deal in todays market? Thanks.
  • domzdomz Posts: 11
    I am sorry based on all my posts that I cannot answer that BUT had to ask.. Did you get prices from multiple dealerships WITHOUT telling each one the others cost, if so how did they compare as that kind of shopping should give you an idea of how you are doing........At a glance your price seems OK but if you shop it I bet it goes lower... I am in the north east, My 2008 26x 4x4 NEW was around 27,600 including taxes and includes document/registration and gap insurance. I DID NOIT SHOP MY DEAL, long story..... I would say based on what I have seen thats ( my cost ) is high. The #518 post says they paid around 28,500 for NEW 08 limited loaded with hemi.. Does your your price include title and registration and taxes, if not add a few thousand to your #.. Also BE CARE FULL with the extended warranty options the dealers prices are HIGH... Good luck
  • Wow, steamdiggs any chance I can get a copy of the breakdown so I can put it in front of my local dealers here in Cleveland, OH? Word is we are going into Employee Pricing on Monday, 1/26, but I still can't see the prices going that low...well maybe if it's an '08.

    Either way, good for you steamdiggs, I can only hope to pull a deal similiar to that.
  • I am looking for a used 2008. A private seller has one with 250 miles on it that they purchased in Dec. MSRP they say was 35,000. They want to sell for 22,500. Blue book is stating 18,000 what would be a fair offer considering from what I am reading they probably got a good deal when it was purchased.
  • Im looking at a 2008 Grand Cherokee 4x4 with 23,000 miles the asking price for the car is $21,900 Im wondering what the number is i should go in there with for an offer? and what the number is that i should pay??? Please HELP????
  • Need to know what options / model you are looking at.

    To get a fair estimate, click on the used car section ( and get the value of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. Work off of there to see where you should start on the offer.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks, Kelley Blue Book states 18,000. I believe it is the 26x package with moon roof, leather seats etc. I will know exactly when I actually see the vehicle
  • Last weekend I got a price for a 2008 Grand Cherokee (no extras) with 11K miles for $17,500. This was also a certified pre-owned but I could care less about that. What do others think about this price? I get the impression that I could do better.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    "Im looking at a 2008 Grand Cherokee 4x4 with 23,000 miles the asking price for the car is $21,900 Im wondering what the number is i should go in there with for an offer? and what the number is that i should pay??? Please HELP???? "

    That sounds high. Look at this post from a page back:

    "I am looking to purchase a 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 26X package. So far the best deal I have been offered is $23,995 for a GC that has a sticker of $36,420."

    I know I'd be willing to pay $2,000 more for 0 miles instead of 23,000 miles. You can do better.
  • I noticed on kbb a 2008 limited with 15000 miles is only worth around $17000 trade in value. I am guessing that makes the car worth 25 or 26 k new. Is this sound accurate in comparison to current asking prices?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,977
    It depends on the options. You can have several thousands of options on a Limited (4x4 or 4x2, Hemi/skid plates/Quadra Drive II, HID lights, rear DVD, etc.).
  • The lease on my G/C limited is coming due. The original residual value was calculated at $19,080. Chrysler Financial is reducing this to $13,080 plus sales tax. Has anyone received similar buyouts??
  • Yes, I am a salesperson at a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealer in milwaukee, wi. What you received is what we call a PLPP. Preferred Lessee Purchase Price. Chrysler Financial does not want their vehicles back. They would have to pick them up from the dealers, recondition them, send them to the auction, and process all that paperwork. Chrysler would prefer to sell it to you for what they would probably get at the auto auction for it. In return they don't have to pay all the other fees attributed to a vehicle after it returns from lease. You will not be able to buy a vehicle just like yours at a dealer for the same price. It is a good idea to buy it out unless you don't like it. If you decide to buy it out all you have to do is contact a Jeep dealer and ask for a finance manager or the salesperson you bought it from. He will verify the PLPP number with Chrysler. Should only take him like 10minutes to do. I can call and get one myself in like 2 minutes. He will need your acct. # or SSN. You will have to fill out a credit application and he will get a new loan approved for you. If your buyout is $13,080 you will also have to pay a dealer service fee usually about $100-200. It's the same fee you pay when you buy a new car. 99% of dealers have them and it is a fair fee for the work they will have to do. You will also have to pay tax on the $13,080 and a DMV fee because you will be retitling the vehicle. If you were a Milwaukee resident your total buy-out would be $14,058. So don't be surprised if yours is about the same. Remember the dealer does not make any money by selling you your own car only if they sell you a new one. Don't forget to buy an extended warranty on the vehicle for peace of mind.
  • I have been researching used Grand Cherokees and the more I research the more confused I get as to what would be the best deal. I found a Limited that was a rental with 13,000 miles that is now at a Dealer (bought at auction according to CarFax) he is asking 23,000, according to what I am seeing would 20,000 be a fair offer. If I have an option to purchase a Grand Cherokee x pkg 2008 from private owner with only 258 miles for 22,000 is that the better choice. Any advice would be appreciated
  • Has anyone heard of any good deals on 2009 GC Limiteds?

    I was quoted 28,895 for a GC Limited, 5.7L Hemi using Balloon Financing.

    Trying to gauge what I should counter with. Anyone have thoughts?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,977
    I think the dealer is asking waaaay too much.

    I'm assuming the ex-rental is an 08, right? Go over to the forum about trade in values and post (make sure you provide the required info). I'm pretty sure it will be lower than $20k.

    All things being considered, I rather buy a vehicle with 258 miles than an ex-rental with 13,000.

    Why is the guy selling such a new car? Is there something wrong with it? At least you have the peace of mind of factory warranty. Although, the lifetime power warranty is not transferable.
  • melrammelram Posts: 14
    I just looked into leasing a 2009 Grand Cherokee Limited but realized the money factor and residuals are really bad and leasing is not an option. I am also considering buying a new one but have not negotiated on the price below. The dealer sent me the following information on the vehicle but I figure I can get him down some more since they aren't selling very many.

    MSRP - $42,645.00 List price
    $39,475.00 Invoice
    $37,719.00 Employee Price / Sale Price = $4926.00 from MSRP
    $5,500 Rebates
    $32,219 Purchase Price

    What was the MSRP, Invoice, Employee Pricing and rebates on your deal?

  • Don't have the information on hand but rebates sounds similar, only that with the balloon financing offerred in Long Island, you qualify for lease incentives which turn out to be an addition 3,500 or so.

    If financed at 0% I would imagine the Purchase Price would be similar to yours.
  • I just purchased a 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo with X26 and 250 miles on it (part of Chrysler Buy Out package that they had to sell). The price I paid was 21,500.
    The Credit Union said by NADA ratings it was only worth 19,025, I had to purchase gap insurance for 250.00 to cover the difference between value and loan ... my new wonderful Jeep is worth it to me, I love it and truly believe that owning a Jeep (this is my third) is definetly a 'Jeep Thing' that only us Jeep owners can understand :)
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Anyone have any opinions on when I should purchase an '09 GC Overland?

    I was planning on waiting until April thinking that the government will have either pulled Chrysler's loan or given them some more money by then (March 31st is that date).

    Also, Jeep will probably unveil the new version by then and I'm somewhat interested in seeing what it looks like. However, I doubt that would affect my decision any.

    I've always felt the longer you wait, the better the discount you'll get. I'm not so sure in this case. Auto sales were terrible last month and I think the dealers are probably pretty desperate right now.

    I'd like to get $12k to $14k off of MSRP. I may be dreaming but I'm looking at a $45k MSRP so I'm guessing they have a bit more room to come off of MSRP as compared to a 26X package.

    Any thoughts? :confuse:
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