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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sharing my purchase price (Dec. 2009)

    2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4dr SUV 4WD (5.7L Hemi 6cyl 5A)


    25H Quick Order Package 25H
    WPP 18" x 7.5" Chrome Clad Aluminum Wheels
    AHX Trailer Tow Group IV info

    MSRP $43,875 (including destination charge)
    INVOICE $41,194 (including destination charge)

    REBATE $4,000
    OUT-OF-POCKET $36,000 + TTL

  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    INVOICE $41,194 (including destination charge)

    REBATE $4,000
    OUT-OF-POCKET $36,000 + TTL

    Hi, so assuming that there was no trade-in, you got the car for $36,000 (after rebates). Before rebates, it's $40,000, right?

    That is $1,194 *below* invoice? :confuse: wow.

    OIIIIIIIO <--- Nice! :shades:
  • jkingsjkings Posts: 2
    I'm car shopping this weekend and plan on looking at this vehicle. I've never owned a Jeep, and I didn't even consider purchasing one until I saw this vehicle on a local dealer's website. It's listed at $11,900. It has 40k miles and a clean car fax. What should I offer them (providing I do more homework and like it enough to get to the make-an-offer stage).
  • Currently looking to buy a new jeep gc limited with the hemi.Dealers msrp $43,875 Manufacturer Rebate of $6,000 and preferred customer rebate of $4,605. Which brings the selling price to $33,270. I offered my paid for 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L with 46k miles in excellent condition for trade (mostly stored inside and never seen snow) they offered $11,000 I feel its a little low. I also was offering my wife's car which is a 2006 stratus sxt 2.4L with 47k miles also in excellent condition. They offered $5500.I was hoping for them to pay it off. Pay off for loan is $7,600.
    Net trade value $16,500
    Trade difference $16,770
    Lien Payoff $7600
    Sales tax $1,537
    Tags and fees $34
    Documentation Fee $75
    Total Purchase Price $26,016

    I'm a little confused. Am I getting a good deal. Should I ask more for the jeep wrangler and privately sell the stratus. Is the msrp high on the Grand cherokee.
    Going to another dealer tomorrow to see if the give better trade value.Any advice would be great. Thanks
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    Is the msrp high on the Grand cherokee.

    Who cares? You're getting over $10k off MSRP. :P That's pretty good.

    Jeep Wranglers hold their value really well. I'd suggest you sell the Wrangler privately and trade in the Stratus.

    You said that you were hoping for a little more on trade in, but how realistic is that? Have you priced them on Edmunds/KBB? You should also post on Real World Trade In values forum on this site to get an actual trade in value from a salesperson.
  • Looking for any feedback on pricing and features:

    '10 GC Laredo Base package

    $33,685 MSRP
    -$3,142 Employee discount
    -$4,000 rebates
    -$500 customer Loyalty
    -$2,000 trade in (2002 stratus w/ 111,000 - also w/ employee discount)
    Plus another possbile $2,000 in rebates if I go with a local bank loan - I need to do the math on the finance side of things still.

    Is this a good deal. Never owned a SUV. On the road a lot with work, but still want to do weekend warrior stuff with towing. Just not sure if I am buying a lot of car to do a few things a few times during the year. I am aware of how well they hold there value over the years as well.

    Thanks in advance for any imput.
  • Stationed in the middle east and recieved this quote through ENCS (Military Sales):
    2010 Jeep GC Limitied 3.7L Blue Pearl Coat
    Class II Receiver Hitch
    Media Center 730N CD/HDD Radio w/Navigation
    UConnect Phone
    17" x 7.5" Aluminum Wheels
    Remote Start System
    Heated Front Seats
    Heated 2nd Row Seats
    ParkView (TM) Rear Back-Up Camera
    PLUS all the other limited stuff EXCEPT the sunroof
    MSRP 39320.00
    Quoted 33700.00 +TTL
    Good price or not? Thanks for any help. I have emailed dealers and most say "Call us when you get home" so looking for any input.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    Hi. You shouldn't be paying more than invoice - rebates. Not sure how rebates work if you're abroad. Just a few things to keep in mind:

    * SUV's aren't selling as well as they used to
    * It's the second half of the model year
    * The economy is still not doing so well
    * The Grand Cherokee is going to be completely redisigned for the 2011 model year

    I say you should pay less than invoice - rebates. Good luck and get back safely.
  • Thanks for the reply, They offered me 5,000.00 in instant rebates along with another 1000.00 for military/loyalty.It does seem to me that I could get a better deal back home plus I do like the 2011.They claim that they will beat any "Full Documented Quotation" from another dealer but getting a dealership to do that via the internet has proved impossible. Thanks again..
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    I agree. You can do better when you get home. The 2011 looks pretty sweet. Just remember one thing, every manufacturer has gremlins the first model year. So if you decide to buy a 2011, be aware that you could be a bit of a guinea pig. Good luck.
  • Had to post this while I think of it. One of the Detroit area's dealers had a "special" in the paper--one day only--featuring four Jeep models for unbelieveably low prices. The G.C. was advertised at "11,890" so I called and the salesman informed me that it was basically a no-strings-attached deal (except for the $500 military rebate which I didn't get) and that the unit was an early 2008 model build that had sat on the lot for a year. Typical 30-something miles on it, brand new, etc. Sticker was $32,200. Vehicle included the Popular Equip. Group ($985) and floor mats. Out the door cash price: $15,000. Serious!

    I checked the local Craigs List today and I could pretty much make $2000 on it reselling it, AFTER 18 MONTHS OF DRIVING!

    I'll never see a deal like that again.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    So, did you get it?
  • Thanks for the help. I am going home on leave soon and will check with the dealers for 2011 ordering.
  • I bought a 2000 maroon Jeep Cherokee for 3,000 from a family member about a year ago,with high mileage, but I enjoy it its got everything I need in a vehicle... everything works and its in good condition. It has power windows and locks and a working cd and radio and luggage racks, and all else. It gets about 18 mpg which isnt awful but I had better. Anyway does this seem like a fair price? Like I said it is in good condition and has been taken care of. :)
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Yes. That looks like a fair price. It's somewhat hard to say not knowing exactly what the mileage is and what options it has.
    You should be able to find what it's worth on this site (look up to the top green bar) or over here as well:
  • nh_1nh_1 Posts: 6
    Has anyone purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee recently, as the last post was nearly 3 months ago? I'm curious what others have been paying or what they've gotten as quotes given there's a new model coming out.
  • photohphotoh Posts: 5
    After much thought, I just purchased a white 2011 Jeep Cherokee Laredo X V-6 4X4 package. It should be built and delivered by mid-September.
    I paid $34,790 (With Tow Package)+ TTL and will recieve any rebates that come out until delivery. I figured that this is close to invoice for the X-package and not such a bad deal.
  • Just bought a 2010 "X" with nav. 3.7 liter. Stickered @ 38,795. Financed through dealer @ 3.99% with $4792 off and $6,000 in rebates. Paid $28,003.00. I know its not the 2011 but thought I did well.
  • guugosguugos Posts: 10
    I am ready to buy my wife a new SUV and Jeep is on the short list. I am interested to learn what others have paid recently. The options/configurations can be confusing. I am looking for a V6, 4wd, Nav, moon roof, leather and most interior convenience/comfort features. I am shopping in metro chicago. Thank you.
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