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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    I called the dealer and they need me to bring it back to the dealership to update it using the Chrysler computer. I live on an island, I think they should have to pay my round trip ferry fees! This should have been in top shape condition when I drove it off the lot.">
    Anyone else have a similar issue?

    No, I don't think they should pay for your ferry fees.

    Find out if all they're going to do is upgrade the Mygig software. If that's all they're doing, you can do that yourself. It's very easy.

    Just google "mygig update." The website I always use has a black baground with red letters (you can't post external websites here.)

    I'm not sure what MyGig version (or phone) you have, but this is the latest version:

    MyGIG Software Upgrade Version 2.402 (314 MB)

    - Fixed iPhone 4 Disconnect Issues.
    - Fixed System Mute on MY10 JK during remote start.
    - Revision B NOTE: The previous RER 2.402 CD update had a bad part number on the disc that was causing the REP WK updates to fail. This issue has been fixed on this new revision B CD Image. Although changes have been made there is no version change to this update. - If you have sucessfully installed RER 2.402 update there is no need to reinstall it since the only change is the CD part number.
  • If I download the MYGIG version 2.402 onto a disc or onto a usb stick, my nav doesnt recognize it. I tried to download pictures and music and it will not work.
    My phone is a 3g.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    Make sure you follow the instructions exactly. I've updated MyGig several times w/o any problems.

    Check out the two pages called:

    "Downloading, Extracting, And Burning Guide"
    "Software Installation Walkthrough"

    Good luck.
  • I purchased (not a lease) a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. This was the "base" Overland model and sticker was a little over $44k. It has the V-6 engine. Selling price was $37.3K and they offered financing of 3.75 for 60 months. Still expensive but it seemed like a fair deal.
  • Looking for best price on a new '12 Laredo with the E option package. Any ideas on what the best they are offering out there? I am in Lexington, KY but could go up to Cincinnati if need be. Thanks for the input.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    Check the TVM for your zipcode. You should be able to do better. Invoice is doable.
  • what is TVM?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,597
    TMV.. True Market Value...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • psunowpsunow Posts: 17
    edited November 2011
    I have not seen many recent posts on prices paid. I'm looking closely at a 2011 JGC 4X4 with 70th ann pkg(basically the "X" pkg) navigation,tow and sunroof. The Edmunds TMV has a price of $34,760. Does this seem like a good price?

    I live in SE Pa. Thanks for any insight.
  • When I purchased an '06 JGC Laredo 4x4 65th anniversary edition, I got a total of 20+% off of MSRP. There was very little difference to the Limited except for Leather seats.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    You can't compare a price you got in 06 to one in 11. The Grand Cherokees are actually selling well.

    To the OP, you should be able to get invoice price. That's easily doable.
  • Hi there, I just returned from a dealership feeling pretty good and was hoping to get those feelings confirmed. I sat with the dealer and priced out a build...a 2012 Laredo 4x2 with E Group ( mandatory), 26x package and Nav. The msrp was 35,515, the invoice (man. Cost) was 34,289. He offered me the "FFP" (which is the family and friend price---I am neither) and that was 33,946. He said bottom line price, including chrysler fee and dealership fee would be 34,000. Then I have the option of the 1000 rebate or 1.9% for 60 mos.

    I think it's a good deal from what I've been reading...any thoughts?
  • Looking for white Overland with saddle interior, V6. Anyone recommend where to go what to pay and best out there in Dallas area??? Not financing.
  • we are looking to buy exact same car over next few days. We are in Dallas. How did you get them down? They have loads of cars but don't seem as willing to deal. Where did you buy yours? We aren't financing and no trade in.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    Sounds good. Good luck.
  • badrhinobadrhino Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4
    3.6L V6
    Base ($28,995)
    26X Package ($5,300)
    Panoramic roof ($1,195)
    All weather capability group ($695)
    Laredo E Group ($2,000)
    Destination ($925)

    MSRP: $39,110
    Out the Door Price: $33,500 (cash deal)

    Purchased on 12/31/2011 at Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg, ID
  • abeck1abeck1 Posts: 1
    38,450 MSRP

    $31,500 negotiated price
    $334 / month + $19 tax +$8 interior warranty and treatment + $8 oil changes and tire & rim warranty with courtesy car. Total monthly payment of $369 per month.

    total down including 1st months payment, taxes, and security deposit of $2200.

    the residual is .54

    36 month lease at 10k miles per year.

    Did we get a good deal?
  • 2012 Grand Cherokee Laredo X Series 4x4 3.6-L V6 24-Valve VVT
    Exterior - Mineral Gray Metallic Clear Coat
    Interior - Black Leather
    Standard Equipment for Laredo X
    Optional Equipment
    Leather-Trimmed Bucket Seats
    Heated Front Seats
    Driver/Passenger Power 4-Way Lumbar Adjust
    Power 8-Way Driver and Front Passenger Seats
    Custer Preferred Package 26X - $5,300
    Laredo E Group - $2000
    All Weather Capability Group - $695
    Trailer Tow Group Class IV - $595
    Power Single-Pain Sunroof - $850
    Media Center 430N SAT/CD/DVD/MP3/HDD (40GB)/NAV - $395
    Destination Charge - $825
    MSRP - $39,655
    Final Price - $36,626 (After sales tax, Processing Fee, Trade-In [$300], $1000 Cash Rebate)
    Monthly Payment - $416 for 72 months @ 3.9%

    Dealer had one more a this price....And, it's just as loaded with goodies as the one I got has...
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 34
    which State?
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