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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    You probably can get even more feedback in the main Jeep Grand Cherokee discussion, since this one is focused, ahem, on prices paid :-)

    Steve, Host
  • field1field1 Posts: 5
    Well, I am discovering that the stop and go on the hills are the main thing that kills the mileage. I am getting 22 to 23 mpg on the flat open road right now with 1000 miles on it (it does appear to be improving a bit). And if I have a mixture of flat open road driving and these hills then I get closer to the 16 mpg they state. But if I include just the stop and go traffic and the steep hills in my town, it drops it down to 13 or so.
         Jeep has been perfect other than that. Plenty of power on those hills with the V6.
  • Anyone here since October?

    I'm looking at a JGC Columbia Edition. MSRP is $32K and change, but Columbia package (sunroof, Infinity sound, 17 inch wheels, etc.) looks like a bargain compared to adding the same to the Laredo - and I actually like the special interior. The seats feel like they have much more lateral support than Laredo's.

    Question - The dealer dropped it down to $29.4K and threw in $5K in lease loyalty rebate for a total package of $24.9K. It's looking like a great deal - am I missing anything?

    I've got a 2001 Cherokee Limited on lease that runs out in March - no real trade-in, as residual is poor. But the new package gives me a JGC at less than the lease price I've been paying for the Cherokee.

    Anyone out there seeing better deals I can use to negotiate? It's the 4.0 I6 with Select-Track and no towing pkg. Happy holidays!
  • I've purchased a 2004 Laredo in the last week. Invoice was $29788. I got $4250 in rebates and a loan at 3.9% for 60 months. The vehicle has a V8 and some other equipment but it pretty much a standard Laredo.
  • johngjohng Posts: 6
    Hi Guys,

    I have been shopping around for a while and done quiet a bit of research. After I test drove a few I think I am going to go with a 2004 JGC Overland loaded with Navigation,power pedals..etc. It has 5700 miles on it and the dealer wants 29,400$ for it after some back and forth negotiating. Considering the list is about 41,500$ I think this is a pretty decent deal.

    Any thoughts/advice ?

  • dmaxdmax Posts: 3
    Purchased an '04 Overland last April. Consulted Costco Automobile Program, who referred me to a participating dealer. No game playing!! Their price was was "dealer cost" plus $250, about $6,500 off MSRP with rebates. Maybe could have done better somewhere, but not sure where. The price was way below the local dealer - Costco referred me to a dealer about 70 miles away.

    Another neat thing - I was able to access the dealer's inventory on the internet and actually selected my car before going to the dealership. They had over 100 GC in stock, ten of them were Overlands, at least one in each flavor. Easiest automobile purchase I have ever made.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    Been looking all over for a 6cyl with tow group and could not find it. Found 4 of them with the V8 5spd auto in a Laredo package. List price was $32,600; with discounts and rebates they sold it to me for $24,500 including the rebates. I now have 1000 miles on it and its perfect! No defects or delivery problems. Rides great and tows 6500 lbs. This was a no hassle deal, did the whole thing in less than an hour including the paperwork. I would definitely do another Grand Cherokee, but, unfortunately, they wll change this model for 2005.
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    I have a question for those who saw the 2005 GC in person, did it look like the interior room for the driver and passenger increased in size? Is the GC wider? The reason I ask is that I am 6'4" and 280 and want to know about the fit. My wife has a 2000 GC and it could be a little wider and more leg room. Please let know.
  • frrussrefrrussre Posts: 41
    MBjb, I saw the new 2005 GCL at the NY Motor Show. The doors were locked on all display models, unlike most other vehicles. From looking at the Jeep it is slightly wider, definitely longer. They supposedly designed it as a 7 seater, then changed their minds & kept it as a 5 seater. Based on that, there is supposed to be more room inside. My only thought is the roof line seems low, very small side windows. You might have a headroom problem.
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39

    Thanks for the info. I am going to wait till thsy hit showroom and then I can see if I will fit comfortably.

  • ricardonricardon Posts: 2
    List $32,900. Option - Htd Mirrors. Paid less than employee price. Paid $28,300 taxable (6% MI)plus a $23 plate transfer fee, less $3,500 incentive, less $500 military discount, less $1,000 for financing through Chrysler (48 months at 4.19%). $24, 998.

    That's $9,899 savings vs MSRP total including tax...

    Zero hassle, 3.5 hours at a local Metro Detroit(5 Star) dealer.
  • bkr258bkr258 Posts: 1
    i'm interested in buying a 2001 jeep cherokee but am not familiar with how well they run in the long run. It has approximately 43,000 miles on it, any tips?
  • jazzmilajazzmila Posts: 1
    Grand Cherokee Laredo "Special Edition" in Inferno Red, 4 X 2, 4.OL . PAID $25K - $1K (rebate) = $24K (sale price) plus $2,337 Tax/Lic = $26,337 out-the-door with 0% Financing for 5 years. Purchased from CarMax, LAX. No haggle price, no hassles, no surprises. $5,335 off MSRP.
  • jrandoljrandol Posts: 1
    found a Nice 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee fully loaded that has an MSRP of $39,700. This vehicle is a dealer demo and has 5,800 miles on it. I am thinking I can probably get a good deal on this vehicle. Can anyone give me some pointers on negotiating a good price on this car? I realize they currently have a rebate of $3500 but to find a fair valuation since it is a dealer demo would I price a used 04? Thanks for your help!!
  • tomktomk Posts: 1
    I got mine at NW Jeep in Beaverton OR. They had several "Tan Your Hide" Laredos at $23995, after $4500 D-C and CFC discount. MSRP was $32500. I paid $24395 to get one with the Inferno Red paint ($400 extra). Check this out...
    - 4.7L V8, 5sp AT, Quadratrac, tow pkg, sunroof, leather interior, steering wheel audio controls.
    Otherwise it was standard Laredo. The TYH package is a great deal! A lot of Limited level stuff for a Laredo price.
    I'm liking it so far. Gas mileage 14-15 mpg in mostly city stop/go after 300 miles. Hoping it improves, I'm sure it will be better once I get it on the hwy. The V8 sure makes it fun to drive!
  • un-limitedun-limited Posts: 15
    I'm in the Chicago area. I just purchased a 2001 GC Ltd 37,700mi lease return. It was highway driven, based on it's location and VERY clean. A few minor paint scratches from stones which the dealer painted. Dealer Retail TMV was $20,314. I paid retail dealer $18,250. I traded a poor 93 GC with 87K, rough shape got $3,000 in trade, $250 over Trade-in value. Net cost $15,250. I am enjoying the car and got a very good value. The dealer Park Plaza Dodge in Forest Park, IL has been great with some post sale service and I will be going to them for service on my MaxCare extended warranty. I paid $1,555 for a 7/75K warranty. I will keep this thru the warranty and then trade it. I kept my '93 too long and repairs got very expensive.
  • tofor67tofor67 Posts: 3
    Might have made a deal - looking for the gotcha's:

    2004 JGC Laredo
    V8, leather, sunroof, winter pkg
    MSRP: 34480
    PRICE PD: 29888
    LESS: 6475 (various cust incent/rebates)
    LEASE PRICE: 23413
    39 mo/39K mi
    =$265.57/mo (monthly taxes included)
    +995 cap cost reduction + sales tax/title

    The CCR is the only thing that bugs me - is this part negotiable? How much down is typical??


  • phj12phj12 Posts: 1
    Does look like a great deal. I am in the market to lease a GJC. Can you tell me where you are getting this deal?
  • simplyputsimplyput Posts: 2
    Pittsburgh, PA - Unfortunately, this deal runs out on the 30th and includes a guaranteed price of 1% below invoice + $1000 back from DC for being a Chrysler Affiliate Rewards member (DC is one of my company's clients) so that helps a lot too...

  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    We leased a new 1995 Jeep GC that was the "vehicle from HELL"! Drive train problems, Electrical problems and Tire problems. The dealer and the factory rep. were no help. While we like the style of many Chrysler vehicles, we would not purchase one after this experience with this Jeep.
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