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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We're in MN and looking at a 2011 JGC Limited with towing package, 20" wheels and heated seats (might be std?). There might be a small option or two I'm missing but this is the bulk of them that I can recall. Sticker is $41,850. Dealer is offering me $39,937 (all prices before TTL). Edmunds indicates fair price is ~$39,500 and says dealer invoice is ~$38,850.

    I don't need to squeeze dealer for every last penny on this deal. I just want a fair price and a quick, hassle-free transaction. We would buy the vehicle; probably take financing at first but then pay it off within 12 months so not overly concerned with interest rate/terms.

    What's a fair price? Thanks!
  • Hi Strokoluck2,
    We leased an identical 2011 GC Ltd 4x4 V6 (w/ trailer hitch and 20in wheels), and the negotiated sales price to calculate the lease was $700 below invoice (not inclusive of taxes, title, and registration). I had several other dealers offer anywhere from $500 under to $700 over invoice. I'm in San Diego, and we leased from Bob Baker Jeep. We are extremely happy with the dealership and the vehicle. Best of luck!

  • mhgmhg Posts: 7
    edited June 2011
    I just got a quote on a black 4x4 6 cylinder Overland with luxury package, 20 inch tires, and the 730 nav for $38717 plus $389 processing, taxes and titling. The lease deal is for $3734 down, $610 a month and 39 months at 39,000 miles. Is that a good deal?
  • christuttlechristuttle Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    Hey mhg,

    I ran your numbers (with a few unknowns) through the calculator on and came up w/ a number much much less on the car you mentioned above.

    I assumed the down payment would come out of the sale price you mentioned lowering the sale price to $34983 and I based it off my local sales tax of 6.85% and came out with a total monthly payment of $473/mo. (see screenshot here:

    I based the money factor off the info I got on where you can find the most up to date money factors and residuals for any given make and manufacturer.

    So based on that calculation, and assuming i'm not missing something completely obvious you could probably negotiate a better deal that what they're offering you.

    If I am missing something please let me know, I am just learning all this information about leasing but have found some really great resources (this site is one of them) and hope to save a lot of money on my next lease, and hopefully this will help you save some money on yours.

    Let me know if that sounds accurate or if I'm missing anything.


    Chris">link title
  • adam3477adam3477 Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee X package. Here is the offer I negotiated on the table.

    They will buy out my existing lease payments ( approx $1200)
    Get me into an X package with Nav $MSRP $37,825 i think it was
    Selling me the car for $33,972 ($3,853 off MSRP)
    $2600 total Out of pocket
    $439/ month for 39 month ( tax in )
    12k miles a year.

    IS this a good deal or should I keep shopping?

  • clrvclrv Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    So I was on my way to the Volvo dealership to purchase the XC60 and thought we would look at the Grand Cherokee. The only thing they had with the option we wanted was a loaded Overland.

    MSRP was $48,370
    They would sell it to me for $42,931 plus doc fee of $199.50.

    Is this a good price? They came up with this price to match the price of the Volvo. Have any of you compared these to or have owned both.
  • Run as fast as you can from the Jeep dealer. I've had two Jeep Grand Cherokees in the past 15 years. Total crap. There is no comparison between the two. You will be very happy with the Volvo XC60.
  • clrvclrv Posts: 2
    Wow thanks for the heads up. I would not have thought that. I know nothing about jeeps so thanks again for the info!!!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,978
    Don't listen to a single person. I've had great luck with my GC.

    Just like rkulander had bad luck with his Jeeps, I'm sure you can find tons of people who had problems with their Volvos.

    Whatever you buy, do your research! And take everybody's opinion with a grain of salt.
  • When buying or leasing a new vehicle (grand cherokee), has the dealer tried to to sell an Ultimate Convenience Package? It is purportedly an upgraded service plan covering all scheduled maintence, tires/rims and more, at any dealer. Any thoughts? Is it worth it? Appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    Before I bought 2011 GC on June 11, now it has 7K miles w/o any problem. I have considered and took the test drive 2011 Ford Edge, Explorer, 2011 Kia Sorento EX V6, 2011 GMC Acadia. I understood GC has 5 speeds transmission and others have 6 speeds but the 5 was smoothest and quietest. GC is RWD. Good lucks.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,978
    That is not a package specific to the GC. It's just a pure add on from the dealer with a large profit margin. They are usually a bad idea.

    Give us the details (how long, how much, what's covered) and we can give you a better answer.
  • In the past two months I have purchased a Jag XJL and Dodge Longhorn Laramie and was in the market for one more vehicle. I have tried driving everything from the Equus to the Gran Turismo BMW 535 to the Infinti QX56. One dealer keeps calling me about his Grand Cherokee
    Overland Summit. I am used to the smooth drive of a Lincoln Towncar and was pretty impressed with the Infiniti QX56 but NOT impressed with the 75000 dollar sticker price that the dealership was NOT willing to come down on. My Jag was priced at 81000 but I bought it for 75000 and the Pickup was priced at 49000 and bought that new for 38500. The Equus drove like a dream (better then ANY car I ever drove) but the dealer was not coming off sticker... but it appears that this Dodge Jeep dealer is willing to negotiate on a Grand Cherokee. I knew one friend that had a Jeep that lasted for years. Any advice on what I should pay for this Jeep? Thanks...
  • I paid a touch over $40k. I love the Jeep Overland so far, very comfortable ride.
  • Hi clrv,
    Here's another data point, we leased the new JGC Ltd V6 AWD (20in wheels & towing pkg) at the end of April. This decision was made after much scrutiny of X5, Q7, Q5, ML350, GL450, etc. as we have historically owned European cars. We also looked at the new Explorer, SRX, and Escalade. We were extremely impressed by the new JGC, and our final decision was based on three vectors:
    - Quality reassurance. The new JGC was made in conjunction with Mercedes when Daimler owned Chrysler. You can tell when behind the wheel or even when closing the door as the truck simply feels solid like a european car. This allayed much of our concerns on problems with former JGC models.
    - Value. The Jeep has a plethora of options at the accompanying price point which is difficult for any manufacturer to match.
    - Dealer experience. I anticipated a painful negotiation process but to my surprise, every Jeep dealer I contacted was transparent on the key numbers (e.g., MF's, RV's, and cap cost). I sourced our truck from our local dealer for well under invoice with $0 down, and I would gladly work with them again.

    I should also note the AWD system is fantastic. We have actually used the AWD, off-roading in both Joshua Tree and Yosemite, and we plan to take it to the mountains for ski season.

    Best of luck in your decision making.

  • jasonwyz98jasonwyz98 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I went to a jeep dealer in southern CA today to get a 2012 JGC Limited w/Media Center 730N upgrade. Out the door price promised by dealer was $38,100, $8000 down and fiance the rest ( 60 months ), but they wanted to charge 7.9% interest. That's ridiculously high!

    btw, my credit score is about 750

    So I'm wondering what was your interest rate?

  • That does seem ridiculous. I'm in San Diego, and I leased (36mo/15K miles) a 2011 JGC Limited V6 4x4 (20's & tow) from Bob Baker Carlsbad at the end of April. At the time, the details were as follows,
    - Sales price = $38337 ($700 below invoice)
    - RV = 45%
    - MF = 0.00046 (~1.1% interest)
    - $0 down

  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,978
    I went to a jeep dealer in southern CA today to get a 2012 JGC Limited w/Media Center 730N upgrade. Out the door price promised by dealer was $38,100, $8000 down and fiance the rest ( 60 months ), but they wanted to charge 7.9% interest. That's ridiculously high!

    It's illegal to tie a price to the interest rate. I hope you got a purchase contract wit the agreed upon price. You can then get your own financing.

    7.9% interest is almost loan shark level!!! :P
  • I purchased a 2011 JGC Overland Hemi on Saturday, for a touch over $41k. Sunday morning I set up the uconnect with my iphone, it worked fine. 5 minutes later it didn't work. I deleted the pairing at least 6x, since sunday morning and today. Still end up with the same issue, "failed to play" on AUX, and the phone button on my steering wheel does nothing, nor does the VR button. Also tried to add pictures using a USB stick and the nav system doesn't recognize my USB drive. Beyond frustrated. I called the dealer and they need me to bring it back to the dealership to update it using the Chrysler computer. I live on an island, I think they should have to pay my round trip ferry fees! This should have been in top shape condition when I drove it off the lot.">
    Anyone else have a similar issue?
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