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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Usually Carmax has about as good a price that one can find on a NEW NEW vehicle. Around invoice is what they charge. This is what they're asking on an 07' Rubicon. ANYTHING but invoice here:
    Florida Final No-Haggle Price: $29,458 *

    National Base Price: $29,309
    Processing Fee: $149
    MSRP: (New) $29,810
    Invoice Price: (New) $27,57
  • I live in Virginia Beach, and the dealers here just placed a $ 1,700 "Market adjustment" on the Wrangler Unlimiteds here. The best i could do here is slightly under MSRP!

    I have found a dealer in NC who will sell it for invoice, with no other dealer fees (processing fee, documentation fee etc). He will even deliver it up to 3 hours away for free. He calls it "Ebay" pricing. I will post his information if it works out as explained.

    It really sounds like a great deal.
  • Keep us updated on that chrisnvb. I have NO dealers in my area who will even come close to invoice.
  • I ordered a Rubicon unlimited in Southern California through the Costco program. When I ordered the jeep on Dec 15th, 2006, the costco sales person at the dealer stated that the price would be $500 under invoice. I couldn't believe it so I immediately ordered my Rubicon fully equipped. He didn't even ask for a deposit. I've been calling Chrysler and my jeep is still in BG status. From what I've been reading I think this is a good deal.
    Mike in Seal Beach :)
  • Thanks much mike..for the input. I'd order one right now for $500 under invoice.
  • What is the price of the membership card? I thought the warning at the bottom of their web page should NOT be over looked now that the Wrangler is "hot."

    PLEASE NOTE: Certain vehicles may be excluded from the program due to circumstances including, but not limited to, limited supply, high demand and/or dealer participation. The Costco Auto Program has made every effort to ensure the Costco member receives the most competitive pricing available on those vehicles that are included in the program
  • A Costco membership is around $40/yr... If your wife can't bear to drink any water that doesn't come from a plastic bottle, you will save enough on that one item to pay for it.. ;)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • When I called the jeep dealer (Countywide) in December he told me that the costco price was $500 under invoice. I immediately went down to the dealer and he showed me the Costco price sheet, which showed the 2007 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon at $500 under invoice.

    He had one on the lot, an X w/o 4wd, but I wanted a Rubicon, deep green to match my 51 Willy M38 Army jeep. He told me that I can order the jeep and that the price would still be $500 under invoice when the jeep is delivered. He also said that this pricing was effective from 10/13/06 to 1/11/07. I ordered the jeep on December 15th, 2006 so I am eligible for this costco price.

    I called another jeep dealer in So Calif. (Irvine) just to check and there price was $800 over invoice. A $1300 dollar difference.

    I then called Costco auto program and they verified that my dealer, (Countywide) was selling the Rubicon at $500 under invoice and that the other dealer (Irvine) was in fact $800 over invoice. So I think each dealer will set the costco pricing depending on what they think is a fair deal to them and costco members.

    The costco auto program person pretty much said that the $500 under invoice deal I have at Countywide will be honored when the jeep gets delivered.

    Mike in Seal Beach, CA
  • kyfdx, NO wife. But if I could get the same deal (under invoice by $500) Jeep will be selling yet another 07' Jeep 2-door Wrangler.
  • Thought I would put my 2 cents in re: Canadian prices for a four door (and they are all 4x4 in Canada) and the prices seem to be pretty much the same as in the US.

    Not sure off all the details for the upgrades but here is my breakdown:
    18" Wheels
    Rear Anti-Spin Diff.
    Front and Rear Floor Mats
    Trailer Package
    Dual Tops
    Rescue Green
    Total Sale Price: $27,850
    Freight: $1,200
    Federal Air Tax: $100
    Tax For Fuel Consumption: $400
    Dealer Admin Fee: $399
    Provincial Sales Tax (the 1st tax): $2,395
    Federal Sales Tax (the 2nd tax and YES WE GET SCREWED HERE WITH TAXES): $1796
    TOTAL on Delivery: $34,141

    I ordered early November and have not got it yet but I expect it soon. Also have not bought an extended warrantee yet but I probably will (considering what I have been going through with my 2005 TJ Sport (lease is up in the summer and cant wait to get rid of it).

    Anyway let me know if I over paid or any other comments.

    BTW - its rescue green
  • That $34,141 is the equivalent to $29,209 American dollars. Back out $4K in taxes (American around $3,400) you're talking about $29,950 (American $25,263).
  • Here in N. Ill. the dealers will NOT budge on a 2-door Rubicon. Have had correspondence with no less than 5 dealers and there ain't no way in hell invoice can be achieved let alone sub $500. Any input from other new wrangler 07' buyers throughout the US would be appreciated.
  • Is that a fair price - Its about $2000 (give or take below the price off the pricing tool. Don't know what the invoice price is up here? Any Ideas?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Invoice pricing isn't easily available in Canada.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    There's no reason you have to purchase in your home state. You can either have it shipped to you, your local dealer, or you can go and drive it home yourself.
  • Try Edmunds and go from there. Punch in your vehicle and options then calculate you exchange rate W/O the tax consequences. Right now Edumnds have the 07' Wranglers selling for $500 BELOW sticker. Which is way above invoice.
  • I'm really confused why anyone would buy an Unlimited when you could just go out and buy an Xterra with so much more power and torque (and a 5-speed auto).

    The appeal of the Wrangler for me is in the classic Wrangler design. There truly is only one. But an Unlimited feels like a terrible compromise -- the extra weight just exacerbates the fact that the Wrangler is woefully underpowered. If I were driving an Unlimited, I would flinch every time I saw an Xterra or FJ Cruiser on the road, knowing they were so much better. Driving the normal Wrangler, I wouldn't feel that way at all.
  • I live in Reno, NV and have had the local dealerships continue to give their scripted dialog about high demand and low supply bla, bla, bla. The local dealers want about $2500 over MSRP because of the above bla bla bla.

    After seeing a newspaper ad about Jeep dealership (Liberty Jeep) in Winnemucca, NV (about 200 miles NE of Reno) I gave them a call about their 'No Secret Pricing' expecting to get the same BS about supply and demand. They told me that they will can order any Jeep from the factory or locate one from another dealer - - FOR INVOICE. They just happened to have just what I wanted on their lot. Gave them a credit card to hold it on Friday and they even drove it to me today!

    I have had it only a few hours but love it..... I traded in a Ford Expedition and after driving that for a couple of years, I don't find the Jeep underpowered. Would be nice to have a few extra horsepower, but I have never heard of anyone claiming that their vehicle has too much horsepower.

    ArizonaJoe, I can't speak to the FJ.... haven't really seen one too close up, but I owned an Xterra and thought it was the cheapest made vehicle I have ever owned.
  • THANKS much for your input. I'll keep shoppig for an invoice deal like you got.
  • I think thats a good price. Invoice that is.
    What Wrangler did you get with what accessories?
    Mike in Seal Beach
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