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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's a common industry term that indicates when that particular item or option will hit the production line for the first time.
  • I to placed an order back in July. I called Chrysler, they said my order was in BG status (passed edit n/a for schedule). So, I called the dealer and after some investigating determined that my order was on hold due to a shortage of fog lights and front tow hooks for the 23S package. My dealer said that these two items were being removed from this package. If it's produced this month, it will be made without the fog lights and front tow hooks.... bummer.
  • And they wonder why manufacturing is being outsourced! No wonder Daimler Benz dumped Chrysler.
  • Found this pricing: New black 08' Rubicon 4WD sticker $33,705. Asking $31,879.
  • I live on Long Island and got offered $26,694 for a 2008 JEEP GREEN 2DR Automatic Sahara with Dual top and power convenience. Is this a good price?
  • You have to state the sticker price first.
  • The sticker is $27,920. Thanks.
  • WooHoo! Just called the dealer and they said my '08 2 door Sahara will be here next week. I'll let you all know how finalizing the paperwork and the Jeep turns out.
  • A reporter from a national newspaper is hoping to talk to consumers who purchased a car recently instead of waiting, fearing that prices may rise as the dollar weakens. Please reply to no later than Monday, October 1, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I know this isn't an economics board but the dollar's (which isn't worth squat in Europe now and is now on par with the Canadian buck) fallout will ONLY come into play when one here is buying one made "there." This won't affect domestic made vehicles sold to Americans. The currency being repatriated over seas will however affect the cars price in the future though.
  • We purchased a beautiful red rock 4dr Sahara Unlimited this July. We unfortunately found that the fender on the driver side of the vehicle did not match the rest of the car and the paint is chipping (big pieces) off the hinges! I took this to our dealership who looked at the fender and told me that they needed to send it to a body shop to have it repainted. Great I say!!! Nine days later, I get my baby back...poor baby, the fender is still not the same color and the 3rd party body shop did such shoddy work that my 4 year old could've buffed it out better! The dealership then sent it back to the body shop to have it redone, they kept it for another 5 days. When I spoke to David Hooten today and explained how many days they have already had this and how many more were guestimated, I explained that this is at the lemon limit...he told me he was going to dispute any information that I had and there was no reason for them to have my car!!!!! (Silly man, I have all the documentation from the dealership stating that there is really a problem) When you look at these vehicles, there is a symetrical seam that runs up the fender from around the headlight area, the body shop decided that it didn't need to be there and buffed it out of the fender and then didn't get the paint right!!!! So now my broken baby has a discolored fender and only one with a seam!!!!! Will someone please tell me how I'm supposed to explain that nothing happened to this car when I go to sell it and have anyone believe me!?!?!?!?! ARRRRGHHHH!!!!! The area representative said he thinks they should all be without the seam, that's great, maybe he should apply to the Jeep Design Department and help them out!!! David Hooten (area rep) had the nerve to tell me that Chrysler would not pay for another fender and that was my problem!!! I believe my problem was not shoving this square up his, well you know!!! How stupid are they, they send my car to a 3rd party body shop, they screw it up twice and then tell me it's my problem?!?!? Talk about customer service, I'm so glad I bought American!!!!! To top it off, when I first took the jeep in, I asked them about the recalls that I had seen on the internet, since we received no notification, I asked them to run my vin, low and behold, it was up for 2 recalls and no one was going to let us in on it!!! I do truly love my jeep, and would love to have it back, the dealership has given me a minivan to drive, did I buy a minivan?!?!? Does the roof come off the minivan??!?!?!? Talk about dissapointed!!!! :lemon: :mad: :cry:
  • What state are you in ? Call your state attorney general's office and speak with a representative there. They should be able to guide you ,particularly in terms of lemon laws. Good luck and do not give up. BILL
  • Sorry to hear about this - I described some paint problems in an earlier post on an Unlimited Rubicon I nearly bought a month ago (cancelled the sale and walked out of the dealership). But your problem reminds me of a 2004 Armada I bought and discovered paint problems the next day. First NEVER buy a car at night! The dealership initially promised to 'buff-out' some scratches which they were unable to do and ended up making it a whole lot worse and that didn't help the cloudy areas of poor paint coverage. Next they offered to put it in the body shop which I refused and told them I wanted a new car which they refused. I called Nissan USA in LA and they couldn't care less. I then got a lawyer to write a letter to the dealer, copy Nissan threatening a law suit. A few days later the dealer called me and said my new Armada was waiting for me! Hope this helps.
  • Bill - Thanks so much!! I'm in North Carolina and have a meeting with our "Pit Bull" attorney this week. I spoke with another dealership today (maybe I should've bought from them) and the salesman there is gathering some phone numbers of people higher up than this area rep. This salesman also told me that if the dealership does not have a body shop on hand, they can only use a Chrysler Certified body shop. Have you ever heard of this? Unfortunately for the dealership, this state is 20 business days in the shop for whatever reason, and a good attorney, and it's a lemon. I really love this baby and would just like it the color I paid for.....
  • Thanks so much...the color difference was not really that noticeable, and frankly, I thought it was me...until another person asked me what happened to the fender. The reason we noticed the seam in the fenders was my husband coming into the house to ask me if I hit something with my new baby! I, being an overprotective woman of her new car, ran outside to see these seams and freaked! I then checked every Sahara I could find, and when I looked and the X I noticed that it was in production of the fenders. I really don't mind the seam, I did purchase the car, but I'm picky, I would really like them all to be the same! You know us women, never happy!!! How dare I expect a 26 MILE BRAND NEW CAR TO BE ALL THE SAME COLOR!!!! LOL!! I have a meeting with our "Pit Bull" attorney this Thursday. This poor man David Hooten, my attorney makes him look like a [non-permissible content removed] cat!!!! Thanks again for your info!
  • 08' Rubicon: Sticker, $31,580, asking $30,948.
    Sticker, $32,670, asking $31,988.

    No bargains here for sure. These %'s off sticker are LESS than what Edmunds show under their TMV pricing format.
  • my 08 Rubicon is in , does anyone know what the residual is for a 39 mo lease and the current money factor from chrysler.
  • cman3cman3 Posts: 2
    I ordered a Wrangler Sahara on July 21st and it is still not scheduled for production. I talked to my salesman today and he said that Jeep is shutting down the wrangler production line for two weeks for maintenance. Does anyone know what the deal is here? I actually live in Toledo where the wrangler is assembled and I cannot get any information about my order. I realize that demand exceeds supply, but I can't understand why Chrysler treats their customers like this, it’s as if they don't even want to sell me a vehicle. I think they need to add a third shift and add an online tool that will allow me to track my order from start to finish. If I didn't already have my mind set on a wrangler I would definitely not buy a vehicle from Chrysler which is a shame because I want to support jeep workers and the American automotive industry, but they are making it unnecessarily hard for me to do that. I don't mind waiting for a vehicle, I understood that there was a three month wait prior to placing my order, but is it really too much to ask that I be kept in the know about the vehicles production status. I suspect that some of the options I requested may be contributing to the delay and if that’s the case I would like to know because I can live without some of them if it meant a sooner deliver date. In short I think Chrysler needs to step up customer service in order to be more competitive.
  • I think they need to add a third shift. In short I think Chrysler needs to step up customer service in order to be more competitive.

    WHY? You just stated you were upset over many a thing about ordering a Wrangler BUT YET you're STILL going to buy one. Why would Chrysler add another shift when they have people lined up to buy their product that takes at least 3 months to get? Chrysler is now privately owned. Which means cashola is job #1. And when they can get people to stand in line to pay PREMIUM bucks for one of their products they laugh all the way to the bank. Why would they make any changes?
  • cman3cman3 Posts: 2
    Yes, I am still going to buy one, but I know people who have ordered a wrangler, got tired of waiting, and purchased something else.

    As you indicated, Cash is king and currently Jeep can manufacture 583 wranglers during a two shift day, but demand is more than a 1,000 per day. If a third shift was added they would be able to produce approximately 874 wranglers a day. Therefore, demand would still be greater than supply and Jeep could still demand a premium price selling more vehicles at the same profit margin. Chrysler didn’t plan on the Jeep being so well received by consumers, the wrangler is experiencing a best case scenario right now and demand for the vehicle is up 71% more than the same period a year ago. I’m sure it is difficult to predict the future sales of a vehicle, but when demand is almost double supply I think its time to up the supply.
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