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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • snow26snow26 Posts: 24
    I am looking at a 2012 leftover Unlimited Sport. Only options are auto trans, connectivity group and sat radio. Total MSRP $28,125. Dealer is discounting $900 and Jeep is giving $1,000 conquest cash. Is this the best I can do with a 2012 in February 2013?? The wheels are base 16" and I will need to change them. I suppose the dealer is still sitting with this one b/c it is a true base unit, crank windows, etc. CARMAN, please advise. I am surprised they would not discount the car further. Help. Thanks
  • fgxtomfgxtom Posts: 10
    I would look up the invoice price on edmunds. I would offer them $500 under invoice, plus I would ask for the $1000 dealer cash. That woudl be a good deal.
    I bought my 2012 in October of 2011. I paid $250 under invoice, there was no dealer cash at the time, but I did get 36 months no intrest. I did have to shop around for a dealer to give me a deal. But some dealers are volume dealers and others are profit dealers. It is up to you which way you want to go. I do not use a dealer for much other than waranty work, so I do not need the service a profit dealership provides, and their service is often better. Loaner vehicles, adn free extended warantys, adn free rides and food and stuff. I would have rather had the cash I had money to pay off the Jeep up front. So I put that in the bank. I got $652 in interest on that money last year. Hopefully will again this year and next so I figure around $1800 cash bak just had to wait 3 years to get it and only got it a little each month. On the upside I have been making the payments with out using savings, so when the Jeep is paid off I wil still have the cash.
  • cthuskiecthuskie Posts: 11
    I am in Connecticut ( Hartford County/central CT ).
    Just talked to my local Jeep dealer.
    I want to place a SPECIAL ORDER for a :
    2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition.

    He offered me 6% BELOW Factory Invoice if I place the order tomorrow.

    How good a deal is this ?

    I am paying cash with no trade-in
  • grusongruson Posts: 17
    edited March 2013
    That sounds great to me. Go for it!

    Dealers here in Dallas will barely go 1% under invoice. I want to pay cash too for mine but that does not matter to the sales guys I have spoken to...
  • rxkingrxking Posts: 1
    WOW that an amazing deal. I am going to my dealer today, here in NYC, and I am sure he will in no way match or even come close to this.
    cthuskie, could you please tell me your dealerships name? I would make the trip?

    I want the RUBICON 10th Anniversary 6pd.

    Thank you.
  • snow26snow26 Posts: 24
    YES, it is almost May, but there are a few 2012s still on dealer lots. 2014s will be here in August. How much of a discount should I expect on a 2012. I am looking at a Unlimited with an MSRP of just over $31,000. Please advise. Thanks
  • Went to the Jeep dealership in Grapevine Texas. New Sport Unlimited:

    Dealer started at 29,900 but actually tried to sucker me into 84 months 499 payments. As soon as I saw that I left.
  • I would echo the same sentiment as the other folks - please let me know what the name of the dealer and sales rep you used that gave you 6% below dealer invoice. I'll be looking to get a wrangler in the next few months. I live in MA so the drive would be reasonable. I appreciate your help in advance.
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